Another World: Summer Love

You're probably wondering Another World: Summer Love right? Well Summer Love isn't just about Summer Love, it's broken down into five series I believe? There's Summer Love, Still The One, Kiss You, More Than This, and Forever Young. Ok this is the first serie and it's about a girl name Kim. She was only 5 when her parents died in a car crash. Her older brother who was 8 went missing during the accident. 12 years later, Kim goes to Summer camp where she meets One Direction. Zac who is the two coaches foster son comes to camp to help and Kim believes that Zac is her long lost brother. Read on and see how this series end with a twist.


3. 1.3

Coach Adam: Eleanor, up in front of the classes. 

Eleanor: Oh, ok. 

Coach Adam: Now! 

Eleanor: *gets up quick* 

Louis: *worried* 

Coach Adam: What did Kim do to you? 

Eleanor: She didn't do anything. 

Coach Marie: You said she slapped you. Where is she? 

Eleanor: She did, but it was on accident, she's already forgiven. 

Coach Marie: Where is she! 

Eleanor: She, she took off. 

Coach Adam: Do you hear that! Someone who thinks they can come here trying to act bad ass, and then failing and leaving on their own term. Who wants to be next to leave! 

Zayn: I don't think she was trying to, she was really hurt Coach Adam. 

Eleanor: She was, you should have seen her crying, it hurt her so much that it hurted you as well.  

Harry: I'm a witness. 

Liam: She has seven witnesses to Zac who has none. 

Coach Marie: What happened yesterday Liam? 

Liam: Well, she was crying. 

Coach Adam: Enough! We get that she's a crying loser. 

Louis: Hey!  

Coach Adam: Louis, you sound like you have something to say. 

Louis: *serious* You don't talk about a student that way, and mostly, you don't talk about my friend that way! 

Niall: *whispers* Something's gotten into him. 

Liam: Yeah. 

Coach Adam: *laughs* Pardon? Who are you to talk to me this way? 

Louis: She's a human being just like all of us. She has a heart, soul, brain, and humor like every one of us here. She doesn't need to be talked down on. Many of you guys don't even know her, so why talk about her for? The only people that really know her are Zayn and Harry, and maybe Eleanor. But the one who should really know her is Zac. 

Coach Marie: Oh, no, do not drag my son into this! 

Louis: No, I'm not done Marie.  

Coach Marie: Coach Marie! 

Louis: Whatever, but listen. Zac is a foster child to both the coaches. Same as Kim, she's a foster child to an officer name Brad Thompson, who is well known in the city and state. Kim's parents died in a horrible car crash when she was five. Her brother Zachary Drew Austin happened to be with them when the accident happened, but was never found. Therefore, Zac you are Kim's brother.  

Zac: I am nowhere related to her Louis! Thanks for trying, but... 

Louis: When Kim called him Zachary Drew Austin, he responded, how you know my real name. Explain that to us please, Zac. 

Zac: It can be anyone!  

Coach Adam: My wife and I have only one child and it's Zac James. 

Eleanor: Can you just please think deep and hard Zac? She literally cried her eyes out and you just stood there acting like you didn't know her or cared. 

Zac: It's because I don't know her Eleanor! 

Eleanor: You don't deserve to have a family. You are the reason for the loss of her parents! 

Zac: Excuse me! You can't just blame someone for not knowing anything! I grew up with Marie and Adam since I was eight! How can you say I'm her lost brother! 

Eleanor: Eight? You're three years older than all of us here Zac. Kim was five and you said you were eight? That means, you are her lost brother. 

Zac: *about to talk* 

Coach Adam: No! 

Louis: What do you guys sound like you guys are hiding something? 

Coach Adam: Everyone! Ten laps around the lake! Son, don't listen to them, they're gonna be drop from camp soon. 

Eleanor: You guys are bad coaches! Shouldn't you guys be sending someone out to find Kim! 

Coach Adam: Ten laps Eleanor! 

Eleanor: *sighs and runs off* 

Zac: I'm an adult dad! Why are they accusing me of something I didn't do or know of! 

Coach Marie: Things are gonna be better son, forget them. 

Danielle: Are you ok? 

Eleanor: Yeah, I'm ok. 

Danielle: How hard did she slap you? 

Eleanor: It's ok Danielle, I'm fine, and I'm not hurt. 

Danielle: Well she needs to apologize or else she's gonna lose a witness. 

Louis: I don't think she would care Danielle, and don't talk to my girlfriend about our friend that way. You're just as bad as the James. *grabs eleanors hand and walks off* 

Liam: What happened? 

Danielle: Nothing.  

Zac: I'm gonna go for a walk mom, I'll be back in a bit. 

Marie: Alright, be safe son. 

Zac: Yeah. *leaves* 

Zayn: I wonder where she went. 

Louis: She must be somewhere far by now, it's already the next day. 

Zayn: She should have came to me for help. 

Zac: *jogging and sees kim* Kim! 

Kim: *crying*  

Zac: *jogs to kim* You caused a lot of problem here you know that! 

Kim: *hurt* Why are you here. 

Zac: I thought you left camp, why are you still here. 

Kim: I got lost. *wipes her ters* 

Zac: Oh to answer your question earlier, I am not here to look for you, it's not my responsibility or am I responsible for you. I was jogging and happened to find you. Your friends at camp are worried sick about you! 

Kim: *gets up and grabs her suitcase* 

Zac: *sees a picture of him and kim when they were kids* Huh? *grabs the picture* That's me, how did she? Hey! 

Kim: *ignores zac* 

Zac: *memory kind of regains* What the? *remembers the crash a bit* Kim! Wait! *loses his balance* Kim, you, you left your picture! *balances himself and shakes his head* 

Kim: *stops and walks back to zac* 

Zac: Kim! *runs to kim* 

Kim: *crying* What else do you want! To hurt me some more! Please just leave me alone to die. 

Zac: *memory comes back more* What's going on? 

Kim: *tries to run* 

Zac: *grabs kims suitcase and everything falls out* Huh? 

Kim: *upset/mad* How dare you! *pushes zac and grabs her things quickly* 

Zac: *quickly helps kim* I'm sorry. 

Kim: *pushes zac* 

Zac: *falls and sees the family picture and grabs it* 

Kim: *tries to grab the frame* Give me that! 

Zac: *moves it and looks at it closer and remembers* 

Kim: *staring at zac mad* Give me my family picture back to me. 

Zac: *tears in his eyes* 

Kim: Give me my family picture back, please. *crying* 

Zac: *looks at kim and cries* 

Kim: Why do you need to cry for! They're not your family! They're mine! 

Zac: *memory returns* What happen Kim? What happened that night! I need to know Kim. 

Kim: *holds in her tears* 

Zac: *crying* What happened that night when we got into a car crash. 

Kim: *cries* 

Zac: You don't remember me? It's me, Zac. Zachary Kim. 

Kim: *cries hard* 

Zac: *hugs kim* 

Kim: *pushes zac aways and looks at him in tears* 

Zac: It's me Kim, it's me, Zac. 

Kim: *hurt* Why? Why! Why would you do this to me now!  

Zac: Kim, please listen to me. *grabs kims arm* 

Kim: *hugs zac and cries* 

Zac: I can explain what happened. I suffered memory loss after the accident. I remember the doctor telling me that and ever since that I didn't remember anything from the past. I didn't even know who I was staying with, who I was living with. *cries* I thought I lost you sis. *hugs kim* I thought I lost you forever. Gah, I remember it all now Kim. I remember every little thing that happened.  

Kim: *sobs* 

Marie: Son, where were you all night?  

Zac: I was doing something important. 

Adam: What's more important than being here! 

Zac: I'm sorry, it won't happen again. 

Kim: *walks out to roll call* 

Louis: Kim! 

Zayn: *looks* Kim! *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Harry: *walks up to kim* Where did you go? 

Kim: I went for a long walk; I decided to come back because I heard you guys were worried about me. 

Harry: Yeah, we were. I'm just glad you are back Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles*  

Harry: *smiles big and hugs kim* 

Kim: *surprised* 

Zac: Alright, two laps around the lake and the rest of the day is yours. *walks off* 

Coach Adam: Zac! Eight laps class! 

Zac: Two! *walks off again* 

Coach Adam: What's gotten into son!? Did that Kim girl say something to you! 

Zac: That Kim girl? Ouch Adam, that really hurts. You wouldn't like it if I said that Marie girl. 

Coach Adam: Zac that is your mother! 

Zac: I don't care.  

Liam: So what made you come back? 

Kim: I didn't really leave. I was, but got lost, plus do you think I would leave really? I didn't have my father pay $500 just for me to walk off on. 

Louis: I'm glad your back Kim. *smiles* 

Eleanor: Yeah, Louis said a lot by defending you. 

Kim: Really?  

Louis: Yeah. 

Kim: *chuckles in smiles* I thought you hated me? 

Louis: I never did, but can I get a hug? 

Kim: *hugs Louis* Eleanor, I'm so sorry for slapping you. *walks to Eleanor* I know it was out of misplacement, but I should have known better. 

Eleanor: It's ok, I'm fine. *smiles and hugs kim* 

Coach Adam: Kim! Just for leaving, we are writing you up for a second one.  

Coach Marie: No refunds neither! 

Kim: Writing me up? Writing me up! You two are the ones that should really be getting written up for! 

Coach Marie: Excuse me!? 

Kim: I know about you two, I heard about you two. 

Coach Adam: *smacks kim on the head* 

Kim: *gasp* 

Louis: Hey! Don't you ever lay a hand on her ever again! 

Coach Adam: *pushes kims head* In the office now! 

Louis: *furious* Hey! 

Coach Adam: You're gonna be next! 

Louis: Don't you ever touch her again Adam! 

Coach Adam: *pushes kim* Go! 

Louis: *grabs kims arm* Don't listen to him, Kim. 

Coach Adam: *pushes Louis away* Go I said! 

Louis: Don't touch me! *goes chest to chest with coach adam/eye to eye* 

Kim: *walks to the office* 

Zac: What are you doing in here? 

Adam: *slaps kim* 

Kim: *gasp* 

Zac: Adam! 

Adam: Who told you about us huh! *slaps kim again* Who! 

Zac: Adam! Leave her alone, you're gonna get arrest! 

Adam: I don't care son! Who told you! *about to slap kim* 

Zac: *grabs adams hand* Don't you dare put another hand on my sister. 

Adam: What? Zac, she's not your sister, what are you talking about, are you sick? *touches zacs forehead*  

Zac: *pushes adams arm away* Don't you dare touch me! 

Adam: Zac! 

Zac: *throws a punch to adam* 

Adam: *groans* 

Zac: *runs out of the office* 

Adam: *runs after zac* 

Liam: Is that Zac? 

Niall: *kind of chuckles* Yeah, wonder what happened. 

Zac: *shoving against adam serious* Don't you ever lay another hand on my little sister ever again! I don't care what you say! She's my sister and you will not put another hand on her! 

Adam: *pushes zacs head to the ground* 

Kim: Zac! *runs to zac*  

Adam: *looks and sees kim running to them* 

Kim: Leave him alone! 

Marie: *comes out of the corner and trips kim* 

Kim: *falls and hits the rock* 

Zac: *screams* Kim! Kim! *tries to wake kim up* 

Louis: *runs to kim* 

Liam: *runs after Louis* 

Niall: *in shock* 

Zayn: Kim! *runs as fast as he can* 

Harry: *runs to kim worried* 

Zac: Kim! *cries* You have to be ok Kim, you have to be, we just reunited. *cries* Kim, sis, please. You have to be ok. *picks up kim and puts her in his lap* Kim, wake up please. 

Niall: *cries* 

Zayn: *hugs niall in tears* 

Harry: *leaves silently in shocked* 

Louis: *upset in tears* 

Liam: *looks at harry leave in tears* 

Eleanor: *crying in Louis's arm* 

Danielle: *crying in liam's arm* 

Officer Nick: *handcuffs adam* 

Adam: I didn't do it! I'm innocent!  

Zac: Take him away officer, for kidnapping me, and beating up my sister who's underage still. 

Coach Marie: What happened? 

Zac: You! 

Marie: *looks and sees a body bag* What happened?! 

Zac: Now's not the time to play stupid Marie. You're the one who tripped her. Why did you run off and pretended you weren't here.  

Marie: What? Son! What are you talking about? 

Zac: Hiding me for twelve years after killing my parents in a car crash! Then lying to the people that I was lost to get custody of me in case I snitch you two out! *cries* I can't believe you two would do this to me! And now you two take my sister away from me! 

Marie: We never did any of... 

Zac: Take her away too, she was part of it. 

Officer Brad: *crying silently in the office* 

Zac: Officer Brad? 

Brad: *wipes his tears* Zac. 

Zac: Hi, I'm Zachary Drew Austin, Kim's older... 

Brad: Brother? 

Zac: Yeah, how do you? 

Brad: She told me about you, you were the one that went missing during the accident correct. 

Zac: Yes, I remember everything clearly, I wanted to scream and run, but I was hurt badly. They picked me up and ran off quick. 

Brad: I'm Officer Brad or Brad Thompson, your sister's foster dad. It's finally nice to meet you twelve years later Zachary. 

Dr. Austin: Zachary Austin? 

Zac: That's me. 

Dr. Austin: Brad, you can come along as well. 

Brad: *gets up* 

Zac: You look so much like my father Dr. Austin. 

Dr. Austin: Really?  

Officer Brad: *thinks back and agrees* You do resemble his father Dr. 

Dr. Austin: That's a silly thing to say, where does your father live son? 

Zac: He's dead; he's been dead for twelve years. 

Dr. Austin: *notices zac and feels happy but hides it* I'm sorry about that. 

Zac: No, you're right, you can't be him. If you are him, you would be 41 and old, but you're not, so you can't be him. 

Officer Brad: Are you ok Zac? 

Zac: I'm just thinking too much, I really miss my family. 

Dr. Austin: We're ready for you guys to see Kim. *leaves* 

Brad: *cries silently* 

Zac: *cries* I'm sorry sis, I wish I knew then. *grabs kims hand* I'll always love you sis. Tell mom and dad I love and miss them. 

Dr. Austin: *looking at zac/in his mind* I'm right here son. 

Zac: *sobs* Oh god, I'm so sorry Kim. It's all my fault. 

Dr. Austin: *leaves the room* Are you guys Kim's friends? 

Louis: Yes, we are her friends. 

Dr. Austin: Right now her father and brother is in the room, we're only allowing two at a time to see her and then we're moving her to get an operation in the basement. 

Niall: *cries again* 

Zac: Kim! Please wake up, you can't leave me like this, not after we just reunited.  

Brad: *puts his arms around kim* 

Zac: Is this my punishment from god. 

Brad: No, don't say that son. 

Zac: *cries in brads arm* 

Nurse Lisa: I'm sorry, but time is up, we have to take her now. 

Harry: *walks out the room silently* 

Louis: *crying* Harry. 

Harry: She was just talking to me not even an hour ago.  

Louis: *crying* I know Harry, I know.  

Harry: I never got the chance to tell her that I love her. *really cries* 

Louis: *hugs harry* I'm sorry. 

Harry: *hugs Louis crying* 

Eleanor: She was such a good friend; I can't believe she's gone guys. 

Danielle: I feel so bad for talking down on her. I really wish I never had said those words to her. *cries* 

Liam: *hugs Danielle* 

Officer Brad: Hello everyone, I'm Brad Thompson, better known to some of you guys as Officer Brad Thompson. Most of you don't know this, but I am Kim's foster father, and on behalf of my daughter, I'm sure she doesn't want you guys to suffer here at camp anymore, so I'm gonna refund all your money back to you and you guys can leave home tonight. 

Louis: How are we gonna get home? 

Brad: I sent five buses to come pick you guys up and an extra in case five doesn't fit. 

Liam: Ok. 

Brad: So go to your rooms and pack everything. This place will be shut down for a while. 

Eleanor: Hi Officer Brad. 

Brad: Yes, hi honey. 

Eleanor: Here are all of Kim's belongings. *tries not to cry* 

Brad: *looks at them and tries not to cry* Thank you. *takes the things* 

Kim: *as a ghost* Dad! Dad! Please don't leave me here alone. *cries* 

Zac: *walks in the office* Oh, I'm sorry; I didn't know you were in here. 

Brad: I'm sorry; did you need me to leave? 

Zac: No, feel free to stay here with me. I need some company anyways. 

Kim: Brother. *cries silently* Brother, I'm sorry. 

Zac: *looks at kims picture frames*  

Kim: *walks up to zac*  

Zac: *cries* 

Kim: Please don't cry no more. I'll tell mom and dad that you miss and love them. 

Zac: *leaves the room* 

Kim: Where are you going? *follows zac and sees harry* 

Harry: *crying*  

Zac: Hey. *fakes a smile* 

Harry: Hey Zac. 

Zac: Look, I know I never got along with you and the rest of the group, but I just want to say that I apologize for being such a douche to you guys. 

Kim: *touched* 

Harry: It wasn't you, I understand. 

Zac: *cries* Louis told me that you really liked my sister. 

Kim: *looks at harry in shocked* 

Harry: I didn't just like her, I love her. *cries* 

Kim: *tears fall from her eyes* Harry? *cries* 

Harry: I loved her more than anything, I tried to tell her, but she was always pushing me away and running off. 

Kim: I'm sorry Harry. *cries* 

Harry: I was hurting whenever I saw her get hurt. You don't know how much I wanted to pull and hug her and tell her it was gonna be ok. 

Kim: *screams and cries in anger* 

Brad: Zac, I'm gonna head back to the hospital. Do you want to go with me? 

Zac: Yeah, I'll go with you. I'm sorry Harry, but can we talk again later? 

Harry: Yeah. 

Kim: *leaves with brad and zac* 

Dr. Austin: This is the place where you can go and get a death certificate for your daughter, the manager's name is John Denton, just tell him Dr. Austin sent you, he'll know it's me. 

Brad: Alright. *leaves* 

Kim: *sees harry lying against the window sleeping* 

Zayn: Harry? Are you ok? 

Harry: Leave me alone please. 

Zayn: Alright, well just know I'm here for you. *gets up and sits next to niall* 

Kim: *sits next to harry and grabs his arm* I'm sorry I have to leave you like this. I wish I knew before too. *lays her head on harrys shoulder* 

Harry: *twitches and looks around* 

Kim: Hmm? What's wrong Harry? *begins to feel weird* 

Harry: *looks and sees that they are back in town* 

Kim: *disappears* 

Dr. Austin: It's been more than 24 hours; I don't know why she hasn't changed yet. 

Elizabeth: I can feel her skin turning cold. 

Dr. Austin: She should be up very soon. 

Elizabeth: *waits* 

Dr. Austin: This is it Elizabeth, let's hope this morphine worked. 

Elizabeth: *crosses her fingers* 

Dr. Austin: Her heartbeat, it stopped. *looks at Elizabeth*

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