Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


16. sorry

Ellies POV

I woke up in my own bed in the suite, i blinked a couple of times tiredly and checked the time on the small alarm on the tiny white wooden desk beside the bed.

2:36AM, i groaned loudly and felt the grumbling of my stomach signalling i was hungry.

I sighed before lazily climbing out of bed and stumbling over to the mini fridge, i knew there was chocolate of something in there.

It was pitch black and me being the stupid self i am forgot to turn on a lamp so now i found myself in the middle of the dark room searching for a wall of something to guide me.

I suddenly hit my foot on something and cursed loudly, "fuck" i groaned and found myself besides a wall, i searched over it until i found what felt like a light switch.

I switched the small switch on and hissed scrunching up my eyes as the light to the entire bedroom switched on.

I dragged my feet over to the mini fridge and leaned down opening it, i frowned at the emptiness inside of it and groaned loudly.

"Niall fucking Horan im going to kill you" i muttered under my breath and quickly slid on my flip flops and walked out of my suite and towards Niall's.

I banged loudly on the door twice and listened for any sound of movement, nope.

"Niall wake up you stupid heavy sleeper" i yelled and repeatedly knocked on the door.

Nope he wasn't waking up, i sighed as i heard the grumble of my stomach again and decided to just head down stairs to the restaurant, im sure something would be out.

I was in my PJs but didn't bother to change before walking down the long hall way, my PJs contained a simple tank top and some three quarter grey leggings, they could pass as a regular outfit.

I walked to the lift only to see an out of order sign among it, "your kidding me" i laughed but not finding it funny at all.

I groaned and resorted to the stairs walking down the 6 flights, as i finally reached the bottom i sighed of exhaustion.

I walked into the lobby at before i could reach the restaurant i heard someone call my name.

"what" i cried and turned around annoyed at whoever was stopping me from food.

"Alex" i questioned and he gave me a sloppy salute, "hay ba-bae" he stuttered and i could almost taste the alcohol on his breath.

He was drunk.

Big time.

"What are you doing and why are you drunk" i laughed looking at the state he was in, he was stretched out on one of the hotels sitting couches and looked a mess.

"I we-went o-out....with some fri-friends and...er...i ca-cant let my....boss see me or i will be....sa-sacked" he stuttered drunkly failing to sit up.

I chuckled and walked over sitting up, "so why did you come to the hotel where your boss will be" i giggled and he shrugged, "d-duno" he stuttered.

I rolled my eyes and hooked an arm under his shoulder helping him to stand, "come on you need to sleep" i laughed at him and he frowned, "where" he asked and i sighed.

"You cant crash in my suite on the sofa bed" i smiled and he nodded, i helped him as we wobbled to the lift and i groaned seeing the out of order sign again.

"Fuck" i groaned loudly and helped him to the stairs, how the fuck was i meant to get a drunk Alex who cant even walk let alone climb stairs up 6 flights.

I hate my life!

I groaned before helping him one by one up the stairs, after routhly 15 minutes we had only made it up 1 flight.

Liams POV

I paced back and forward in my room muttering things to myself, i couldn't sleep, every time i closed my eyes the image of Zayn and Ellie holding hands appeared.

I could feel the jealously lurking in my stomach as it felt like something was swishing back and forward in the pit of my stomach.

I hated myself at this point, i had come to a conclusion that the truth was, i liked Ellie, a lot!

And id been such a fucking dick, it wasn't her thought we slept together, it was a two way thing, we both took part and we were drunk.

Not that i didn't want it to happen, because to be honest im glad it did happen, i swallowed the lump in my throat and sighed frustrated.

I needed to talk to her, apologise, it wasn't fair to be like that with her, Danielle slipped into my mind and i groaned louder.

What about her, it wasn't fair to be thinking these things when i had a fucking girlfriend but truth be told, i wasn't into her that much any more.

I don't know why ii had agreed to going back out with her, she broke me, stabbed me in the back in the worst possible way and i let her walk straight back into my heart. 

I needed to break up with her.

I suddenly heard talking from outside my door and frowned, no one was supposed to be up here, we had the whole sixth floor.

I heard that familiar giggle and my eyes widened, Ellie! But what was she doing up so late, heres my chance i could talk to her.

I hurried to my door a smile on my face and opened it up to find her just walking past me, my smile couldn't be bigger but then my face suddenly dropped at the sight of Alex hooked under her arm.

Ellies POV

"Why do monkeys get to hang upside down, why cant we" Alex frowned as we finally reached the top of the stairs.

I giggled and shook my head, "you are one crazy drunk" i laughed and he grinned, we were just walking to my door when i heard the sound of someones door opening.

I turned my face to come face to face with Liam, he smiled when he saw me but his face immediately dropped when he noticed Alex.

"Er hay sorry didn't mean to wake you" i mumbled looking down, every time i saw him i remembered the event that had happened between us.

"Its fine i was awake" he muttered starring Alex down, "ello" Alex grinned drunkly and i rolled my eyes, Liam gave me a questioning look and i sighed.

I found him drunk in the lobby and said he could just crash on my sofa bed for the night" i shrugged and he nodded when suddenly Alex's arm slid off of me and he fell to the floor face first.

"Alex" i yelled and he muttered an 'im ok' which caused me to laugh.

I went to help him up but Liam was already in front of me grabbing his arm and pulling him up.

He hooked Alex's arm around his shoulder and stood up waiting for me to lead the way. I only just now realised that he was shirtless and i looked away filling my cheeks become red.

I quickly turned and led the way to my room, of course Liam was a lot stronger than me and unlike myself when helping Alex walk and falling everywhere, Liam could easily hold him up dragging him in a straight line making me look perfetic to how easy he made it look.

I unlocked my door and held it open for Liam and Alex to walk in, "hold on" i said and ran to the couch and quickly pulled off all of the pillows and pulled out the sofa bed.

I grabbed a blanket and set up the pillows and blanket before nodding and Liam helped Alex to drop onto the bed.

"Thanks man" Alex smiled and laid down on the bed, "and i-if you see my b-boss tell him....*yawn*....tell him....." but before he could finish he had fallen asleep.

I laughed and Liam chuckled, i looked to him and chewed my bottom lip, we stood there in silence for a few minutes until I spoke up.

"Thanks" i smiled and he nodded smiling back, "if you erm....need anything just give me a call" he said and i nodded.

He began to walk out when i heard my tummy grumble and i groaned remembering my hunger.

"Liam" i said shyly and he turned around just in front of the door now, "yeah" he questioned, i was silent for a moment and looked down.

"Do you have any food" i suddenly blurted out and he frowned before laughing and shaking his head.

"Yes" he chuckled and signalled for me to follow him, i jumped in thrill and heard his deep raspy voice chuckle as i followed him out of my suite and into his.

He opened his door and i followed him into the large room, as he grabbed a duffle bag from beneath the bed, i sighed impatiently and sat on his bed waiting for him to get some food.

I looked around in his room and was quite surprised by the tidiness, unlike Louis's room which i had peered into once, he didn't have clothes and rubbish scattering the floor, everything was neat and tidy and his bed which i sat on looked untouched.

The sheet was pulled back slightly where he had once sat and a blue navy shirt laid messily next to me reminding me that he was still shirtless.

I couldn't help but let my eyes wonder over to him when he sat crouched down on the floor searching through the duffle bag.

Where his body was arched slightly, leaning over the duffle bag, i could clearly see his abbs which now stuck out more. I looked to his enormous biceps and his back muscles which were shown clearly.

I chewed my bottom lip and starred at him, the night that i woke up next to him i had really taken notice to him i was a bit pumped up by what was happening at the time.

But now i actually paid attention, i must admit he was hot, he was hot before but his body made him that bit extra.

I almost jumped when he turned around, he walked over to me and dropped all the different crisps, chocolates, sweets, everything.

My mouth dropped and i smiled widely as i heard him chuckle, i ramaged through all the goodies and grabbed some before standing up, "thank you" i smiled and he nodded, "goodnight" i said before turning to leave.

"wait" i heard him call and his strong hands gripped my elbow, i turned to look at him and he scratched the back of his neck, nervously.

"Im sorry" he whispered and i frowned, "im sorry for being a dick to you about......you know" he said and i looked at him surprised, he was apologising wow. 

I couldn't help but smile and he smiled lightly back, "it fine" i smiled and nodded his head.

We said goodbye and i walked out of his room closing his door, i breathed out deeply and smiled, i guess hes not that bad after all.



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