Forever isn't Over

You know the saying "I want to live forever" how about "I would do any thing for you" no? Me neither. Until that boy named mason came along and changed everything by saying "I will love you forever" and "forever isn't over yet".

This story is about a girl Olivia and she never meant to fall in love. It just sort of happened.I rated this mature content cause it has cursing and fights.


2. flashback

Olivia's P.O.V

I was sitting on my bed in my flat looking at old pictures when in came across a high school photo album. The first picture was of my old friends and I. I recognized all of them they were my best friends. Their names are mason, Noah, jayden, mia, and Emma. I am still in touch with mia and Emma. In fact, me, Emma and Mia share an apartment. We are super close almost like sisters. I never really knew what happened to the guys. Last I heard they went to some university in England and are big lawyers. I really miss them especially Jayden. I always kind of had a thing for him but he only liked me as a friend well that's what I think. Emma and Mia think he is madly in love with me.


Jayden's P.O.V

I was at Noah, Mason, and I's apartment with them. We were talking about high school. "You know those girls we were always with?" I ask them. "Yeah. Why?" They say. "Do you remember Olivia? I kind of always had a thing for her but I don't think she likes me like that"

I say a little upset. "Are you kidding? She looks like she is in love with you! Whenever she saw you her face would light up!" Noah said. I put a fake smile on my face to pretend I believe them when I really think they are trying to cheer me up."well before we left the town I told Emma I loved her" Noah said. "What did she say?" I ask curiously. "She looked shocked but she didn't get yo answer because we had to leave so I told her no matter what I will love her forever"

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