Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


24. Complicated

Hannah POV

"I'm not going in there" "well neither am I" I hear voices.

They sound like there coming from outside my door, "what if she's naked!" I hear the familiar sound of Louis's voice gasp, "we can't go in!" Zayns voice gasps.

"Well I'm going in" I hear Harry's voice and my door burst open, "wakey wakey sunshine" Harry shouts and I groan covering my head with a pillow.

"Com'on Barcelona time" Harry yells jumping down on the bed besides me.

"5 more minutes" I beg, "nooooo we have to leave at 8 o clock on the dot and it's not, 10 to 7 so you have exactly 10 minutes to get you booootttiiiifffuuuullll ass up and dressed and down stairs " he grins.

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier" I say suddenly jumping up and ripping the covers back climbing out of my bed and grabbing the clothes I set out for today.

"Well we sent Louis too but he's been stood outside you're room for half an hour knocking but didn't want to go in, then we sent Zayn to see why it was taking so long and neither of them wanted to come in and wake you up so I did" he explains himself as if he's reading a classic novel or something.

I rush to change in the bathroom then thrown my pyjamas into one if my open suitcases and zip it up in a hurry.

I brush my hair quickly gather all my bags, which two of, Harry takes and caries them down stairs whilst I still check I haven't forgotten anything, with my other suitcase in hand.

Realising I have everything I rush down stairs and into the taxi of which will take us to the airport.

Once all the bags are in the boot and I'm say down finally, in my seat by the window next to Harry, I'm calm.

I let out a gigantic breath and inhale another then let it out once again.

"You ok" Harry asks chucking, "a bit of a mad rush but I'm all good" I say and pick my camera up.

"Say cheese for our first official movement of transport for Barcelona!" I grin and Harry once again gives me a great big tooth smile with Niall behind him placing bunny ears over his head and I snap the shot laughing.

Seeing Niall in the back ground also pulling a face.

*1 hour later*

We arrive at the airport and check in and everything. Surprisingly there were no fans?

I don't think they're were able to figure out when the boys were leaving so we're all good although on the way of course the few that recognised the boys asked for photos of which I gladly took so it was all good.

Soon enough we're settled and seated on the plane and I sigh, letting my chair fall back so it transforms into a bed.

Someone of the qualities of being in first class. I lay down and sigh of relief, I could just relax now.

"Liking the perks" Harry chuckles from across me, "yeah first class is great" I grin and he chuckles.

"We'll be grateful all the other employees that work for us have to settle for economy with all the shit and cramped seats" he smirks.

And I frown slightly, "why do I actually get to come in first class with you and ride in the van with you....all the others don't" I frown, it sorta just accrued to me.

"I.....duno" he shrugs, "Zayn do you know" he asks, "hmm" Zayn asks looking up from his book.

"Why she gets to tide with in in first class" he asks and Zayn just shrugs and looks to Louis who also shrugs and looks to Niall.

"I duno" he says looking to me, "she's Simons best friends daughter, he's going to give her the best" I hear that familiar voice and take a glance at the brown haired brown eyed boy.

For a moment our eyes meet and I feel my stomach go queazy.

His eyes are there usual brown colour but seam slightly dull today, his eyes soften whilst looking at me but I quickly look away.

We we're done and that was final, in fact, there never was an 'us', he has a girlfriend and I need to stop screwing that up for him.

"Smart ass" Louis mumbles and everyone laughs apart from him and I, we remain silent.

When Harry begins to talk, it snaps me out of my day dream and we decide to just watch movies together for the rest of the flight.

*after flight*

I look out of the small window of the plane and sigh.

Barcelona's quite a hot place and it barley rains but of course we come on the day, it decides to pour down.

The last half hour of the journey was quite terrifying due to the rain, the turbulence was horrid.

I get my small hand luggage bag and pile out of the plane following the boys, one thing i wasn't looking forward too was i knew the fans were going to be outside the airport and it's raining.

Not a great combination.

As we got into the airport, we all went to collect out luggage from the machines things that take them around and around until you take you're bags off.

The boys had people who did this for them so we all just sat back, waiting for them to get the luggage until one of the guys came over to me.

"You realise we only get paid for the boys luggage, you have to get you're on you own" he says and i sigh standing up and making my way to collect my luggage.

"Great, what I gentleman" I mumble and suddenly see the luminous blue fabric, my suitcase!

I quickly hurry over chasing it down and grab the handle but once I try to lift it, it's too heavy and I loose it.

I groan and have to wait for the luggage to come around again, this time I'm prepared and quickly grab the handle with both hands and tug at it but it's still won't budge.

I've got to be the freaking weakest person in the world, "I've missed it freaking twice" I mutter talking to myself and wait for it to come around again.

This time as it approaches me I go to reach for the handle but am surprised when someone else grabs it heaving it off of the machine and on to the floor.

"Ah thanks" I say and spin around only to come face to face with of course....Liam.

"No problem" he mumbles and waits with me until my other two suitcases come around.

I stand rocking on my toes eating awkwardly for the last suitcase to come around.

I see he's about to open his mouth to say something but I shake my head, "don't" I mumble. "Just don't say anything" I say quietly looking down.

He lets out a sigh and we stand in silence until the last suitcase comes and he lifts it easily for me.

Also taking two of them and helps to take them to the guys that we're carrying all the suitcases but wouldn't take mine.

Once that's over, I'm grateful when Louis skips over linking arms with me and tells me to hurry whilst dragging me away.

Once we reach the door, firstly security walks out and try's to clear a path or the hundreds of girls that we're screaming.

"The girls are a little more.....wild and determined here in Spain, so just be a little more careful" Harry tells me from my right and I smile nodding to him.

He holds out his hand and I glad accept and security opens the doors and rushes us out.

Immediately screams full my ears and it's so tempting to just stop, curl up in a ball and cover my ears but I have to keep going.

They're even louder than the girls in America! "Ella es tan feo" I Hera one girl shout of which I have no clue what's she's saying but by the disgusted on her face I'm guessing it's an insult.

"¿Cuál es su nombre? ¿Cuál es su nombre? ¿Cuál es su nombre?" Another girl screams continuing to repeat herself. All of which I have no clue of what it means apart from 'nombre' of which I know it 'name' but that's it, the rest I have no clue on.

Harry tugs at my hand rushing me forward but soon I'm yanked back by a fan grabbing my arm which in mere seconds is removed by one of the security.

But after that I'm sorta just frozen to the spot, I just can't move!

That is until I feel two hands, one either side of my waste and I'm launched forward through the crowd.

Finally we reach the blacked out window black taxi like van thing and just as I'm climbing in I turn around to see who help me to see the one and only Liam Payne, of course.

Can he not take a fucking hint for Gods sake. Is quickly scramble into the van away from his grip and climbing into ten seat right in the corner next to Louis do which I know he can't sit next to me. It just makes matters easier.

For a moment I meet his eyes in a tense stare but distracted when Paul tells him to get in and move to his seat which is luckily right in the back well away from me.

This is making life so complicated!




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