Sea shell- Kingdom hearts fanfiction

A kingdom hearts fan fiction for the gaming competition. Hope you enjoy. Mainly focuses on Xion.
~Warning!!!~ Contains major spoilers!



2. Light at the end of the tunnel

~Xion's POV~

" Roxas. Don't be sad." I said. "I came from you and Sora. I am you... the same way that I am Sora. You'll forget me, but the memories themselves will never go away. Memories of you and me will always be together; forever, inside him."



I can't see a thing. Only darkness swarms around me, somewhere in Sora's mind. I can't even tell which way I'm facing. Which way is up? Which way is down? Who knows. I suppose I'll need to get used to it, I mean this is where I'll be. However, there is something still bothering me. Why am I still thinking? How am I able to still exist? I mean, I was completely dissintigrated back there. There must be a reason for it. There has to be. That was when I saw it. A light. It's brightening glow let out a calming sensation; I somehow got myself towards it. I wonder where it leads to? Wherever it goes, It's got to be better than here, right? I felt the bright light engulf me and into a new place.



In a simple, grey room a ring of people wearing cloaks of black sat there still; waiting for the leader's speech.


" Good tidings friends. Today is a momentous day." The leader Xemnas bellowed.

" I am pleased to announce that a new comrade has been chosen to wear the coat." Xemnas continued.

Everyone else in the room glanced around at he other members, wondering who else has become a Nobody. Jut like them. The sound of footsteps brought their attention to the center of the circle. A small figure ambled to the centre of the ring. All facial features were covered up with a black hood.

" Number XIV (14)." Xemnas said. " Let us all welcome one of the keyblades's chosen." 

The figure glanced upwards to a boy with spiky, blonde hair. The young boy let out a small gasp as the figure watched him closely.


The first thing I noticed was the sound of the waves. The gentle lapping of cold water as it swiftly moves back and forth on the soft sand. I slowly positioned myself into a sitting position. I gave out a small smile from the memory of when I first met Roxas. "Just a dream." I thought. I observed the area around me to find  nothing but sea and sand. That was when it hit me. Destiny Islands. This is where I must be! But why, here? And, am I still in Sora? I ambled over the wooden bridge as I tried to make sense of my thoughts and troubles. I just wish I could get some answers. I went over to the palm tree where Sora used to sit with his friends. I let out a small gasp. It looks like I still have some of Sora's memories after all. I felt the gentle breeze fly through my short, black hair as I watched the final rays of the sun enter the horizon.


I sat there in silence with only my thoughts to occupy me.

" Sora, let's take the raft and go- just the two of us!"

Huh? What was that? I heard a voice.....I swear I did. There it is again!

" You're the one that's changed Kairi!"   

Kairi. That name. I think... Sora knew her. Suddenly, the vocie becam loder, a thundering sound in my head that caused me to wince and throw my head in my hands. The vocie, it was unbearable! What was going on? I let out a small whine as multiple voice chorused at the same time like a choir. Then, it stopped. Just like that. I slowly lifted my head out of my hands and found a small shell in the palm of my right hand. I turned it over with my fingers. Just an ordinary shell. A thalassa shell to be exact. I closed my eyes and held the shell close to the area where my heart should be. This shell was special to me. It held a lot of memories of Roxas and me. I remember leaving one by Roxas's bed every day when he was in a coma. I stood up towards the cliff's edge and I threw the shell into the sea. Maybe someone else will find it and fill it with memories like I did. It may seem like I'm being a bit too hopeful about this situation but you never know, maybe someone will find it. It could even set me free. But for now, all I can do is wait. Wait for the light at the end of the tunnel.





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