Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


6. saying goodbye

Ellies POV

"Ellie, Ellie" my dad whispered softly shaking me ever so slightly, "what" i groaned, "wake up baby girl you are going today" he whispered.

I fluttered my eyes open and yawned "mhmm" i mumbled closing my eyes again, "come on angel get up" he whispered, "and just saying i promised Ollie he could get revenge if you didn't wake up for me" he shrugged.

"Im up" i said and Shot up, he chuckled and i sighed, i am leaving today, yay. I stretched out and swung my legs over the edge of the bed.

I looked to my door where the few suitcases sat, i sighed and just starred at them, i am really going, today.

Its all been a bit of a rush, it was the only the other day i met the boys now im stuck with them for 3 months, Jesus.

I got up and did my daily routine the put some clothes on, i left out the other night, a white tank top, dark denim jeans and a big over sized grey jumper.

I got changed and headed down stairs for some breakfast, the boys were downstairs mucking about.

"Elle Simon will be here in half an hour" my dad said, he almost sounded proud, "why are you so happy" i frowned, "coz my baby girls growing up" he smiled.

"Dad" i laughed and walked over giving him a hug, "and no boys" he said putting on the big dad act, "Dad" i groaned.

"what you are going on tour with 5 of them for 3 months you cant blame me" he grinned and i laughed.

There was a knock on the door and Ollie and Josh ran to it, "Im getting it Josh" Ollie yelled, "No i am" Josh yelled louder. "I gewt it" Phoenix said, i laughed at him and picked him up walking to the door.

Josh and Ollie were now wrestling in the hallway, "careful boys" i groaned and walked past.

"Open the door then Phoenix" i smiled and he leaned down  and pulled the hand down, "well done" i smiled and pulled the door open.

I looked up to see Simon and the boys, "er hi" i said and Josh grabbed my leg, "Ellie help Ollie is trying to drag me across the floor" he yelled. "Ollie enough" i yelled, i looked back to Simon and the boys and bit my lip, "sorry er come in" i said holding the door open. "Hi Ellie sorry im early, i wanted to catch up with your dad a bit".

"Its fine" i smiled and they all walked in and followed me into the huge kitchen we had.

"Simon" my dad grinned, "John how are you" Simon said giving him a man hug, "good, you" my dad smiled. Simon nodded then turned to the boys, "and here is Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn, the band i am working with" he smiled introducing the boys.

My dad said hi to them all then looked at me, "Ellie show the boys to the living room so they can have a seat" My dad said.

I nodded and walked to the living room where the boys followed, Phoenix was still in my arms and was shuffling all over the place.

"Phoenix" i laughed and he grinned, "awww whos this cutie" Harry grinned pinching Phoenix's checks.

"Harrys talking to you" i said in a baby voice looking at Phoenix, he suddenly went all shy and wouldn't talk.

"Have you gone all shy" i laughed. I looked up at Harry and smiled, "This is Phoenix my little brother" i smiled.

"HAY, YOU HAVE OTHER BROTHERS" Ollie yelled from the stairs, "Ok this is my little brother who i like" i rephrased.

"Oh thanks" Ollie said walking down the stairs coming in, "and this is my annoying other brother Oliver" i groaned, the boys waved and he smiled then looked back up at me, "Ollie, Not Oliver, Ollie, O-L-L-I-E" he said, "yeah yeah" i said rolling my eyes.

Just on Cue, Josh came in, "And this is my other other brother Josh" i smiled, Josh starred at them and frowned.

"Arent they famous" he asked, "Yes" "cool" he said and walked out and Ollie followed.

"Sorry about them" i groaned, "Its fine Love" Liam smiled, Love? "Ok boys its time to go" Simon said coming in with my dad.

I sighed and Simon looked at me, where are your suitcases Elle" he asked, since when dose Simon Cowel call me by my nickname.

"Upstairs ill go get them" i said, "Ill help" Liam said following me to the stairs, "Its really fine Liam" "Nope ill help" he said again, I gave up and just let him.

He grabbed the two heavy ones and i grabbed the small lightest one, once we had walked down stairs and put them in the van i walked back in to my dad.

I just looked at him and he smiled, "come here" he whispered and pulled me into a tight hug.

"I will miss you" i whispered, "I will miss you too but your a big girl now" he smiled, i smiled at him the looked at Ollie and Josh.

"Don't be to much trouble for dad" i smiled and Ollie huffed, i chuckled and hugged them both then picked up Phoenix.

"And you" i said lifting him high in the air making him laugh, "stay exactly the same, i will see you soon" i smiled and kissed his noise, he smiled and i put him down and walked to the van.

I looked back and waved one last time before climbing into the van.

I was in the middle row, in between Zayn and Liam, Niall and Harry sat behind us and Louis was driving with Simon next to him.

"Ready Ellie" Simon smiled, "what" i asked confused, "tour starts now" he smiled, i nodded and sighed.

"Yes it dose" i mumbled.



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