Forever isn't Over

You know the saying "I want to live forever" how about "I would do any thing for you" no? Me neither. Until that boy named mason came along and changed everything by saying "I will love you forever" and "forever isn't over yet".

This story is about a girl Olivia and she never meant to fall in love. It just sort of happened.I rated this mature content cause it has cursing and fights.


3. mall

Olivia's P.O.V

Well it was great remembering. "Hey Olive watch a soon'?" Mia said as she walked in. "Hey mia. I told you to stop calling me Olive. And I am just looking at old pictures" I answer. "Can I see?" Emma said as she came in the room. "Hey em!" Mia and I say at the same time. "And yeah you can see" I say handing her the album. "Wow. These are great memories" she said . "did they ever tell us where they are going?" mia asked. "No and did I ever tell you that... Never mind" Emma said. "What? What tell me!" I tell her. "Before the boys were leaving Noah told me he loves me!" She sighed."why didn't you tell us before? We have to tell him how you feel!" Mia said. "But I don't know how I feel and we don't even know where he is!" Emma said. "Maybe we should go shopping to get your mind off of things" I suggest. They agree and we head to the mall. I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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