Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


10. Beach

Ellies POV

I woke up to banging on the door, "what" i groaned dragging myself out of bed and walked to the door.

I opened it up and groaned at the sight of Harry, "Oh that's nice" he chuckled, "shut up" i mumbled.

I looked at him and he was looking me up and down, i wa sin my PJs but all they were, was a tank top and a pair of really really high lepod print shorts.

"ehem eyes up here" i said raising an eye brow and he chuckled, "come on get dressed we are going exploring" he smiled.

"No" i groaned and went to shut the door but he stopped it, "Ellie" he pleaded walking in as i walked to my bed collapsing on it.

"No last night after dinner you kept me up until 2 in the morning im tired" i mumbled into my pillow.

"To be fair Louis did now up, come on get dressed or i will dress you for you" he smirked, i looked up at him and glared.

"Get out" i grunted and he nodded, "righty o, well you better be ready in 20 minutes coz that's when im coming back for you dressed or not" he said and walked out.

I groaned loudly and sighed pulling myself up, i sleepily walked over to my closet and looked through.

Once my eye sight became normal i managed to actually pick out some clothes, i decided on a union jack tank top and some dark blue denim shorts, i got changed, did my hair and just as i finished my make up Harry barged through the door.

"Ready" he smiled, "Harry i could have been getting changed, knock next time" i groaned, "i don't see the problem" he grinned cheekily.

"Of course you don't" i mumbled and grabbed my phone, we walked to the elevator and the boys were already in the lobby.

"What about breakfast" i asked, "erm Nialls already in the restutrant so we are gonna head in there" he smiled as the doors opened.

I nodded and we walked out to were the boys were, "About time now come on let eat" Louis said quickly walking to the restaurant.

"Why the hurry" Zayn asked, "Coz Nialls is going to eat everything if we take our time" he said, everyone laughed and we walked in.

It was buffet style this morning, i think breakfast and lunch its buffet style and dinner its waiter service but there were still waiter walking around taking drink orders.

I looked around and spotted Niall with our booth or 6 but the table was already filled with empty plates.

I chuckled and shook my head, "Niall's over there" i said to the boys pointing to him, they all chuckled and we walked over.

"Niall Jesus boy it looks like we have already been here" Liam said looking at all the plates.

"Nowm Mye fout" he tried to say but his mouth was stuffed with bacon, he chewed a bit then swallowed and repeated himself.

"Not my thought" he shrugged, "not your thought" Harry asked, "No i was hungry" Niall pouted, "your always hungry Irish boy now move over" i order and he did as i said.

I sat next to him and all the boys sat down at well.

*After breakfast*

After breakfast the boy and I sat in the lobby deciding where to go, "Er we could go just exploring" Harry shrugged, everyone shook their head no and Niall then suggested Beach.

"Yeah the beach sounds good" Zayn nodded, "Oh we can go to the theme park" Louis said eagerly.

"Yeah theme park" Harry grinned, "No beach" Niall and Zayn said, "theme aprk" Harry and Louis argued.

They began arguing and Liam stepped forward, "Guys come on" he said they all looked at him and he sighed.

"Ok as its only our first day here why don't we go to the beach then theme park another day, lets not get to hectic" Liam said.

"Woooo suckers" Zayn smirked sticking his tongue out and high fiving Niall.

"No that's unfair lets have a vote" Harry said, "We all ready have" Niall frowned.

"No its up to Ellie" Harry suddenly said, "wait what" i frowned, "It up to you where are we going theme park or beach" Harry said.

I looked at both sides and shrugged, "come on babe theme park pweaseeeeeee coz you love me" Harry said giving me puppy eyes.

"Nooo come on im your I Irish boy you love me" Niall pouted giving me the puppy dog face as well.

I giggled and smiled, "beach" i finally said, "ah WHAT" Harry said putting his hand to his heart.

"Sorry, Niall's puppy dog it cuter" i shrugged pointing at Niall you showed off his puppy face.

"And i said you were hot pftt" Harry said rolled his eyes, i looked at him and raised an eye brow, "ok you are" he huffed i giggled and went to kiss his cheek but Liam stood up and walked in front of us.

"Ok then beach lets go get our stuff" he said and walked over to the elevator, i shrugged and walked over to the elevator.

this time i was pulled against Niall's chest, "Hay" Harry frowned at him, "soz Haz im team Niall" i giggled and he put his heart like he was hurt.

"Yeah the Irish charm woooo woooo" Niall yelled pumping a fist in the air, i laughed and we went back to our rooms.

I quickly changed into my bikini, it was a dark blue one and had a silver belt buckle kind of thing on it.

I grabbed a small beach bag and threw my towel in there, a spare pair or clothes, sun cream and a few magazines and bits.

I walked out and knocked on Harry's door which was the closest, no one answer so i guessed he and all the boys were in Liams room, they tend to all hang in there.

I was about to knock but it opened anyway, i looked up and Liam smiled, "we were just coming out" he chuckled and i smiled and nodded.

We walked to the elevator and i ended up sitting on Louis, it was quite funny coz when we got in Louis tripped and Harry sat on him.

Louis complained that he was to heavy so i ended up sitting on his back as i was the lightest, i didn't really have a choice.

"Jesus i have been pushed up against Liam, Harry, Niall and have sat on Louis in this elevator, its only Zayn left" i laughed, "Yay" Zayn said squinting his eyes shut and smiling widely.

I laughed and we finally got out of the elevator, we got in a taxi and drove to the nearest beach.

We got out and looked around the beach was quite quiet apart from the few people.

We walked down the little heel to the beach and found a spot to place all our bags down.

"Ok now come on lets gooooooooooooo" Louis yelled yanking off his shirt, "wow calm down Lou" Harry chuckled, "never now lets go" he said running to the beach.

All the boys took off there shirts leaving them in just their swimming trunks. I had to take a moment to just stare, they all had amazing bodies.

"Wait wait" i said quickly reaching into my beach bag and pulled out my camera, "im pretty sure fans would like a picture of you like this" i laughed.

They all chuckled and posed as i took a few pictures, i put my camera down and Harry turned to me, "so Ellie who has the best body" he smirked flexing his muscles.

 I laughed and bit my lip, to be completely honest, Liam did have the biggest six pack, i could tell he worked out.

Well they all did, but i couldn't say, "i duno" i shrugged, "I duno is my middle name so shes means me" Harry said holding his head high.

"I thought it was Edward" Niall asked confused, we all burst into laughter and Louis and Harry where on the floor.

"Ah that was good" Zayn laughed, "Yep" i giggled and we finally calmed down.

"Ok now come on" Louis yelled and started to run towards the water then ran back as soon as he was half in, "COLD COLD COLD" He screamed running back, again we all went into a fit of laughter.

"Shut up Lou come on" Liam said grabbing his ear and pulling him towards the water.

Niall followed and Zayn, Harry and I stayed behind.

"You coming" Harry asked, "Maybe in a bit" i smiled and he nodded, i turned to Zayn and frowned, "Are you not going in" i asked.

He looked at me and his face became red, "Er nah i just want to er.....erm stay he-here" he stuttered, "Yeah right" Harry yelled as he walked towards the water.

"Maliks afraid of the water" He yelled back and i shook my head smiling, "ok well im staying here as well so you wont be alone" i smiled at him and he smiled back.

I took off my clothes leaving me in my bikini and laid down on my towel, plugged my earphones in and put my sunglasses on.

I laid on the towel and spread out and listened to my music, i wanted to get a nice tan today as with these boys i dough i would get another chance.

After a while i felt something hit my leg, i pulled my ear phones out and looked up to see a football.

"Aye babe pass that" i heard a boy call, i looked op to see a boy a few meters away, it was Alex, the waiter.

I propped up on my elbows and pulled my sunglasses down a bit, "Ellie" he asked shocked.

I smiled up at him and grabbed the ball and threw it to him, he grinned and walked closer, "what are you doing here" he asked and on cue the boys came running over soaking.

"Ellie throw me a towel" Harry yelled as he walked over, "im you photographer not your slave" i snapped throwing the towel at his face.

I turned back to Alex and shrugged, "them" i said simply, "Hay its the waiter wer Alex is it" Harry asked.

He nodded and smiled, "Alex come on man" someone yelled, i looked behind him to see 3 other boys.

Two of them had brown hair, one was spiked up and the other was trimmed short and the other had dirty blonde hair, again all their bodies were amazing.

I found my eyes wondering to Alex's body, he 100 percent sure worked out.

"Dude whats taking so long" the blonde boy said running over, "sorry just talking" he said passing the ball.

He looked to me then to the boys, "they are on my sisters wall" the blonde boy said pointing to the boys.

"Yeah there a boy band now go get lost" Alex said jokingly pushing him away, "nah ah not until you introduce me to the chick" he whispered but i just about heard.

My cheeks flushed and i sat up and looked down, "Go" Alex demanded, "Hi im Jasper" the blonde boy said ignoring Alex.

He said it to all of us but looked to me when he said it, "Hi im Ellie" i smiled and all the boys said hay as well.

Alex groaned and i chuckled, "Ok you said hi now go" Alex said pushing him, "Nice meeting you" he yelled, i smiled and Alex jogged back other.

"Sorry" he mumbled and i chuckled, "so why are you here shouldn't you be working" i asked, "only nights" he shrugged.

I nodded and the blonde boy, who i now know it Jasper, yelled at him to come other.

"Ok well i better go see you later" he said and winked at me before turning.

I smiled and looked up, Harry was smirking, "What" i groaned, "see you later" he said and winked then ran back to the sea mocking him.

I rolled my eyes and looked to the rest of the boys, "Ok we are going back in you too coming" Niall asked, "Nah im good" i smiled.

They looked to Zayn, "You no the answer" he said looking back down at the book he was reading, "I will take that as a yes" Louis said and grabbed his arms pulling him up.

"No" Zayn said and went to sit back down but Loui, Niall and Liam grabbed him and began pulling him towards the sea.

"Get off of me no you know i hate the water" Zayn yelled but they just dragged him.

I chuckled as i heard Zayn scream as they pulled him into the water, i put my earphones in and began to relax.

After about 20 minutes i was interrupted yet again, i pulled out my earphones and looked up to see Alex.

"Hi" i smiled, "Hay" he said nervously scratching the back of his neck, "I er- we were wondering if you wanted to come and play football with us" he said and looked to Jasper and the other 2 boys.

"Football nah not my thing" i shrugged, "come on" he pleaded, "Its only a foam ball it wont hurt" he begged.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, "fine" i smiled and he cheered as i got up putting my earphones away.

I walked over to the other 3 with him and he introduced me, "Guys this is Ellie, Ellie this is George" he said pointing to the boy that had short brown trimmed hair.

"Dan, well Danny but we call him Dan for short" he said pointing to the boy with spiked up brown hair.

"And of course you know Jasper" he said and i smiled at them all and said Hi, they all said hi back and were quite polite.

They all seamed nice, "Ok lets get to it" Jasper grinned, "Me, George and Ellie V Dan and Jasper" Alex said, "That's unfair you have more players" Jasper frowned.

"And your with Dan" George shrugged, Dan was obviously the best, we played football laughed about and had a really good time until i heard Liam calling me.

"Oh i gotta go guys, sorry" i shrugged, "awww no" they all winded, "sorry" i shrugged and turned around.

"Nice meeting you all" i smiled, "and i will see you tonight Alex" i grinned at him, he chuckled and nodded.

"See you tonight" Alex yelled and i jogged back up to the boys, "where were you" Liam asked straight away walking up to me.

"I was playing football with Alex and his friends" i chuckled, "Oh i don't like him" Harry mocked, "shut up curls or they will be straight in the morning" i said and his eyes widened and he grabbed his hair.

I giggled and Liam mumbled something under his breath but i didn't catch it, "We are going back now" He said and turned around.

I nodded and grabbed my beach bag stuffing it in the bag, we walked up the hill and got in a taxi, well today was fun! 







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