I miss you.... A Tobuscus FanFiction

A Tobuscus fanfic :3
Lena's the sister of Jack Douglass, and has recently been shaken by her alcoholic ex, Jason. Toby really likes Lena, but can he fix her??


3. Long time, no see.

~6 Months Later~

Lena’s POV

I parked my car outside of the public pool and got out of the car. Jack and Olga followed behind me, “Here’s a towel.” I smiled and handed jack and Olga a blue and pink towel. “Thanks.” She smiled. I unlocked the gate with my key card and walked through the iron bars. Sean’s car pulled up outside and Jack let him in. We all grabbed seats next to one another. The door opened on the main building and Toby walked out. I jumped into the pool at the same time he did. He opened his eyes and I opened mine. He tried to scream, but he was submerged underwater and just started coughing as he swam to the top. “Hi!!” He screamed and wrapped his arms around me. He was….. warm. “Hey….” I gave a weak smile. “Hey, I never got to explain what happened that night…. I just…. Can’t forget about it….” He looked into my eyes, “It’s okay….. I can’t either.” He gave me an awkward hug. “So, wanna come sit by us?” I smiled. “Sure.” He scratched the back of his head. I loved it when he did that…. Jack actually didn’t seem mad at all…. Olga and Jack said they were getting tired and that they wanted to go to the movies. After they left, so did Sean, and eventually, so did everyone else. It was just Toby and I, and it was getting dark. The pool closed at 10, and it was around 9. The pool was lit by underwater lights, and the sky was lit by starts. “Toby….” I mumbled, “Yea?” He looked concerned. “I….. I think I love you.” I mumbled again. “Well, I’m KNOW I love you.” He swam forward and kissed me while smiling the whole time. We stayed until the owner kicked us out, and then we saw a movie and went back to his place. He texted Jack and said that I was going to stay at his apartment. Jack said it was okay as long as he kept me safe. Toby said that I was fine, and I knew he was right. “Toby. Don’t leave me.” We were playing assassin’s creed, and he threw down his console and tickled me. I laughed and rolled onto the floor. He grabbed my hand, “I won’t.” He smiled. We fell asleep on his couch and I woke up with Gryphon on my head :)

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