Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


4. brothers and second thoughts

Ellies POV

After lunch with the boys, Simon said i could head home and get packed.

I opened the door and straight away my 3 little brothers came running towards me.

"HI ELLIE" Josh screamed, Josh is 9 years old and the loudest in the house, then there was Oliver he is 11but acted like a 6 year old and finally you had Phoenix.

Phoenix is 3 and by far my favourite, he never bothered me and is the cutest thing. But i love them all.

"Hay boys" i smiled and picked up Phoenix who was clinging onto my leg.

"Ellie guess what i did in school" Oliver grinned, "what Ollie" "I caught 4 people out in rounder's, i catched every hit" he grinned.

"Caught Ollie, not cached, Jesus don't they teach you anything in school but good job anyway" i smiled and walked into the kitchen settling Phoenix on the counter.

I grabbed a coke out the fridge and jumped up next to Phoenix holding him so he wouldn't fall.

"Hi sweetheart how was your first day" My dad said walking in, "Hay, er good" i said shrugging.

"ok" he smiled and groaned when Josh came running in and hiding behind Dad as Oliver followed screaming at him.

"Wow whats going on, enough with the screaming" Dad said and rubbed his ear.

"JOSH BROKE PS3" Ollie screamed, "Josh" my dad sighed, "I DIDNT  MEAN TO OLLIE LOST REX" Josh screamed. "WHAT Ollie you lost Rex" my dad frowned.

Rex was Josh's dinosaur teddy which our mum gave to him when we all went to the dinosaur museum.

My mum died a year after Phoenix was born, so one im the only girl in the house and two anything that mum gave to us or was hers we treasured very much and three my dad sometimes needed a bit of help.

And this was one of those moments, i sighed and jumped off the counter and picked Phoenix up and put him down on the ground.

I walked over to Ollie and raised an eye brow, "how did you loose Rex" i asked, he gulped and looked down, "I-i didn't mean to, i was annoyed and hid Rex but it wasn't there when i later looked for it" Ollie said innocently.

"Where did you hide him" i sighed, "In your washing basket" he said and looked up at me.

"Hold on" i said and walked out of the kitchen and to the small hall, i opened the basement door and jogged down the stairs.

We kept a lot of things in the basement, the washing machine, the freezer and lots of tools so the boys weren't aloud down here, Ollie kinda was but defiantly not Josh and Phoenix.

I walked to the washing machine and opened it pulling out some clothes until i found Rex, i smiled and walked upstairs and back into the kitchen.

"Here you go Josh, hes a little wet and needs to dry but he smells nice" i smiled and Josh's eyes lit up, "Thank You Ellie" he said and hugged me then run out the room somewhere.

I smiled then looked at Ollie, "now whats wrong with you PS3" i asked, "It wont turn on" he frowned.

"Have checked its plugged in" i asked, "Yes of course i ha-" he paused, "be back in a second he said and raced to the living room, "Never mind" he yelled and i chuckled.

Even Phoenix laughed, i smiled and picked him up, "now its just you, what do you want to do" "STORY" he yelled.

"Ok" i smiled, i looked to dad and he smiled and mouthed 'Thank you' i nodded then walked upstairs and into Phoenix's room and settled him on his race car bed.

"Rewd tintin" he grinned, Phoenix was pretty good and speaking most words he could say just some he couldn't.

I nodded and sat down with the book and began to read to him, Tintin was quite a long book so by the time i had finished he was fast asleep.

I tucked him in and got up and walked to my room, i was completely different with my family, i never snapped, wasn't rude and i was a different person.

Ok time to pack now, i looked for my suitcase but couldn't find it so walked down stairs to my dad.

"Dad wheres my suitcase" i asked, "why do you need your suitcase?" "Ah crap i forgot to tell you the boys are going on tour tomorrow" i said and bit my lip.

Please don't be mad please don't be mad, "Oh year i do recall Simon saying that, its down in the basement, what me to help pack" he asked. Wait how is he so fine about this he nearly died when i just went on a 2 night camping trip with some of my friends.

"No thanks" i frowned slowly backing away.

I got my suitcase and began to pack.

*5 hours later*

I collapsed on my bed and sighed, "done" i mumbled, i really need to learn to pack quicker.

I just thought for a moment, 3 months with out my annoying little brothers and noisy dad, wooo.

But i will miss them terribly the most i have been away from them is a week and that was only when my mum was around and took me to London.

Would it really be fair to leave the boys, dad. We have like this routine, despite having four children, dad isn't very good with little ones.

Josh, Oliver and me are fine because we are all older but with Phoenix im normally looking after him because its not that dad cant look after him.

Its just he panics to much, i will let Phoenix do his own things go and get toys when he wants run around but dad is to protective, he will be chasing after him everywhere not letting him out of his sight.

And hes already worn out by the end of the day with Josh and Ollie, how will he cope.

And don't get me wrong i love all the boys, all the same, but me and Phoenix have more of a bond as Josh and Ollie don't do much with me.

Phoenix dose everything with me and how could i cope, without him or Josh or Ollie.

Should i really go, i guess i have to but its so sudden, no i have to, it will do me good getting away for a while.

I will call and face time them everyday, dad will cope and the boys will be fine, they are tough lads after all.

I'll take them out tomorrow and have the day with them and dad, ill have plenty of time.


hope you liked this chapter plzzz comment what you think and what should happen next thankxxx

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