I miss you.... A Tobuscus FanFiction

A Tobuscus fanfic :3
Lena's the sister of Jack Douglass, and has recently been shaken by her alcoholic ex, Jason. Toby really likes Lena, but can he fix her??


1. I won't let you go.

~Lena’s POV~

I power-locked my car, stepping into Starbucks. I sighed and walked over to the counter. “Hi…. Can I just have an Iced Coffee please??” I plastered the most fake smile EVER onto my makeup covered face. Someone tapped me on my shoulder, I spun around, “Oh my god!! Hi!!” I gave him a huge bear hug, “Hey, Lena. What’cha up to??” My brother, jack, smiled. He was pretty ‘big’ on YouTube. Jacksfilms…. “Mmmm, Nothing much. Just having a coffee with Toby.” He gestured toward the table he was just sitting at, Toby smiled and waved. I smiled and looked at the ground. I’ve always had a pretty big crush on Toby. Nobody knew, though. Jack placed his hands on my hips and hugged once more. “Wanna sit with us??” He looked hopeful. He’d known I’d been pretty ‘down’ since Jason…. Just thinking about it made me frown. His smile wilted, “Please, Lena?” A tear ran down his face, “I…. I just hate to think about what he did to you…. It’s just…. It’s just not right.” I wiped it away, “Please don’t cry, Jack. I’ll sit by you, just…. Don’t feel bad for what he did….” I smiled and grabbed my coffee, “Thanks.”

He pulled out a chair for me and I smiled. He’d always been a gentleman. I always felt a little better when Jack was around. “Hi. Nice to meet you.” Toby held out his hand for me to shake it, but I gave him a side-ways high five. He blushed and I smiled a crooked smile. “So, Toby, You’ve heard of Lena, right?” Jack smiled as if to say, ‘go for it’, as usual, I was confused. “Yeah….” He looked at his coffee and blushed again. Jack nudged Toby from under the table. Toby jumped, “Um…. I-I’m Toby….” He tousled his hair with the palm of his left hand. “I’m Lena.” I think I blushed…. Or flushed…. One of those…. I suddenly felt dizzy and light headed. Jack rested his hand on my shoulder and looked alert. “You okay, Lena? You look a little…. Sick….” I nodded and rested a hand on my stomach. I shifted my position in the chair. I think I was just anxious for something to happen. Suddenly, the door jingled. A man in his late 20’s came in with un-combed hair and fiery eyes, wearing a stained hoodie and sweat pants. Extreme stubble covered his face, as well as a scary expression. Jack suddenly grabbed my head and wrapped his arms around me, burying my head in his neck. I began sobbing. “Jack, please, don’t let him- “He cut me off, “I won’t. Okay, please, be quiet.” Toby fidgeted and questionably looked towards Jack. Jack looked at him with tears in his eyes. “Hey.” A deep, scratchy voice greeted us with danger. “Who’s that?” He grumbled, pointing to Jack’s chest. Jack stuttered, he didn’t know what to say. He looked at Jack and threw him to the floor. “NO!” Jack sputtered, “WHAT WAS THAT?” He grabbed my shoulder and firmly gripped it, pulling me towards the door. Jack stammered to his feet and rushed towards the door, losing his balance and tripping, smacking the cold hard ground. Toby suddenly jumped out of his bench and body slammed the guy into the door. The ‘guy’, or creepy-looking freak, was my ex, Jason. “Toby…..” Tears welled in my eyes as I gave him a HUGE bear-hug. He hugged my back as I wobbled over to Jack to help him up. My knees were weak and I didn’t know if it was from just experiencing a ‘surprise’ attempt kidnapping, or experiencing Toby wrap his arms around me. He was really…. Warm…. “Lena- I- Are- Do- Can-?” Jack couldn’t think properly, I tried to pick him up and set him in the bench, but he wouldn’t let me go. “I’m….. I’m so s-o-rry.” He gasped and burst into tears, hugging me tightly. I cried as well. Toby looked more confused than ever, and he looked kinda sad…. Like he felt left out…. I squeezed him tightly and whispered, “Thank you.” I looked over near the entrance. The cops were there, Jason was glaring at me, and the waitress was explaining what had happened. “Who was that?” Toby looked sad for me. “My ex…. Jason. He was….. It’s a long story….” He nodded, “I understand.” He smiled, “Thanks.” Jack gestured for Toby to come over and for me to stay there.


Jack’s POV~

“Toby. Thanks, man.”

“What- I, What the FUCK just happened, Jack?! The only girl I’ve ever liked THIS much just got TAKEN AWAY by a complete PSYCHO?!” Toby threw his hands up in the air.

“Yea…. Her ex was a really bad alcoholic, Toby. She’d broken. Please, fix her.” I burst into tears and gave Toby a big…. Um…. ‘man hug’…..


Lena’s POV~


I sat there crying while the guys talked. I was heartbroken, in love with someone I just ‘formally’ met, and thankful for my brother. He walked over with a tissue. He wiped the mascara from my eyes. “I’m sorry. Please, come stay the night at my house tonight. He’s still out there. I can’t risk it.” He wiped my eyes, dying the tissue a shade jet black. “Toby. He’s going to be out for you now. Remember, protect, don’t provoke.” Jack looked terrified. “I…. Okay.” Toby knew better than to say anything after Jack had just burst into tears. And his sister, me, was in danger. “I love you, Lena.” He smiled. “I love you, too, Jack.” He hugged me, again, for the billionth time TODAY. “Toby, do you want to come over for a while?” Jack smiled a tearful smile. I stood up and ran to the bathroom. I ran into a stall and threw up, gripping the sides of the toilet. Of course, Jack ran in. Into the girl’s bathroom…. He rested his hand on my back, “It’s alright, Lena.” I wouldn’t be so sure.









I was a mess. Why?? Because, I just had peanut-butter smeared on my face. Jack decided to have a party, I guess to lighten the mood. He invited Olga, Toby, me, and Sean. “Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.” I squealed, running into the kitchen to clean off my face. Once I was back to normal, I turned around and saw Toby walking into the kitchen. “Hi.” I started to walk past him, but he grabbed me by both my shoulders and turned me around. “No, not hi.” He firmly pressed his lips against mine. I felt like I was rising, and there was no coming down.

He pulled away, and I waited a second before opening my eyes and smiling the biggest, REAL, smile ever across my face. His gaze jerked toward a flash of light behind me, about 20 feet. Everyone was standing there, mouth open, Jack had his iPhone out, he had snapped a picture. I blushed profusely, and so did Toby. Everybody’s lips curled into devious smirks. Olga started clapping as she smiled that big bubble-gum smile of hers. I smiled and looked at the floor. “You guys, stop it….” Jack squeaked. He walked over to Toby and me, I was sure he was going to pound Toby, but instead he smiled and shoved his hands in his pockets, walking over to the un-cooked popcorn bag he’d left on the counter. Toby linked his fingers with mine, holding my hand softly. We walked over to the couch and sat down. We both turned opposite of each other on the couch. I started blushing, he started smiling like he’d just won a free Slurpee and he was a six year old. Jack started crying audibly, I could hear him in the kitchen. I stood up and walked to the kitchen where he was sitting. He had his head buried in his hands. “I love you.” I wrapped my arms around him. He just seemed to collapse, metaphorically speaking. “Please stop. It’s okay, Jack.” He nodded and removed his hands from his face. His pupils were bright blue, and his nose and eyes were red and puffy. “I’m sorry.” He kept apologizing, like this whole thing was his fault. “Please, Jack, It’s not your fault.” I kissed his forehead. “Stop crying….” He rested his head on the table and covered his heads with his hands. I didn’t know what to do. Olga walked over and tousled his hair. “I’m sorry, Jack. For…. Whatever’s going on….” I couldn’t help but laugh. Sean walked over and sat down, trying to cheer him up. Toby was in the living room. Now he was crying, too. “What’s wrong, Toby?” I frowned. He shook his head, “Nothing.” He mumbled. I gave him a hug. “Don’t.” I frowned again, “What’s wrong, Toby? Tell me.” He smiled slightly, “I love someone, but I’m not sure if she loves me.” A tear rolled down his face. I, on the other hand, felt like running away. Running away and never looking back. What he said C-R-U-S-H-E-D me. I thought he liked me. “Ugh, how could I be so stupid!?” I threw my hands up in the air and ran to the kitchen. In a few seconds, everyone was at the door, tapping. “Lena?” tap-tap. “Lena, C’mon.” tap-tap. “Lena?!” tap-tap-tap-tap, I ripped open the door to see Olga and Sean. “What?” I looked at the floor, “We want to fix you.” Sean mumbled. He always knew what to say. I ran towards him and buried my head in his chest. I sobbed as he wrapped his arms around me. “Sean….-“ I sobbed harder. Just to know that people actually cared. Olga wrapped her arms around both of us. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Jack’s soft skin brushed up against the back of my hair. “Lena, I need to talk to you.” He pulled on my arm, and carried me into his bedroom. He sat me down in the chair. “Why are you-?” I cut him off, “Toby doesn’t like me.” I sobbed, “Sure he does! He says he’d like to get to know you.” He sounded sympathetic, but I couldn’t see, tears blurred my vision and my face was buried in my knees. “No, Jack. I mean like-like me.” I sniffled. You could tell he was hiding something. “There’s someone else.” I finished. My voice was rough and cracked. “Lena, I….” He didn’t know what to say. I forced myself up and walked towards the kitchen. I glanced over at Toby. His face was buried into the couch and he was sobbing. Jack followed me downstairs as I sat on the dining room table. “I’m  sorry.” Jack said, shaking his head. Olga came over and sat down. “Are you okay??” She smiled. Sean stepped over, “Hey, You doin’ okay?” He smiled. Everyone was smiling but me and Toby. Jack had asked me to stay the night, even though I lived there. I usually end up crashing at my friend’s place, though. I covered my face again. Jack nudged Olga and Sean and whispered something to the both of them. “Hey, um…. We’re out of that…. Thing…. Olga, Sean, come to the store with me.” She winked, “Sure, Jack.” Sean looked blank. Olga rolled her eyes and pulled Sean to the car. They pulled away. I stood up and bumped into something. “Hi.” I mumbled. I pushed away his body and tried to walk away. He grabbed my arm, “Stop.” He frowned. “I love you.” He looked me in the eyes. “Toby, you said you loved…. Actually, you didn’t say who….” He stepped closer, “You.” He whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around my torso. “Lena, I love you. Please believe that.” He pulled away for air. “Toby, I love you, too. But, I’ve been broken. And it just hurt a little too much.” I looked at the floor as tears dripped from my eyes.  “Lena, let me fix you.”  He touched my cheek with his  middle and his index finger. “Toby, can I trust you?”


“Answer the damn question.”

“Y-yeah…. Why-?”

“’Cuz I never asked Jason that. And look where it’s gotten me.”

He looked sympathetic. I grabbed the back of his head and kissed him again. He felt….. warm. Our lips were raw after a few minutes, but we were still kissing each other. He placed his hands on my hips and I smiled into the kiss. The door unlocked and somebody walked in. It was Jack, “Ooooooooooh!!” He smirked. “Shut-Up Jack…..” I blushed. Olga and Sean followed him in. “Why is your guys’ hair all messy?? You’re lips are cracked and red…… OH MY GOD…..” She laughed, and smirked. “NO! We didn’t do that…..” I blushed profusely. “Mmmhmmm…..” Sean smirked and walked into the kitchen. “Mmhmm, so where’s that ‘thing’ that you guys needed, hmm??” I smirked, it was my turn. “Ummmmm, It was a…..”

“Lemons?” Jack shouted at the same time as Olga and Sean.

“Salad dressing?” She sounded not-so-sure.

“Baby clothes!” Sean smiled, throwing his hands up into the air. “Baby clothes??” We all questioned him. “WTF??” I smiled. “I’m going to go take a shower, K??” I stepped toward the bathroom. “K.” Everyone shouted from downstairs. The bathroom floor was cold. I undressed and turned the knob to ‘HOT’. A few minutes after I got in, I heard something. It was the door opening. “Jack??” No reply. “Toby??” I opened the shower door, exposing only my face. Jason was standing in the doorway, holding a red-splattered  knife in one hand, and Jack in the other. Jack was bleeding from his lower stomach. Hot tears flowed down my cheeks without warning. I covered my mouth with one hand and shook my head. “Jason, how could you?! First, you abuse me and make me be silent for THREE YEARS, I MEAN, WE WERE ENGAGED!! THEN YOU TRY TO KILL MY BROTHER?!” My voice turned into a whisper, “He was the only person whoever really gave a FUCK about me.” I spat. He lunged forward and stabbed me in my upper stomach, a little above my belly button. I clenched the knife that was sticking out of my stomach. He threw Jack to the floor, “Your little friends are NOTHING compared to what I was to you.” He growled, walking downstairs. I cried harder and laid down next to Jack. I grabbed his hand, “Lena….. I’m sorry….” His voice was nothing more than a whisper. “No. Jack, it’s not your fault.” I cried, and cried, and cried.


Toby’s POV~


Jason just ran out the front door. He was holding a bloody knife. I clenched my arm, it burned like hell. Olga and Sean were outside, looking at stars. They hadn’t known what was going on. To be fair though, neither did I. I grabbed Jack’s iPhone and ran upstairs. “Oh my god…….” I looked at their bodies, they were holding each other, their eyes were closed. “OLGA, SEAN, HELP ME!” I shouted. I soon heard the latch on the back door, and footsteps coming upstairs. “Hey, what’s up- WHAT, OH MY GOD, TOBY, WHAT-?!” Olga burst into tears and ran over to the both of them, “CALL 911!” Sean paced in the hallway. I dialed the number, my hands were shaky and my knees were weak. “My best friend and his sister were both stabbed in the stomach by a guy who just broke out of jail. Yes, he was her ex. Jason Bakers. He stabbed me in the left arm, as well. He ran, about 15 minutes ago. Yes.” I gave her the address and she said the police would arrive shortly. I ran over to Lena, “Lena, are you okay?” Tears flowed down my face. Jack fidgeted, “Toby….. She’s okay…. She’s just shocked.” He reached for her hand, she was cold. My hands were still shaking. The cops threw the door open and ran upstairs. The paramedics followed. “Here, give her to me.” One of the paramedics shouted. “I’ll take him.” They carried them both downstairs. As they approached the two ambulances, they tried to separate them into the different cars, “NO! I WON’T LET YOU TAKE HER!” Jack screamed, he refused to separate himself from his little sister. Several people had to hold him down just to get in the back of the ambulance. Lena was silent, just staring at everything around her. She was shocked, really shocked. “Olga, Sean, get in my car.” They scurried towards my car; I ran and jumped into the driver’s seat. They both sat in the back. They sniffled, they were extremely confused. “I’ll explain later. I’m scared, too.” Tears blurred my vision. I could barely see. “She’s going to be ok, Toby. Don’t panic.” Sean touched my shoulder. As we parked in the parking lot outside of the hospital, I threw open the door and sprinted towards the entrance. Olga and Sean followed me, “Hi, my best friend just came in here with his sister, and I need to see them as soon as possible, please.” I wiped the tears away from my face. “Uh, sir, your arm?” I was in such a state of panic, I’d forgotten about my stab wound. Blood ran down my arm and fell into my hand. “Oh…… It’s, It’s really nothing.” She told me to go get it checked out anyways. As the doctor took me down to my room where he would examine my arm, I say the patients. One of the rooms had Jack and Lena. They were holding hand, their arms outstretched between their separate beds. I ran into the room, and they pulled me out. I was screaming, several people tried to hold me back. I didn’t want to let them go.

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