I miss you.... A Tobuscus FanFiction

A Tobuscus fanfic :3
Lena's the sister of Jack Douglass, and has recently been shaken by her alcoholic ex, Jason. Toby really likes Lena, but can he fix her??


2. Get. Out.

Lena’s POV

I reached for Jack’s hand and squeezed it tighter when I heard Toby struggling outside. Several doctors rushed him away, and about 15 doctors barged into the room where Jack and I were. I felt whatever they gave me kicking in, and the room faded into a silence, and the people faded to black.



Sean’s POV
Olga and I sat in the waiting room, “Olga, it’s okay. They’ll be fine.” She sobbed into my arm, “You don’t know that.” She was right, I hadn’t known that, but I wanted to believe it. A nurse walked out of the hallway into the waiting room. “Are you Sean and Olga??” Uh, we were the only ones in the room…. “Yeah.” I nodded. “Okay, here’s a doctor’s note, give it to your local pharmacy, it’s for Lena’s mood swings.” She smiled. “Mood swings??” I asked, “Yes. You hadn’t known? She said something about her brother knowing, and that was it, but I assumed she meant also you…. She’s easily scared and has an extreme case of claustrophobia. She could easily into shock.” She confirmed. “We’re keeping them overnight, but they’re okay, just shook up. There are two chairs in there and you’re welcome to stay the night.” She continued, walking into another room. I grabbed Olga’s hand and walked her to their room. When we stepped in, Jack was holding Lena and motioned for us to be quiet. We both nodded and he smiled. He lay her down in her bed; I guess he was getting her to sleep. “She has trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. And she has reoccurring nightmares….” He cleared, stepping into the hall with us. “You okay, Jack??” I asked. “Yea….” He lifted up his shirt to reveal a long, pink stab sound. “The nurse will cover it eventually, but I asked her to cover Lena’s first.” He scratched the back of his head. “Hey Jack?” Olga asked. “Yea, babe?” He grabbed her waist and kissed her forehead. I looked at them in shock. “Wha-?” I stuttered. “You didn’t know we were dating??” he laughed. “Uh, no….” I smiled. “So, Jack….” Olga continued. “Yea?” He smiled, “Why do you always put Lena before you?? Who was that guy?? What happened to her??”  She questioned rapidly, “Well, that guy was Jason, her alcoholic ex who beat her frequently, I put her before me because….. Well, I let her go out with him, and she got hurt. And she’s my little sister….” A tear rolled down his cheek and he quickly wiped it away. A nurse walked Toby down to the hall. He looked pissed. “Hey, Toby.” Jack smiled. “Hi.” He grumbled. “What’s up with you?” He looked confused. “Where’s Lena?” Toby looked kinda sad now. “She’s in there, sleeping.” Jack smiled, “Oh…. Okay.” We all fell asleep on the red couch in the hospital room.


~Next Day~


Lena’s POV

Jack drove all of us back to his house, and we were all planning to go swimming in his pool later in the afternoon. It was about 9:00 am now. We pulled up to the house, I was asleep in the front seat, and Jack carried me to the couch inside and I woke up. “Good morning.” Jack smiled. “Morning.” I lay back down and clutched my stomach. “Lena? What’s wrong?” He lifted up my tank-top. “Lena?! HOW MANY TIMES DID HE STAB YOU?!” There were three wounds on my upper stomach. “I’m sorry.” He gave me a hug, “It’s okay.” I smiled. “Where’s Toby and Olga??” I stood up and began looking throughout the house. Sean was sitting in the kitchen, eating an apple. “’You seen Toby or Olga?” I questioned, he shook his head because his mouth was full. I walked over to the closet and clutched the knob. Jack was standing behind me, I turned the knob and pulled open the door to see Toby and Olga kissing each other, both of them pressed up against the wall. Olga and Toby both turned their heads to face us. I whimpered and faintly touched my fingers to my lips. Jack didn’t even know what to do, he just turned pale and tears began streaming down the side of his face. “Jack, I-….” Olga began, “No. Just…. Just go.” Jack shook his head and ran upstairs to his room. “Jack, wait!” Olga tried to follow him, but stopped in her tracks and went to her car outside. Toby and I were staring at each other, if you don’t count Sean being confused in the kitchen. “Lena….” Toby started, “Toby, why would you…. I was so stupid, why would I give my heart out to anyone after what happened?!” I angrily glanced at the floor. “I can explain….”

“Then do it.”

“Well…… I….”

“That’s what I thought.” I fired back and opened the door, pointing to the lawn. “Get out, Toby.”

“Lena, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, and I’m sorry for trusting you. Go. Now.” He sadly drug himself to his car. “Bye.” He mumbled on the way out.


Toby continued doing videos, and eventually, Olga and Jack got back together. I never talked to Toby much anymore, though.


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