"Complicated" A Harry Styles fan fiction.

Hi, I'm Andie Alexine Anderson. The Triple 'A' Girl. I'm a Normal 13-Year-Old teenager in front of the story, but sometimes I'm kind of weird, I felt insecure how Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne bullies me a lot. They're best friends for the past elementary years. I'm being Grade 8th for the upcoming school year on June 2nd.



3. My Guy Protector.

I was in my room, I'm glad sir Sanchez is not here for the past few minutes. Saw the slutty girls, Amanda, Hailey and Miranda, using there slutty mini skirts and i don't want to greet them "Ew." I realized that they walk towards me, pulled y hair in purpose and threw my books to the floor.


"Hey, Slut." Miranda greets me, chuckles as she hardly pulled my hair secretly. "I'm sure your day will be wreck by us, Andie. By, Us."


"Shut up and go away from her!" Harry approached us confidently. "Stop wrecking her life! She faces her struggles so respect her, okay?"


"Oh my gosh! My love, we're sorry. We will never do that again." Amanda (The Leader) sighs and immediately punched his stomach. "Shut up and you know that? We'll never stop, Harry." 


"You should have respect, Amanda!" I approached them and pushed her hardly to avoid her from Harry by her stupid fist. "Are you alright? You should be in the clinic, let me help you up."


"It's alright, I just need to have a sit." He stands up, grabbed my hand as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Thank you, it really means a lot, I mean, honestly. It's nice to hang out with you for the same time."


"No need to thank you, Harry. I appreciated it, a lot." I nod and smirked.


I'm glad he's sitting beside me, he's probably my 'Guy Protector' at the same time if i'm in danger by those bullies. He looks at me each minute and asks me when I'm fine or not each hour, i hid that Hailey's whispering me I'm a worthless bitch and I felt insecure today.


Harry turned and he finally heard it. "Shut up. I'm fucking watching you." Harry whispered.


"Any words, Mr Styles?" Mr Sanchez approached them. "It seems you're having a convo with Hailey."


"Hailey is hurting Andie sir." Harry replied innocently. 


"Impossible, let's continue."


He nods and stayed quiet, no harsh words behind me and I'm happy for it. Sun flickered down my face, heard some movements at the back, we've been here for an hour and I'm glad I'm out.

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