Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


23. Skype-ing

Hannah's POV

I stare down at my plate just pushing the beans around with my fork. "You ok" I hear and snap my head up to Harry who sits besides me looking down concerned.

"Fine" I answer with a smile, "you're acting odd" he frowns, "same old me" I shrug and look at the time on my watch.

"I need to get back to packing, I'm a bit behind" I say standing up and all eyes turn to me including a certain caramel brown pair.

"Alright, we'll knock for you later" Harry says and I nod walking out of the restaurant from breakfast only to be joined by Alex.

"Hey" he chimes happily smiling to me, "hi" I answer back in a more tame voice, "someone's a grumpy poo" he grins.

"I'm not grumpy" I mumble, "well then miserable sure matches then" he chuckles and I roll my eyes.

"Oh God" I say suddenly and he frowns, "I forgot to tell you I'm leaving tomorrow" I say softly and his faces matches mine in mere seconds.

"What" he asks half heartedly and I sigh sadly nodding, "well you have my number who said I couldn't come visit you" he smiles and I smile back.

"I hope so" I say and he nods, "where you off to now" he asks, "packing" I pout and he laughs, "well need some help, I can get off for an hour or two" he grins.

I'm about to object but change my mind, "it's my last day of seeing him and I need some company really, he was right really.....I am miserable today.

He quickly goes to tell someone he's taking time off before returning to me as we make our way to my room.

Half an hour of packing and we hadn't made any process, we were only mucking about and nothing was getting done.

But it was fun and I was enjoying myself which is a good thing.

I sigh and give up, "ok nothing's getting done" I laugh and he grins using one of my bras as a kind of sling shot.

"Will you stop" I snap heat rising to my cheeks as I snatched it away from him feeling embarrassed which only made him laugh.

"Alright I think I'm going to give my dad and brothers a call" I say and he nods.

I grab my laptop and decide to skype them instead, soon enough after a few rings it picks up by the least of people I expected.....Phoenix.

"Phoenix" I giggle and his eyes light up seeing me, "Elllliiiiieeeee" he smiles happily.

"How did you answer" I laugh and feel the bed dip as Alex drops onto it and glances at my laptop, 'aweing' at Phoenix.

"Dada showed mwee" he giggles and I laugh, "clever little boy" I smile and he grins.

"Daddy" he shouts, "hold on baby boy - No Josh stop it will you stop strangling Ollie" I can hear him say in the back ground causing me to roll my eyes.

Oh God dad, what are you going to do without me for another 2 months and a half.

"Elllieeeeee" Phoenix calls and I hear a lot of shuffling before my extremely sweaty father appears, "ew" I frown seeing him, "Ellie" he says panting slightly from the lack of breath.

"What have you been doing, training for a marathon or something" I laugh.

"God I wish, it probably be easier than you're brothers" he says and I laugh once more, "how are you baby girl" he smiles, "fine, was just calling to say that I'm off to Barcelona tomorrow" I smile.

"Oh really" he asks nodding, "sounds pretty cool" he continues and I shrug, "I guess but I don't know any Spanish" I shrug.

"Ah well wait till you go to France, then you can show off with all the French you learned in school" he grins proudly and I laugh nodding.

"So how are all the boys, are you getting along, made any friends" he asks and I nod once more.

"Yeah there all great and er...." I trail off and turn the camera to Alex who smiles and wave, "hello" he says politely and my dads eyes immediately narrow as I turn the screen back to me.

"Who's that" he frowns, "daddy that's my friend Alex, he's a waiter at the hotel we're at" I smile and he continues to frown.

He leans a little closer to ten screen and whispers, "he's not you're boyfriend is he" he asks a crease forming between his two brows.

"Dad" I groan and only hear Alex laugh, I don't think my father quite understands technology that well.

That even if he whispers it still comes one out as loud and also just because he's looking at me and leans a little closer doesn't mean I can only hear him.

"No he is not" I snap and he raises an eye brow leaning back, "alright just checking" he says and I laugh once seeing the smile on his face.

I hear Phoenix's little giggle and I smile looking to him, "what are you giggling at monkey" I laugh and he only giggles more clapping his small hands together in joy.

"Hello Alwix" he giggles attempting Alex's name, he's pretty good with words and names but obviously can't get them all right.

"Hey buddy" Alex says leaning over to appear on camera next to me, "are you the cutest little guy" he chuckles and Phoenix grins.

That's a change, he's normally guitar shy with new people, maybe it's because he's not actually in the same room but only seeing him over camera.

I suddenly hear the racket of Ollie and Josh and soon they appear in the room behind my father and Phoenix.


"Not again" my dad groans before turning around, "boys just share the God damn thing I'm trying totally to you're sister now will you-" before he finishes both the boys had ran past him to the lap too appearing in front of me.

"Hey boys" I say, "hey sis" Josh says, "hey, is that your boyfriend" Ollie smirks.

"OHHHHH DAD, Ellie's got a boyfriend, Ellie's got a boyfriend" Ollie begins to chant and soon enough Josh joins in.

"No I don't, he's my friend, will you stop" I snap, Josh sticks his tongue out and I do the same making Phoenix giggle in the process.

"Boys leave your sister alone, besides I'm already watching him" dad mutters looking the the screen with devil eyes.

"Dad" I groan again frustrated and Alex only continued to laugh, "sir I can assure you we're just friends" he smiles and my dad huffs, "well alright then" he says a smile tugging onto his lips.

"Where are you going next" Josh asks pulling a chair over and sitting in it like Phoenix to see the camera.

"Barcelona" I shrug, "Booo, they suck at football" he rolls his eyes, "shut up they're great, you're only 9 you don't know anything" Ollie rolls his eyes.

"Yes I do" Josh snaps, "nah ah" Ollie says pulling a face and runs back to his room, "I doooo" Josh yells and slides off of the chair chasing after him so it's once again only my father, Phoenix and I....and Alex.

"Ok then..." I say blinking a few times and my dad sigh, "Oh Ellie, it's horrible, them two are at it like donkey kong, and I have to sort them out whilst keeping Phoenix close and away from anything he might hurt himself with.

They don't listen to me and Phoenix won't go to sleep at night and when he finally dose he'll wake up crying in the night and-" my dad exaggerates dramatically.

"He won't sleep....wait dad you have been reading him his bed time stories right" I ask concerned.

"No!" Phoenix yells folding his small arms, "what bed time stories" my dad frowns, "agh dad the ones that 'mum' " I mouth not wanting Phoenix to hear, "has been reading him since he was a baby, he won't sleep if you don't" I sigh and he makes and 'o' shape with his mouth.

"And he gets thirsty a lot in the night, just keep a juice cup besides his bed at night, he knows how to get it don't you baby boy" I smile and Phoenix and he nods happily.

"Why didn't you tell me this monkey" he laughs at Phoenix which makes him giggle again.

"And with the boys just threaten to take the xbox or PS3 or the PSP or they're game boys away, they'll shut up in no time" I shrug and my father stars at me for a good few minutes.

"Do you know how much of a bad father you're making me sound" he laughs, "I don't even know how to put my own children to be or shut them up" he chuckles.

"We all need a bit of help" I smile and he chuckles, "well baby girl, I love you and make sure to call us again when you're in Barcelona ok" he smiles and I nod.

"I will and I love you too, and you Phoenix" I smile and he grins, "I wove you too" he giggles and I smile at his adorableness, "and the boys..." I sigh and by dad grins.

"Hate them but you can't stop-" "loving them, I know" I chuckle continuing my dad's little catch phrase that he tells me all the time.

"Bye" I say, "goodbye sir" Alex says and for a moment I forgot he was there, "bye darling, good bye....Alfred" "Alex" I repeat annoyed at my dad's purpose mistake.

"Just kidding good bye boy" he says and both Alex and I wave before hanging up.

"We'll you're family are great" he says jumping up, "yeah more like annoying" I roll my eyes, "nah, you're lucky, my family are boring" he shrugs and I smile.

"But where was you're mum" he says and my happy mood hits a fault.

"She died a little after Phoenix was born" I sigh, "Oh" he says, "I'm so sorry" he says quickly.

"Nah, it's ok, it was a long time ago" I shrug, "hold olds Phoenix" he asks, "just turned 3" I shrug.

"Well less that 3 years ago isn't that long ago" he says softly, "I know" I shrug and we leave that conversation alone for the rest of the time.


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