Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


17. the kiss

Ellies POV

"Ellie" someone said and i felt a small shake, "Ellie wake up" they continued to shake me, i recognised Alex's voice.

"Ellie welly wake upppp" he sang in a sing song voice, i rolled over and peaked an eye open, "you did not just call me Ellie welly" i laughed and he smiled.

I stretched before sitting up, i turned and looked to the time, 7:46, "Nooooo why would you do this to me its not even 10 yet" I groaned.

He chuckled before speaking, "i have work and i wanted to say thanks before i left".

I nodded miserably and rolled my eyes, "well thanks now bye" he smiled, "bye Alex" i couldn't help but laugh, only Alex.

After he left i just sat in bed for a while trying to get back to sleep but couldn't.

I looked to the time later on to see 8:15, may as well get ready and head down for breakfast.

I simply threw on a black ruby jumper with some white shorts and my converse.

Not bothering too much with my hair and make up i headed down stairs, stupid elevator was broke so i had to walk down the stairs again.

I walked through the lobby all the way too the restaurant which was buffet style.

I grabbed a plate and began to get my food when i bumped into someone, "oh sorry-Liam" i looked up to meet them beautiful brown eyes.

"Hay" he smiled which made me smile lightly, "why are you down so early" i questioned and he shrugged.

"Niall" as if on time, Niall came bobbing along with two plates with a tower of food on each.

"Oh my God" i laughed, the irish boy gave me a quick smile before stealing the bacon from my plate.

"Hay" i frowned and slapped at his hands before he could steal anything else, he pouted and just like that was gone for more food.

"He dosent like coming down on his own" Liam shrugged and chuckled to himself, "ok...." i wasn't quite sure what to say to that.

A few beats of silence passed before he spoke up, "do you...erm...wanna sit with me-Us" he asked which made me smile.

"Sure Liam" I smiled then carried on gathering my food after that, i could feel his stare for  a few moments until he walked back to his table.

Soon we were all sat down...well. Very rarely Niall, considering the times he was sat down, he would just be scoffing down his food and then be off ready for plate 4568...which is what it seamed like.

Me and Liam laughed every time he was gone as we sat next to the piles of plates that were stacked up almost towering us as we sat.

"So...." Liam said awkwardly trying to start a conversation once the blonde boy was gone.

"So..." i repeated making him roll his eyes as we laughed, "erm so...about last night" i wasn't really sure where this was heading but i carried on anyway,

"It was nice of you to apologise" i almost whispered, "yeah" he mumbled scratching the back of his neck, "ive been a bit of a dick too you".

"A bit" i repeated rolling my eyes, "ok, ok, a lot" he chuckled and i smiled, "that's right".

"So have you spoken to...Danielle" i mumbled, i hated to say her name because no matter how much i denied it, i knew i liked Liam, a lot.

He sighed but shook his head, "what would i say" i shrugged at his response not quite sure what he could say.

'Oh i happened to have slept with my photographer whilst on tour, sorry' exactly.

We didn't really speak after that, we were long done before Niall, so now we were just waiting for the irish boy to finish.

It was now 10 and he still wasn't, "Niall hurry up, we've  been hear two hours" Liam groaned annoyed.

I sighed when suddenly two large hands covered my eyes from behind, "boo" i heard making me jump, i knew it was Harry, only he would do that.

"Hello Harry" i laughed and he groaned, "well you make it know fun" he sulked and i laughed as he removed his hands.

"I know you too well baby" i joked, "well then babe, guess im going to have to punish you in bed" he grinned and i gushed.

"Oh Styles" i played along, "NO PILLOWS FOR YOU" he yelled and i pouted.

"That's just cruel" i shook my head and we both burst out laughing, "gosh get a room" Louis rolled his eyes and we laughed louder

"No Styles that's too mean" Zayn said which made us laugh a little more.

I must admit, i enjoyed it with the boys, i thought 3 months with them would kill me but so far, im actually enjoying it.

Everyone had sat down now, apart from Niall who was getting more food, "so we have a concert tonight then we leave for Barcelona in 2 days" Liam said being daddy directioner as they call him.

They all nodded and began to talk whist i entered my own little world of thoughts, Barcelona, i had never been there either, it sounded fun.

*Later at the concert*

"Ellie come on you can take pictures later we need to go" one of the boys security yelled as they pushed the boys through the crowds of screaming fans.

Im a photographer, dose he not understand that, i rolled my eyes hanging my camera around my neck before following them through the crowd.

I was shoved everywhere, when i said i enjoyed my time with the boys, this was one of the things that i didn't enjoy.

Fans hated me, apparently i didn't deserve to tour with them, i was too ugly, too bitchy, too everything you could think of to insult someone.

However then again, there were some fans that are great, there not all obsessed freaks that would murder me if they could.

I was thank full when we made it in side, the boys were led straight to the dressing rooms, the concert itself started in an hour.

I followed behind them, not having a clue where everything was, soon they reached the dressing room and just before i walking in some guy stopped me.

He practically pushed me out of the door, "hay" i snapped, "who are you" he said in a harsh tone.

"Im there photographer" 'dumbass' i wanted to add on the end considering a camera was hanging from my neck, but i stopped myself.

"your not aloud in there" he snapped, ok i understood, its a dressing room their getting changed but one they get changed behind curtains and two what about their dressers they are aloud in their, and he didn't have to be so damn rude about it.

"Ok" i rolled my eyes holding my hands up and just leaned against the opposite wall on my phone.

"Your not aloud in this area either" he snapped, "what" i frowned starring at him.

"You heard" he rolled his eyes, how fucking rude can one person get, "why not" i frowned.

"Look little girl" he rolled his eyes, 'little girl'!

Who the fuck dose he think he is, "either you leave or i can get security to throw you out of the building" he said folding his arms.

I rolled my eyes and just stepped forward and knocked rapidly on the door, "hay" the guy yelled and tore my hands from the door.

I was about to snap at him when the door opened reviling an almost naked Harry, he was only in his boxers.

"Harry" i yelled covering my eyes which made him chuckle, "sorry baby" he laughed, "whats up".

"Whats up is im being told to leave" i snapped glaring at the guy standing directly next to me, like he was ready to wrestle me to the ground.

"why" he frowned, "that's what i would like to know" i snapped, which made Harry chuckle, "just come in" he rolled his eyes tugging me into the room.

"Im not going to be faced by anymore half naked boys am i" i asked and he gave me an innocent look.

"No promise" he smirked making me role my eyes, i spotted Lou and smiled, we had become quite good friends, even though it had only been a weak.

Whilst she did the boys hair, we would always talk, shes nice, "Hay Lou" i smiled and she waved too busy to come over at the moment.

I sighed and sat down on one of the sofas next to Niall who was stuffing a packet of crisps down his throat.

He was already dressed and ready and so was Zayn who was getting his hair styled by the mirrors.

I sank into the sofa and got my phone out, bored as hell, 5 minutes later, Liams voice rang though my ears.

"There a bit tight" he said and stepped out of the curtain, in nothing but a pair of incredibly tight skinny jeans.

At the exact same time me and Niall burst into  laughter, Niall almost choking on his food. 

Liam turned to us and smiled rolling his eyes, "alright don't die" he chuckled at Niall which just made him choke more.

Finally when all the boys were done, they had 20 minutes to get ready before they had to be on stage.

I need to use the bathroom but i had no idea where it was, "Hay wheres the bathroom" i asked no one in particular.

"Its in block D" Harry said and i frowned, block, i didn't even know we were in a block.

"Wheres that" i questioned, "ill take her" Liam piped up and i nodded, fine by me, i stood up and followed him out of the dressing rooms.

We walked in silence and 5 minutes later we turned down a hall, there was literally no one around, what so ever.

I dragged my feet along just watching them wondering if this could get any more awkward when suddenly i was pushed against the wall.

"What ar-" before i could finish, i felt a pair of lips against mine, i stood shocked for a moment not sure how to react until i found my arms slivering around his neck pulling him closer.

He pushed him self against me keeping me from escaping in any way and gripped my hips, i felt a tingle though out my body as his hands ran up under my jumper along my back.

He forced his lips against mine wasting no time at all, we only pulled away because we needed a breath.

I breathed heavily as he wrested his head against mine, a small smile across his lips.

I looked up into his big brown eyes not sure what to say, well one thing i knew, i didn't need the bathroom any longer.

That was it, Liam James Payne just kissed me, he kissed me and he has a girlfriend, he kissed me and i enjoyed it.



Im so so so so so sorry, i know im a bad author i haven't updated in ages im a bit focused on my other novel at the moment but i will try to update soon ;)

I tried to a long chapter coz im mean and didn't update in ages haha but hope you liked it will update soon



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