Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


21. Perfect

Ellies POV

Once arriving back at the hotel, the boys agree to go and have dinner now, getting fed up with Niall's complaining for food, only having 6 bags of crisps, 4 packets of biscuits and 2 sandwiches since breakfast.

I still had no idea, whether or not Liam had spoken to him after him catching us in the bathroom, but i had been avoiding him since. 

We all sat down on the table, me next to Harry and Louis and Zayn next to Louis, Niall next to Harry and Liam in the middle directly opposite me.

As soon as we had ordered our food, the conversation began to topic Barcelona.

"I cant wait for Barcelona, i went there as a kid" Louis grins, "Mhmm but im going to miss America, its been fun" Niall says then looks to me.

"What about you Ellie" he asks and i immediately look down, "i guess" i mutter under my breath then everyone begins to speak again but i just keep my head down.

I feel embarrassed about Niall but mostly afraid, he has caught us twice now and what if he tells the boys, what if he tells management, or even Danielle.

Im taken from my thoughts when my phone beeps and i pull it out from my pocket.

To Ellie: Stop worrying, your secrets safe with me ;) xxxx Niall xxxxx

I smile reading the words and glance up to Niall who grins at me causing me to smile.

And with that we continue to evening laughing and joking, once we have finished our food we all get up and head off back up to the rooms.

"Night" I say as each of the boys walk into their rooms but once again, Liam stays behind, waiting until all the doors are shut he speaks.

"Stay with me tonight" he begs and i giggle shaking my head, "no someone will catch us" I say, "yeah but if anyone it will probably be Niall and were all good if its him" he chuckles and i shake my head laughing.

"No Payne" i giggle and he pouts, "please" i sigh giving up, "fine let me get my pyjamas" i roll my eyes.

"You don't need them" he smirks and i shriek as he garbs my waist pulling me into his suit and closing the door behind him.

"Liam" i groan, "what am i going to sleep in then" i ask already knowing what he has in mind.

"You know" he smirks shucking off hit t shirt and throwing it over the wardrobe door.

I roll my eyes but sigh following him, "im sleeping in your shirt" i tell him grabbing it back off the wardrobe door.

"Fine" he groans but laughs, i quickly pull of my shirt and jeans before throwing his shirt on and climbing into his bed.

Once taking off his jeans he does the same, i smile as he wraps his arms around me pulling me into him and switching on the TV.

His shirt was still warm from where he had been wearing it and i could smell his cologne still.

It was perfect.


Hey x

short chapter i know soz

just thought i would update xxxxx

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