Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


22. Danielle.....

Ellie POV

"Liam" I shriek laughing as he continues to attack my ribs poking it, which was my weakness when it came to tickling.

"Will you stop" I laugh and he grins suddenly planting his lips firmly to mine.

I can't help but sliver my arms around his neck pulling him closer.

I loved his kisses.

They made my feel all warm and fuzzy and gave me butterfly's! I smile into the kiss and we only pull away once his phone rings.

He grins pecking my lips before answering his phone in a cheery tone.

But his face soon drops once he answers, I frown cupping one of his cheeks with my left hand giving him a light smile.


My heart stops for a moment and I immediately withdraw my hand turning my head away. Had i forgotten he had a girlfriend!

I close my eyes feeling him roll off of me and watch him stand from the bed, for a moment our eyes meet and his.....I can't tell what in his eyes.

They seam.......motionless. But I know what my eyes and filled with...hurt. I mean.....I know I should of known better he's got a fucking girlfriend, God Ellie!

And I knew.....that's the worst part of it all. Because although he's the one cheating, I'm still apart of it which makes me just as bad as him.

I see him pull some shorts on before walking to the balcony and pulling the door open and stepping out and.....Bam! Slams the door shut.

I sit up slightly and just stare down at my hands. To be honest, it suddenly feels like reality has just hit.

He has a girlfriend.

He has a girlfriend.

He has a freaking girlfriend.

When will I learn? I can't be with him. God I'm such an idiot, I sigh placing my head in my hands and shake my head.

Idiot, idiot, idiot!

I feel a tear slide down my cheek and almost laugh, why the fuck was I crying. I don't even have feelings for him, he's just a bit of fun and......

I sigh to myself and continue shaking my head, that's a lie. Because I do it fact have feelings for him. I just need myself to admit it.

I look to him on the balcony and see him......laugh.....and smile with his girlfriend and that's not me.

I sigh heavily and look down once more, starring at his shirt I'm wearing I quickly throw the covers back and tear it off.

I need to get out of his clothes, I need to get out of his room and most importantly I need to get away from him because only now I see how fucking wrong this is and I'm ashamed that I've only realised that now.

Or maybe it's the fact I've only.....accepted it now.

I quickly put my clothes back on from the other night and head to the door.

"Where are you going" he asks and I can hear the frown in his voice. I sigh stopping before I reach the handle of the door and spin around.

From my silence he speaks, "please don't leave" he begs, "look I didn't know she was going to call and I couldn't exactly just hang up on her and-" "I know" I whisper cutting him off.

"Which exactly why I need to go" I mumble turning back to the door but in mere seconds his hands on my shoulder spinning me back to face him.

"No, look I...." He sighs looking down not being able to say anything, "exactly" I mutter and turn back around.

"Look Ellie truth it I have feelings for you" he says stopping me in my tracts, and there's apart of me that swells with joy that he feels the same way but another part only breaks my heart a little more.

He's not making it any easier.

But it shouldn't be hard. This should be easy, I haven't even known him that long and tonight and a few others were the only real night together we've ever had.

Why am I finding it so hard.

"Yes and I feel the same way but Liam who were we kidding" I say looking back up into his big brown eyes that were now full of sorrow.

"You have a girlfriend and this is called cheating" I remind and he looks down slightly ashamed.

"And it isn't fair to Danielle" I mumble hating to say her name, it only made me feel worse.

He opens his mouth for a few second then sighs closing it, I take that as I my chance and quickly open the door stepping out and closing it behind me without another word.

I bite my lip and just lean against the wall for a few seconds and close my eyes. Finally opening them I breath in a deep breath and continue to my suite.

No point crying about it or whatever. He has a girlfriend end of day, it was just a little fling. That's it.

So why dose it hurt so much.......


Worst author ever I know!!!!

And I also know I've said it before and I didn't get any better but because I'm sooooo mean and haven't updated for you in forever! I'm going to write quick a few chapters today and publish them all for you. And also know this chapters short sorry x

Sorryyyyyyuy!!!!! Love you alllllll!!!!!! And if you still are making the effort to read this, I know some of you will have gotten fed up with it, thank you sooooooo much because I bought of deleting this but I would feel to bad for whoever was reading it.

(Although I deleted my Zayn malik fanfic so sorry if u was reading that but it was shit!)

Thanks soooooo much and will update soooooonnnnnnn

Comment what you think please xxxx and if you think this chaper was any good coz I think it was a bit sloppy sorry bit will make the other chapters xxxxxx

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