The gender diaries

Chloe is a girl trapped in a boys body
Jack is a boy trapped in a girls body

They are struggling to be known as who they really are, but will there once in a while communication and there constant diary entries help them get through it


1. Chloe 1

Dear Diary,

I'm sorry I haven't picked you up for ages, I've been pretty busy with school and things. I know this sounds daft, but I feel like every time I write in you, and tell you what's happened, everything seems to get a whole lot better. I decided to write in you today because yesterday a boy called Peter went around school telling everyone I'm 'a gay faggot' What ever.

People assume just because I wear girl clothes now and I call myself 'Chloe' instead of 'Callum' I'm gay. If I had a choice I'd like both, boys and girls. Simple. But I don't, I am who I am I guess. 

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