Born in love

The sequal to "Born to die".

It's coming, I hope your ready, because when it hits. It is unrelenting. It's only small now but prepare...for...the....worst.........


1. The return

Sinchi stared at her. Nothing had changed, only the fact that she was taller and a little thinner. It was all the same. Her white blonde hair that fell around her shoulders in straight lines. Her flawless skin and it's pale pallor, her storm cloud eyes and her slight figure. She was the same, the same as before she died.


"H-How have you come back?" Sinchi gasped.

"I have come back through your love Sinchi. You brought me back because even after all these years you still cared." she whispered.


Sinchi shook his head as he walked forward. Soon he rested his forehead against hers.


"I guess you've changed your name?" Sinchi chuckled, his breath warm on her face.

"Yes, I have a new name. Did you really expect me to have the same name?" She laughed, a laugh that sounded like little silver bells on the wind.

"Go on then, spill the beans."

She laughed again, her head thrown back in laughter. "My name is Winter, Winter Storm."



Sinchi raised an eyebrow. His eyes still dark with the spark of humor lighting them. Winter threw her hands up, her laughter pealing around the forest and the new snow amplifying it. Sinchi watched as the snow flakes settled onto Winter's cheeks, she looked like an ice queen. Proud, white and pure.


"Sinchi, have you heard? One of the vampire counsilers predicted a storm. They all checked the weather staitons but there was no signs of any storm."


Sinchi raised a second eyebrow and then furrowed them. The vampire counsilers were normally right about such things but it was almost impossible to get it wrong. Suddenly his brain clicked. It wasn't a litteral storm that they should be looking for, it was a Storm....


Winter clapped her hands together.


"I see my friend, that you have finally fitted the puzzle together."

"But....but how come they thought it was a normal storm that they were looking for, not you?"

"I don't know but I know what I'm going to do." She shrugged.

"What are you planning Winter?" Sinchi asked caustiouly.

"I'm planning to give the vampire counsil excactly what they want, I'm going to give them a storm. And this storm is going to need alot of supporters.."...........

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