The gender diaries

Chloe is a girl trapped in a boys body
Jack is a boy trapped in a girls body

They are struggling to be known as who they really are, but will there once in a while communication and there constant diary entries help them get through it


3. Chloe 2

Dear Diary,

My friend Vicky told me that she thinks she likes Peter Mann. I hope he likes her back as she is lovely. She's sure he does though because apparently he was staring at her in maths. 

I met her yesterday morning. She looked lovely in her blue felt jumper and he skinny purple jeans/



'We always greet eachover with this, she always has to say 'hi' and I say 'hey' that's just they way it works.

'Want to go down to the cinema?'


Look, I know what you're thinking, it sounds like a very boring friendship. Well, it is. But she's the only one who accepts me, and I guess one friend is better than none 

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