"Complicated" A Harry Styles fan fiction.

Hi, I'm Andie Alexine Anderson. The Triple 'A' Girl. I'm a Normal 13-Year-Old teenager in front of the story, but sometimes I'm kind of weird, I felt insecure how Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne bullies me a lot. They're best friends for the past elementary years. I'm being Grade 8th for the upcoming school year on June 2nd.



2. Why am I Like This?

Andie's Point of View


We're in school. The boys didn't bother me and just accidentally bumped Harry, thinking about how Harry ruined my first day in school again.


"Watch your way, bitch." Harry told me angrily, chuckled and added a smirk. "Stupid jerk!" 


"Harry, stop it. You're ruining my first day of school! I'm having a hard time being like this so stop it! If you want me dead so do it! I don't even care! I just, I just can't handle this for the past few years! You're bullying me a lot, why? I don't even know! You're calling me a bitch all day! Do you even think how it hurts for a thirteen year old teenager? I'm tired of this!" I told him, tears continued pouring, frowned for a little while and smirked. "This, this tears, this years. You didn't see this before for the past few years." I added then walked away.


I tried to look back, saw him, nods silently then saw him in tears, honestly this is my first time seeing Harry cry. I hate seeing each person cry, it makes me sick and uncomfortable. So i go near him and gave him a comfort.


"Harry. erm, sorry." I begged, nod and sniffed. "I know my words are terrible."


"No, i should be the one to be sorry. I mean, sorry if i hurt you since the first grade, it hurts for me so much." Harry begs back, sniffed twice and hugged me. "Sorry for all."


"You've changed."


"I don't want to hurt you anymore, i swear i'll change just for you, babe. Just for you." He replied by a murmur, hugs me tightly than before, i smiled and i'm glad he didn't ruin my first day now.


We stopped and he gave me a wave, I just waved back and walked down the hall going to my first class. Harry changed, felt my tears and struggles, he felt that he hurts me too much. I guess i'm in love.



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