Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


25. fans

Ellie's POV

So far the journey had been a mess, the driver had gotten lost at one point. We left Harry behind when stopping for a bathroom break. And I broke my camera! Well nearly considering it wouldn't turn on, so Louis's solution was to bang it against the window....it worked.....but I'm still annoyed by that.

We had about half hour left of the journey until we reached the hotel and all the boys were chatting away.....not me.

I sat in the corner lonely and depressed, Liam now sat in front of me, when stopping for the bathroom break I'm sure of the fact, he purposely moved there instead of his old seat.

So now....it was even more awkward.

Hearing my phone ding, I look down. It's a text from Niall. Firstly I look up to the Irish boy, who now sits in Liam's old seat, he nods for me to read the text so I open it up.

To Ellie: what's up with the happy couple? You too don't seam all that happy?? Xx

I sigh reading the text and reply back.

To Niall: if your talking about a happy couple, try him and his girlfriend....

Immediately a reply,

To Ellie: Danielle...I almost forgot

To Niall: yeah...I did forget for a while, but now I remember I feel horrible...

To Ellie: Ended things ? X

I sigh reading that one, we had ended things and for someone else to say it, hurt 100 times more

To Niall: what do you think...

I look up and can see Niall reading the text, a sigh realised from my lips as I can see out of the corner of my eye, Liam starring at me.

Niall also looks up after a moment and gives me a half hearted smile, I give him a reassuring smile back not wanting him to feel bad for me.

I don't deserve it.....Danielle dose...

And for the rest of the journey, I close my eyes, still feeling the burning state of Liam but I manage to ignore it and soon, I'm dead beat.


"Elllliiiieeee we're hereeee" I hear Louis sing, my eyes finally open and I look up to see yet another hotel.

"Oh right" I mumble and stretch out my arms yawning, I follow Louis out stumbling on the way from the sudden awakening.

"Awe and who's a sleepy Ellie" Harry teases in a baby voice, "shut it Styles" I mumble which only makes him laugh.

"Feisty" he smirks and I giggle slightly as he hooks an arm around my neck allowing me to lean on him as we walk.

That is until we're knocked to one side causing me to fall onto the stones beneath us, Harry manages to just about keep balance.

"What the hell Liam" I hear Harry snap. Liam!

My head snaps his way and I feel my insides boil, tell me he didn't just fucking do that because I said our little fling was over.

"Sorry" he shrugs with complete bitterness in his voice. Our eyes meet for a second and I can te you mine are certainly lit with a fire.

He continues to walk and soon disappears into the hotel, "what's his problem" I hear Harry mutter and soon holds out his hand.

I take a hold of it and he pulls me up off of the ground, feeling a pain through my elbow I lift the sleeve of my jumper up to reveal I'd cut it and a small bit of blood trickled down my arm...ew.

"Are you ok" Harry asks but once seeing my elbow his eyes go wide, "ouch" he winces and I nod, "yeah ouch".

"Come on, we will get that cleaned up once we're inside" he says and I nod following him inside. There were no fans here, I guess they didn't know what hotel the boys would be staying at.

Let's keep it that way.

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