Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


11. clubbing

Ellies POV

We had been in a America for a week now, the boys had been nearly everywhere doing concerts, interviews and signings. They hadn't had a break and neither have i since i had to follow them everywhere but finally today we had a day off.

It was nearly mid day and i was still in bed, i was awake since 10 but i just couldn't be bothered to get up.

I sighed and grabbed my ipad on my night stand and decided to face time dad and the boys.

Soon enough my dad answered holding Phoenix, "Hi daddy, hi Phoenix" i smiled.

"Hay darling" my dad smiled and Phoenix waved, "how is it honey" my dad asked as he placed the ipad on it stand and tried to feed Phoenix.

"Tiring" i complained he chuckled and groaned as Phoenix spat out his food, "Dad he hates beans" i frowned looking at the foot.

"What no he dosent" he frowned, "er yes he dose that's why hes spitting it out" i said rolling my eyes.

"Oye you why didn't you say so" he said looking at Phoenix, "Dad hes 3 and you should of figured that out" i chuckled.

"Make some mash potato, he likes that" i said and he nodded, "so why are you calling" he asked.

"Oh no reason i just wanted to say hi and i thought my father said he would like me calling him everyday" i glared at him.

"Ok ok just asking" he chuckled, i heard a lot of shouting and Ollie and Josh came into view.

"Sooooo, its not my thought" Josh shrugged, "yes it is" Ollie said annoyed, i coughed and they looked at the camera, "Oh hay Ellie" they both said at the same time.

"Ohhhh yeah i need the ipad dad" Josh said and ran over, "Bye Ellie" he smiled.

"Wait what" i frowned and he hung up, "Lovely little brothers i have" i muttered putting my ipad down.

I decided to get dressed and see Harry, i was bored, i got changed into a converse top and some skinny jeans.

Grabbing my phone i walked out of my suit and banged loudly on Harry's door, i heard a groan and a very sleepy Harry opened the door.

"What" he groaned his eyes half closed, i looked at him and he was only in his boxers, nothing new, trust me i had once walked in on with the boys, a very naked Harry.

"Can i come in" i asked, once he heard my voice he opened his eyes fully and looked at me blinking twice, "sure" he smiled and let me threw.

"Styles get some clothes on" i chuckled as i walked in, "Nah i think you prefer me this way" he smirked walking in.

I walked to his bedroom and fell backwards on his bed, "agh why are these beds so comfortable" i groaned.

"Your in my bed i like where this is heading" Harry said cheekily ignoring my last statement.

"Yep it leads to be kicking you where the sun don't shine" i said sweetly and he chuckled collapsing next to me.

"Yes the next part of the stage i wrap my arms around you" he said wrapping his arms around me playfully.

"Then what" i smirked playing along, "then you do the same" he smirked and i giggled wrapping my arms around him.

"Then off come your clothes and then we wing it" he smirked, "I don't think so Styles" i laughed.

"Ok maybe a kiss" he asked, "cheek" i said raising an eye brow, he pouted and i shook my head, "or nothing" i smirked.

He groaned and nodded, "fine" he said and i laughed, suddenly the door burst open and Louis walked in, "Hay Haz Liam told me to tell you that-" he stopped mid sentence when he looked up at us.

"THAT YOUR CHEATING ON ME" he screamed and Harry and I both laughed.

"Louis why are you screaming whats u- woah" Niall said as he walked in, "you and yo....and you.....and what" Niall asked confused, "hes chesting on my Nialler" Louis said and started fake crying into Nialls chest.

Niall just stood there confused, "No boo bear it was just a little joke" i still love you" Harry said un wrapping his arms from around me and running over to Louis bro hugging him.

I laughed and sat up a bit when Liam walked in, "whats going on i thought i told Louis to come and tell Harry tha-" but he stopped mid sentence when he noticed me.

"Why is nearly everyone in here-" he started but was interrupted when Zayn walked in, "Vas happening" he smiled.

"Why is Everyone in here" he repeated correcting himself, "i duno when i walked in Haz was cheating on me" Louis said putting his hand to Harrys face.

"Boo bear" Harry pouted and he ignored him, "never mind" i chuckled standing up, Liam frowned but shrugged it off.

"Hay can we go out to night since it will be like our only day off" Harry suddenly asked.

"Yeah that sounds cool" Niall grinned, "what where" Liam frowned.

"We could go to a club" Niall suggested, "Yeah" Harry and Louis both grinned.

"WOOO CLUBBING" Harry yelled and Zayn started saying dj Malik over and over again.

"No" Liam said shutting them all up, they all wined and Harry frowned, "why not" "coz you will get drunk and just no" Liam said.

"Well duh it is a club" Zayn said rolling his eyes, "Yeah" Louis agreed, "come on Liam we promise we will be on our best behaviour" Louis said giving him the puppy eyes and they all copied him.

Liam sighed and nodded, "fine but no girls are coming back" "WHAT" Harry yelled.

Liam glared at him and he shut up, "i mean yeah sure fine" Harry said quickly, "Ellie you coming" Harry asked, "sure" i smiled, i loved clubbing.

We all agreed and decided to go down for some lunch.

*7 hours later*

I was in my room getting ready for tonight, i had just got out the shower and quickly dried my hair, by now it was quart to 8 and we were going and 9.

I put my Pjs on for the moment and looked through my wardrobe, i bit my lip and pulled out a few outfits, after a while i picked out one and got changed into it.

I decided to wear my blue ripped denim shorts, a black do up vest shirt and some lever boots along with some faint tights.

I then straightened my hair and added some make up, satisfied with my look i smiled and looked at the time

10 to 9, i played some games on my phone until i heard a knock on the door, i opened up and Harry stood there.

I smiled and looked at him, he looked good in a simple polo shirt and dark skinny jeans.

I smiled and his eye wondered up and down, "You look amazing" he said looking me up and down.

"Thanks now eyes up here please" i giggled and he smiled bowing slightly.

"Shall we my lady" he smirked, "we shall" i giggled taking his hand, we walked to the lift and the boys were there, "Ok Zayn here you go" Harry said pushing me over to him, "Your turn" he smirked and we all laughed.

We got in the lift and as promised i was pushed against Zayn this time, we got out and got at taxi to the best night club around.

When we got there and stepped out of the Taxi, i could already here the music blasting.

I smirked and we got out of the taxi looked down at me, "the lines huge" i groaned.

He chuckled and shook his head, "you do no who you work for right" he laughed and i watched as Liam walked over to the security guard at the front and said something to him.

He called us over and we walked straight through, i felt a little bad for the people queuing but who was i to complain. 

We walked in and straight away the smell of alcohol hit me and the music blasted through my ears

I looked around and most people were grinding or making out in a corner, i chuckled and turned around to see that all the boys apart from Liam were gone.

"What" i frowned, "yeah they dont like to waste a second" Liam yelled over the music chuckling.

I smiled and looked to the bar, "wanna get a drink" he said and i nodded.

We got to the bar and ordered 2 shots, Liam was quick to down his and i did soon after, i felt it burn my throat as i swallowed it and i wanted another.

"another round please" i said to the bar tender and he nodded, "someone's eager" Liam chuckled, "please i haven't had a night out in months" i smiled and he nodded.

We started to talk about random stuff, downing shots as we went on and very soon we were both drunk.

"Mhmm" i giggled and he laughed, i was all over the place the alcohol had really gotten into me now and i liked drunk Liam more than normal Liam.             

He looked to the dance floor and smirked, "Lets dance" he grinned and grabbed my hand!



soz that was a short chapter and i know Liam dosent drink but just for the story i changed it ok xxx.

And i am updating the next chapter now okey xxx

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