Whats so special about me

Ellie Teller, that's my name, 19 that's my age, photographer that's my job well apart from its one directions photographer, little different from my usual jobs but oh well. I have no interest in them, yet i fall in love with one of them?
Ellie Teller's the type of girl that just doesn't care. Full of self steam and confidence. With an attitude that kills and the charms of a beautiful girl. A one night stand causes much more trouble than she had expected.


8. America and Harry

Ellies POV

"Ellie" i heard a soft voice whisper, "Ellie wake up" the voice repeated and i felt someone shake me slightly, i flickered my eyes open to see Liam starring down at me.

"Mmm" i mumbled, "we are here" he smiled, "you fell asleep" "Oh" i mumbled.

I starred into his gorgeous brown eyes for a few seconds then processed what he had said, "Oh" i repeated and quickly jumped up. I realised i had fallen asleep on his shoulder and my cheeks flushed.

"America here we are" Harry grinned, so here i am, America, ever since i was little i had wanted to go to America.

Just the blazing hot sun, incredible tourist sights and just the feel of the warm breeze in the air full filled me.

Once we got of the plane we quickly hurried through the airport and into a mini bus outside, security got our bags. Once again i was sat next to Liam but instead of Zayn, Harry this time.

"Sooooooo...." Harry trailed off trying to start a conversation, "Yes curls" i smiled, "hay i am very proud of my curls" he said proudly holding his head high.

I laughed at him and we started to talk about random things, hobbies, favourite singers, family, pets, everything.

"Excuse me for interrupting you two but we are here" Liam said annoyed, i looked at him and frowned, whats his problem.

"But i thought the hotel was an hour away" i asked confused, "It is and it has been an hour" he said and opened the door getting out, "rude much" i mumbled.

Harry laughed and i turned and grinned at him, i had learned a lot about him in just this hour and same as he did for me. Hes actually quite smart and funny and a really good friend.

I think we will be very close, i smiled at him and climbed out, i looked up to see the huge hotel and whistled.

It was a 5 star hotel and one of the best, well im guessing it would be if one direction is staying in it.

We walked in and checked in, the top floor was literally ours, we had 6 sweets but had bought off the whole floor so no fans or people would bother the boys.

We all quickly crowded in the lift, it was really squishy and i was basically pushed up against Liam, it was really really awkward and you know you just get that really awkward elevator music.

That just made it even worst, finally opening for the top floor we all walked out, "Ok here are your room keys don't break anything, don't cause any drama and Niall....don't eat all the food in the restaurant, its buffet style so Ellie watch him" Simon said and pointed at me oon the last part.

"What, why me" i asked confused, "I need you to watch over all the boys" "What" i asked still very confused.

"They normally get themselves into a lot of trouble and because you are the most sensible i need you to be the one to look after them and get them out of trouble" Simon smiled.

"That's offensive" Louis sassed, Simon just glared at him and he quickly stepped back, i chuckled then sighed.

"fine" "Good here are your room keys and goodbye" Simon said handing us the room keys then walking back into the elevator and going down.

I sighed and looked at all the boys, they all looked at each other then a playful grin came across their face.

I frowned then suddenly they all shot of to their rooms, "QUEEN SIZE BED SICK" I heard Harry yell, "HAIR PRODUCTS" Zayn yelled, "TV" Liam yelled, "MINI FRIDGE" Niall screamed louder than all of them.

I chuckled and walked past them to my room, none of them had shut their doors and we were all opposite each other.

I saw Niall raiding his fridge as i walked past, Zayn looking at all his hair products, Liam sat on his bed watching TV and Harry looking dead on his bed.

"You alive Harry" i yelled as i walked past his door chuckling, "Just about" he yelled back making me laugh.

I finally came to my room which was at the end and swiped the key across the lock opening it.

My mouth dropped as i walked in, it was huge, the first thing you came into was a small lounge area where a TV sofa and table was, then another room converted to a bed room, it had a queen size bed, black screen TV, huge wardrobes and 2 dressers.

Next i walked into the bathroom, there was a huge Jacuzzi time bath, big shower and a sink area.

This sweet is awesome, i heard a knock on the door and walked over and opened it up, "You luggage is here" Liam mumbled and willed in my suitcases.

"Thanks" i smiled, he looked up and smiled back then Harry and Niall came stumbling in, "HAY her mini fridge looks bigger that mine" Niall wined.

"Niall there exactly the same shut up" Harry laughed, I giggled and they had a look around my sweet.

"Nice of you to welcome yourself in" i rolled my eyes, "your well come" Niall yelled, "Hay Elle do you want me to help unpack" Harry asked, "I would be quite happy to sort out your underwear" he grinned, "shut up Styles" i laughed hitting his arm playfully.

"Ow that hurt" he said and fake cried, "aww do you want me to kiss it better" i asked and he nodded pouting, i kissed his cheek and he grinned, "not where it hurt but works so much better" he smiled.

I giggled and realised Liam was still behind me, i turned around and he was giving Harry a death glare, i frowned and when he noticed me he stopped.

"Er..I er..am going to go unpack" he stuttered and hurried out, "that was weird" i frowned, "err Yeah i will go talk to him" Harry smiled and walked out.

"Niall come you have your own mini fridge to raid" Harry yelled after walking out, i turned around and Nialls face was stuffed in my mini bar.

"ehem" i said catching his attention, "Oh er sorry" he said and gave me a cheeky grin running out, i rolled my eyes and smiled.

Ok time to unpack!


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