Into Angry Birds. (Gaming Fan Fiction Contest)

One day, Eden was on her phone playing Angry Birds. It then zaps her into the game.
*****Entry for the Gaming Fan Fiction Contest*****


1. Chapter 1

It was just a regular, old day for Eden Brown. Or at least that's what she thought.

She walked over to her bed and sat down. She picked up her iPhone and started playing Angry Birds.

All of the sudden there was a white flash and she was in angry birds.

"What the heck!?" She muttered to her self. "HELLO!" She called out.

Once again there was a white flash but this time when she tried talking, it only came out as squawks.

"SQUAWK, SQUAAAAAAAAWK!!!!" She 'screams'.

She then looks up to where she thought the screen was and saw a little girl. "Mom! Look! A pink bird!" She told her mom, pointing at the screen. "Wow." The mom says with a fake smile on her face, clearly not interested. 

All the sudden there is a blue bird, a red bird, and a yellow bird behind her. She looks over and sees a bunch of wood and ice stacked up with pigs scattered about among the structure.

The little girl then pulled back the slingshot and took aim. She let go and the pink bird, a.k.a. Eden, went flying. The little girl then tapped the screen and pink bubbles suddenly came out of her.

"Squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk." She said. That could be translated to 'I hope I didn't just fart'.

The bubbles then picked up a bunch of wood and 2 out of 5 pigs. The bubbles popped and the pigs died and the wood then popped the rest of the pigs. Eden also fell to the ground into a heap of pink feathers. She then disappeared from the game.

Eden woke up in bed panting. "It was just a dream, It was just a dream." She repeated to herself. 

She sat up and reached over to her phone. She unplugged it and unlocked it. She clicked on the angry birds app and started playing.

To her horror there was a white flash. She appeared in the game again.


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