Forever isn't Over

You know the saying "I want to live forever" how about "I would do any thing for you" no? Me neither. Until that boy named mason came along and changed everything by saying "I will love you forever" and "forever isn't over yet".

This story is about a girl Olivia and she never meant to fall in love. It just sort of happened.I rated this mature content cause it has cursing and fights.


1. characters

Olivia- blonde, blue eyes, 5 ft. 7, 18 years old. Enjoys- cooking, exercise, and company.

Mia- brown hair, green eyes, 5ft. 6. 17 years old. Enjoys bike riding, mountain climbing, candle light dinners, and watching sports.

Emma- blonde, blue eyes, 5 ft. 4, 16 years old.Enjoys- cooking, reading, taking walks on the beach, and swimming.

Mason- black hair, black eyes, 6 ft.3, 19 years old. Enjoys- motorcycle riding, painting, horse riding, and car racing.

Noah- blonde, brown eyes, 5 ft 8, 17 years old. Enjoys reading, puzzles, visiting the basketball court, and fixing his car.

Jayden- dirty blonde, brown eyes, 6 ft. 2, 20 years old. Enjoys- working out, sports, and movies.

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