Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


15. theme park and Zayn Malik

Ellies POV

I laid on my bed with my head stuffed into one of the pillows, my body was filled with rage and anger. What was Liam's fucking problem, its not my thought we slept together.

Well it kinda is but its his thought as well, i heard a knock on the door and groaned, "what" I snapped.

"Woah calm down its only me" i heard Harry say and the sound of the door closing.

I sighed and sat up and watched as he walked over to me and sat down, "whats up with you" he frowned.

"Nothing" i muttered and grabbed my phone, as i heard the beeping of a text. "Clearly this is nothing" Harry frowned, i ignored him and looked at the text.

It was from my dad, just checking up on me, "Ellie" Harry said and grabbed my chin tilting my head up so i was looking at him.

"Whats wrong" he questioned, "You really want the truth" i sighed, he nodded and i sighed heavier.

Should i tell him? no i cant, "You friends a dick that's whats a matter" i said harshly and jumped up walking to the balcony grabbing my camara on the way.

"What" Harry frowned as he followed, "Who" he frowned, i set up my camara and started to take some more shots of the scenery.

"Never mind Harry" i mumbled, "No who" he kept on, "Harry please just leave it" i sighed, "No ellie who" he asked again.

"Harry Drop it ok" i snapped, he went quiet and i sighed putting my camera down.

i turned to Harry and sighed, "Look im sorry i just don't want to talk about it ill tell you later ok" he looked up and rolled his eye.

"Ok whatever" he smiled, i sighed and hugged him, "what was that for" he smirked, i smiled and shook my head.

"For just being your amazing self" i smiled and he chuckled.

"Ok well anyway, the reason i came in here in the first place is because we are going to go to the theme park today because you betray me before picking the beach" he smirked, "Ow Harry im so sorry" i said in a baby voice and we both laughed.

Harry can always cheer me up! "Ok when are we going" i asked, "well we are planning on heading up about 7 ish" he answered.

"Why so late" i frowned, he smiled widely and shook his head, "Have you never been to a theme park" he asked, "Of course i have" i frowned.

"Then you should no theme parks are the best at night" he chuckled, i laughed and shook my head, "whatever you say Styles" i smiled.

He chuckled and smiled, "Ok well you can come and hang in my room with Zayn and Louis for a bit coz it seems boring here" he paused, "Hay" i laughed, "for you information i am having a huge amount of fun in here" i said and held up my head proudly.

He raised an eye brow and i sighed, "Ok you win im bored like hell in here" we both laughed and he smiled and continued. "Ok and about half 5 we will go down and have some lunch dinner whatever and the parks about an hour away so we will leave after that" he smiled and i nodded.

"Ok then" i smiled and we headed into his room for a bit.

*At half 4*

At around half 4 i headed back into my room to get ready, i had a shower then decided what to wear.

I decided on a black batman t-shirt and some black skinny jeans, once i had done my make up in was nearly 5 so i grabbed my phone and walked to Harrys room letting myself in.

I found Niall sitting on a chair strumming a few notes on his guitar, Louis on the floor by Nialls feet watching the TV and Zayn stretched out across the bed flicking through the channels.

They all mumbled a hay and i raised an eye brow walking further in, "well your the happy bunch aren't you" i laughed and sat down on the bed next to Zayn.

"WE BOREDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD" Louis yelled pouting at me, "Harry is taking forever" he said.

"No im not" I heard Harry from yell from the bathroom, i chuckled and shook my head.

"Hay we are twins" i heard Zayn say and i turned to look at him confused.

He pulled the buttons of his black and white base ball jacket apart to revile a batman t-shirt he was wearing.

"Ha yeah we are" i laughed and he smiled, just then Harry walked out of the bathroom and to the bedroom where we were.

"hello gorgeous" he flashed a smile at me, "Hello styles" i chuckled, "anyway come on then lets go" he said, Niall and Louis both jumped up excitedly.

"about time" Zayn mumbled rolling of the bed and up, "come on Liam we are going" Louis yelled, i frowned and followed his gaze to the balcony where i saw Liam just stepping in.

I gulped and turned around facing Harry, i didn't even realise he was here.

We all walked out and got in the lift, for the second time now i was pushed against Harry, once we got down to the lobby we walked into the restaurant and sat down at our booth.

Soon greeted by Alex, "Hay Alex" i smiled and he smiled back, "where were you last night, i was waiting for my favourite table" he pouted, i laughed and smiled.

"sorry we went clubbing" i smiled then my smiled faded and i quickly glanced at Liam who was starring at me.

"Oh ok well then what can i get you" he asked, we ordered and after we had finished eating we all headed out to the car park where the van was.

I was sat next to Niall and Harry in the back, Zayn and Louis in the middle and Liam driving.

"agh and hour to get there" i groaned "Yepppp" Louis perked, i rolled my eyes and Harry chuckled.

"Don't worry you have me to keep you entertained" he said cheekily, i laughed and smiled.

Once finally got to the park i had had enough of there singing, they sang all the different radio songs the whole way.

I jumped out of the car and sighed, we all walked over to the entrance and where we had to pay to get in.

As it got up to my go, i was about to pay but Harry quickly paid for me, "Harry" i groaned.

"What i cant let the lady pay for herself that's not what a gentleman would do" he smiled.

I laughed and leaned up and kissed his cheek, "Thanks Styles" i smiled and he held his arm out, i giggled and hooked my through his.

I caught a glance at Liam and he was starring at mine and Harry's arms intertwined, i frowned and he caught me off guard when his eyes flickered to mine.

We starred into each others eyes for a moment until Harry pulled me forward and back in to reality.

"Sorry what" i asked, he chuckled and smiled, "I said can we hurry up and go on something" Harry grinned.

Liam walked over and i gulped, "Ok we should stay together at least in twos and don't get lost" he said and everyone nodded.

"Me and Ellie will go together" Harry declared, "hay i didn't agree to this i might want to have gone with the irish boy, or Malik" i giggled.

"Oh well, come on" he said and pulled me away from everyone hurrying to a ride, "Harry" i giggled, "slow down" i laughed and he flashed a smile at me.

*3 hours later*

It had been 3 hours and we hadn't even covered the whole park yet, this place was huge, after about 2 and a half hours of me and Harry constantly going on rides we bumped into Louis.

He said he had lost Zayn so he was hanging with us, at the moment Harry and Louis had gone on the twister for like the millionth time and i felt as if i was going to be sick if i went on again so i just sat down at a bench waiting for them.

It began to get quite cold and i sat on the bench shivering, i really wish i had brought a jumper.

"Hay Ellie" someone said behind me making me jump, i turned around to see Zayn, "Zayn you made me jump" i slightly laughed, he smiled and sat down next to me.

"Jesus your shivering" he frowned looked at me shake, "Yeah im a bit cold" i laughed, he shook his head and smiled.

"You should have brought a jumper" he chuckled, " i no" i sighed, he took off his base ball jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders, "No Zayn its fine, take it back or you will get co-" but he cut me off, "No i wont i never feel the cold and you need it" he laughed and gave me a playful wink.

I laughed and smiled, "Thank you" he nodded in response and we just sat in silence for a moment.

"So how did you and Lou loose each other" i asked, "he wanted to go on the roller coaster but i didn't so he went on by himself then when he got off i duno we just lost each other" he laughed.

I chuckled and nodded, "Why didn't you want to go on the roller coaster" i asked, "erm...well...er.." he mumbled scratching the back of his neck.

"What" i frowned, "I...er.. kinda got a thing about heights" he said giving me an innocent look.

"Really" i laughed, "Its not funny" he muttered, "No i don't mean it like that its just...er i duno i just er..." "wouldn't expect me to be afraid of stupid things like that" he finished for me.

"No that sounds mean when you put it like that" i pouted, he laughed and shook his head, "Its fine, i know i get it" he chuckled.

I sighed and looked to the roller coaster and had an idea, "come on" i smiled jumping up, "what" he asked.

"You need to overcome your fear and the only way you can do that is by facing your fear" i smiled and looked up at the roller coaster.

"No way" he said shaking his head, "Pleaseeee come on for me" i begged, "No" he awnsered again.

"Oh come on Zaynie" i pleaded, "Zaynie" he laughed, i smiled and shook my head.

"Ha but no, not in a million years" he smiled, "Zaynnnnnnnn" i wined, he chuckled and shook his head no.

I groaned then pouted giving him the puppy dog face, "that's not going to work, if i can resist Niall's puppy dog face, yours surely wont work" he chuckled.

"Zayn" i yelled and stopped my foot like Josh did when he was having a tantrum, he laughed and shook his head no still.

I groaned then grabbed his hand and tried to pull him but he didn't budge, not even an inch.

I groaned louder and it just made him laugh louder, "fine then im not wearing you jacket and it will be your thought when i get a cold" i said took off his jacket throwing it at him.

Almost instantly the cold wind hit my bare arms making me shiver again and i really wish i had his jacket back on.

"Ellie come on put it back on, your shivering already" he said standing up and went to wrap the jacket back around me but i stepped back shaking my head.

"Not until you come on the roller coaster with me" i pouted, "Ellie no, now put this back on" he said and tried to wrap it back around me but i ducked under his arm running away a bit.

"Ellie" he chuckled and turned around to face me, "Stop it come on you with catch a cold" he said.

"Come on the roller coaster then i wont" i wined, "Your acting like a child" he laughed, ok even i admit i was acting like a bit of a child but he needs to face his fear.

I stuck my tongue out at him and smiled widely, he laughed and shook his head looking up at me, i giggled and he suddenly dashed towards me.

I let out a slight scream and began to run away laughing, i ran through all of the people as he chased me both of us constantly laughing.

"Ellie get back here" he laughed, "no" i giggled as i ran through the crowd.

He was faster than me and could of easily caught up with me on a clear path but running through a crowd had its advantages.

I ran all the way up to the roller coaster and up the few steps and around all the poles to the line of the roller coaster as he still chased me.

But here there where no people so he managed to catch up with me, he grabbed my waist and picked me up and spun around, i screamed and laughed at the same time.

He put me down and i turned to face him as we both stood there laughing and panting.

"Now you, put this on" he chuckled, "I giggled and let him put it on me this time.

"Ok then come on, lets line up now" i smiled grabbing his hand and pulling him up and down the last few poles.

"Wait what" he asked confused, "Come on Zayn we are in the line for the roller coaster" i smiled, "No way i told you before" he said and stopped turning around to go back but i grabbed his arm.

"Zaynnnn" i wined and took the jacket off again and threw it at him, "Oh no don't you start that again" he chuckled, "then come on we are in the line see the people are lined up just over there" i said and pointed ahead.

"No" he answered shaking his head, "I wont wear it and this time i really wont" i said raising an eyebrow, "This is blackmail" he laughed, "exactly not come on" i giggled and pulled him to where everyone else was lined up.

He sighed and shook his head, "I cant believe im doing this" he sighed, "well you better believe it Malik" i smiled.

"How just how" he asked, "How what" i frowned, "the boys have been trying to get me to go on things like roller coasters forever and then you come along and here i am in line ready to go on one" he smiled shaking his head.

"Because im amazing" i smiled cheekily, "Year Amazayn" in this case" he chuckled, "Mhmm" i smiled. 

"Oh this will be a once in a life time opportunity" i smiled reaching into my bag pulling out my camera.

"Zayn Malik, the boy who would never go on a roller coaster goes on a roller coaster" i chuckled, "i can already see it on the headlines, big, bold and bright" he grins.

I giggled and pull my camera up to my eye, "Say cheese Malik" i smile and he gives me a big cheesy smile.

I giggled and take the picture then show him, "best photo ever" he sese sarcastically, "yep" i giggle.

I look at the line and see we are almost ready to go on, "Oh look its nearly our turn" i smile widely, "Oh yay" he mutters.

"Aww don't worry if you get scared you can hold my hand" i say in a baby voice and we both laugh.

Suddenly, i hear my phone ring in my pocket and quickly get it out of my bag an answer, "hello" i answer brightly.

I don't know what it is but in this very short time of mucking about with Zayn, its brightened my mood up so much, i nearly forgot about what happened with Liam that is until now.

"Hello Ellie, where are you" i hear Harry ask, "Harry, hay, er how did you get my number" i frowned, "Simon gave us all your number before the tour started" he said, "where are you anyway me and Louis finally had enough of the twister but your not by the bench anymore, oh and we bumped into Niall and Liam there heres two, Liam was worrying where you were" Harry said and snickered at the end.

I heard someone shout in the back ground and i looked and Zayn and he was smiling at me.

I smiled back and he chuckled, duno what that was about, "sorry never mind that last comment" Harry returned laughing.

"Ok" i chuckled, "Where are you" he asked, "Im in the line for the roller coaster with Zayn" i said, "Wait WHAT" he yelled making me pull the phone a little further from my ear.

I cringed and Zayn laughed,  "Zayn in the line to go on a roller coaster, am  i hearing this right" he asked shocked, "Yep i got Mr Malik to go on a roller coaster" i smiled proudly looking at Zayn.

"Not yet, you never know i may have a plan just to jump the fence as soon as its our turn" Zayn grinned.

"You being blackmailed remember Malik" i teased, "Oh yes of course we cant let you freeze can we" he smiled, i giggled and shook my head.

"Or can I" he said giving me an evil smirk, "Zayn" i wined, he laughed and shook his head "im just kidding" he smiled.

"Er don't me to interrupt but your still on the phone to me" I heard Harry say through the phone in a cheeky voice.

"Oh yeah sorry Styles" i laughed, "ok well we are all by the roller coaster exit and will be waiting to see if you really can work a miracle" Harry grinned and it was now out turn.

"Ok styles got to go we are about to go on" i said and quickly hung up putting my phone back in my bag.

"Ready Malik" i grinned and he shook his head no, "well you cant back out now" i grinned and grabbed his hand and followed the lady who lead us to a cart.

And just our luck we were seated in the first cart, "No no no i don't want to be at the front" Zayn said beginning to panic.

"Zayn calm down, come on you will be fine" i smiled and looked up into his eye, he looked into mine and finally nodded, "I trust you" he sighed.

I smiled and he smiled to, he helped me step into the cart then took a deep breath before stepping in himself.

It was a little squished in the cart and there was no gap between out two legs they were both pressed together.

I looked up at him and he chuckled lightly and i giggled, the lady told us to put our arms up and a metal bar came back across our laps and legs.

"Ok now im freaking" Zayn said beginning to panic again, "Zayn your safe nothing can happen to you close your eyes if you need to and just try and enjoy it" i smiled and suddenly the cart began to move.

The track went straight up for one of the biggest drops straight away and it left quite an intense lead up.

I looked at Zayn and he starred straight up at the top where we would soon be dropping from, he was shaking and i felt kinda bad that i had forced him to go on but i know he will love it.

We were almost at the top now and i smiled to myself, "I might take you up on that offer you know" i heard Zayn say and i turned to look at him he was still starring ahead but his eyes flickered to me.

"Sure Malik" i smiled and held out my hand, he grabbed hold of it and held it tightly, i smiled and we reached the top.

"Ready" i whispered and squeezed his had as we began to tilt forward, then began to go down.

I screamed in thrill as the drop never seemed to end, as soon as we hit the bottom we went up and down again and again.

"Zayn let go" i yelled as i looked to his other hand that wasn't holding mine, it was holding the bar so tight his knuckles were going white, he looked to me and i smiled throwing my hands up in the air with his that i was holding.

He squeezed his eyes shut before letting go of the bar and throwing his other are up in the air after a moment his eyes opened with thrill and delight.

"WOOO" he screamed and i laughed and screamed with him, i knew he would like it.

Liam POV

Me and Niall bumped into Louis and Harry as we were walking about and the first thing that came to mind was Ellie, she was meant to be with Harry.

Where was she, i began to panic and Harry called her, she is apparently in line with Zayn to go on the roller coaster.

She actually got Zayn to go on, wow.

"Nope i don't think that's them" Louis frowned, him and Harry were sitting on a bench with there heads tilted back watching every set of carts trying to see if they could see Ellie and Zayn.

"Guys your never going to be able to see them-" "THERE THEY ARE" Harry yelled interrupting me, "What where" i asked standing up, "that cart look there in the front row" Harry said pointing to a set of carts.

I squinted my eyes to see and it was them, Ellie and Zayn, but something caught my eye, they both had there arms up in the air but they were holding hands.

Anger suddenly filled me and jealously, why the fuck was she holding his hand.

I watched as there cart came to a stop and they got off and a few minutes later we spotted them walking down the exit laughing and talking and they were still holding hands.

I felt like smashing Zayn's head against a wall right then, "Liam mate you alright" I heard an irish accent say.

I turned around to see Niall raising an eye brow, "fine" i spat, "Hay guys" i heard Ellie say, i turned around to see her and Zayn in front of us now.

"ZAYN YOU DID IT" Louis yelled and him, Harry and Niall all tackled him with a hug, "i know" he smiled, "and it is all thanks to you my lady" he grinned bowing slightly to Ellie.

What why did he say my lady, jealousy filled every part of my body now every single bone, i had to bite my tongue so i wouldn't say something i would regret, "why you are two kind sir, your bravery is what got you to do it" she giggled and gave him a slight curtsy.

"Actually blackmail is what did it" he said raising an eye brow at her, "Yes and thankyou for the jacket again" she giggled.

Jacket what, i look at her and she was wearing Zayns base ball jacket, "Can we go now" i said loudly catching everyone's attention, i starred at Zayn giving him the biggest death glare. He frowned and mouthed what, "Er yeah its getting kinda cold, lets go" Harry said and everyone nodded.

"Well at least im nice and toasty and warm" Ellie giggled, "yeah thanks to me" Zayn said nudging her, she giggled and nodded.

Why was i getting so jealous, is it maybe because we slept together, i wonder if she told anyone but i cant let that happen and i wont.

Harrys POV

We walked to the van and this time Ellie sat next to me and Zayn in the back, Niall and Louis where in the middle and Liam was driving again.

It was about 11:00pm now and Ellie had fallen asleep on my shoulder 5 minutes into the drive.

I chuckled and smiled, Niall and Louis were practically yelling at each other and she still was able to sleep.

I looked to Zayn and he was looking at Ellie sleep smiling, "do you like her" i asked lowering my voice so only he could hear.

"what" he asked looking up meeting my gaze, "do you like her Ellie" i repeated, he looked at her for a moment and gulped.

"I don't know" he answered truly, "Liam likes her though" he sighed, "Liam has a girlfriend" i added.

He looked up at me, "i would be lying if i said i don't feel anything for her" he said and i smiled i knew he liked her.



i am so so so so so so so so so so sorry i haven't updated in ages but i swear i will try and update more oftern now ok

now what do we think of Ellie and Zayn.?????

Would they be good together????????

What about Liam and Ellie??????????

comment what you think please xx






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