Another World: Summer Love

You're probably wondering Another World: Summer Love right? Well Summer Love isn't just about Summer Love, it's broken down into five series I believe? There's Summer Love, Still The One, Kiss You, More Than This, and Forever Young. Ok this is the first serie and it's about a girl name Kim. She was only 5 when her parents died in a car crash. Her older brother who was 8 went missing during the accident. 12 years later, Kim goes to Summer camp where she meets One Direction. Zac who is the two coaches foster son comes to camp to help and Kim believes that Zac is her long lost brother. Read on and see how this series end with a twist.


2. 1.2

Louis: Where'd she go? 

Harry: She ran off. 

Eleanor: She's probably in the room; I'll go talk to her. *leaves* 

Coach Marie: Why aren't you out with everyone? 

Kim: It's ok, I'm fine here. 

Eleanor: Kim! Oh, hi Coach Marie. *looks at kim* Why did you leave? Don't you want to hang out with us? 

Kim: I'm tired, I had a long day, and can you leave me alone for the night. 

Eleanor: *smiles* Sure. *leaves* 

Kim: *lays in bed and calls brad* 

Brad: Hi honey, what are you doing? 

Kim: *crying* I'm in bed; I really miss home a lot. 

Brad: But I thought this was what you wanted? 

Kim: I thought so too, but no. 

Brad: Well, I got to get up early for work tomorrow, get some sleep and I'll see you soon. 

Kim: Goodnight. 

Brad: Goodnight sweetheart. 

Kim: *hangs up* 

Louis: Let's tell a joke, let's go around the circle, I'll start first. *tells a joke* 

Niall: *laughs* 

Zayn: That was not a good one, that wasn't fair. 

Louis: That's the point of a joke. *chuckles* 

Coach Adam: Alright, play time is over! Into bed now everyone! 

Eleanor: *kisses Louis* I'll see you tomorrow. 

Louis: You too. 

Danielle: *kisses liam* I love you, see you tomorrow ok. 

Liam: *hugs Danielle* See you tomorrow as well. 

Danielle: *leaves with Eleanor* 

Coach Marie: Into bed now everyone! We gotta be up at seven. 

Kim: *wakes up* 

Eleanor: *hears kim*  

Kim: *sees Eleanor waking up* I'm sorry, am I making too much noise? 

Eleanor: No, but why are you up so early? It's only 5:40. 

Kim: I couldn't sleep. 

Eleanor: Was I snoring? 

Kim: *chuckles* No, not at all. I just wanted to be up early today and explore the outside myself. 

Eleanor: We're not allowed to be out our dorms at this time, Kim. 

Kim: I'm gonna have a talk with the Coach. 

Eleanor: No, she'll be upset with you; you don't want to see her upset. 

Kim: I don't care. *leaves* 

Coach Adam: Alright, everyone, this is Zac James, he's my student aide and foster son. Say hi to everyone Zac. 

Zac: *waves hi to everyone and smiles* 

Coach Adam: Zac here will be helping me with training and helping taking roll and everything when I can't make it on time.  

Kim: *walking and sees zac* Zac? Zac!  

Zac: *turns and sees kim running* Who are... 

Kim: *hugs zac in tears* 

Zac: You? 

Kim: I missed you so much Zac. I thought I'll never see you again. *hugs zac tighter* 

Harry: *looks at kim confused* 

Louis: What is she doing? 

Zac: *fakes a smile* Do I know you? 

Kim: Please don't turn around; I don't want you to see me crying. 

Zayn: *gets up* Kim, what are you doing?  

Kim: Zac, where have you been? I have been looking for you for so long. 

Zac: I'm sorry, I don't know you. 

Kim: *drops to her knees and covers her face* 

Zac: *looks down at kim confused* Are you a special ed? 

Coach Adam: Kim, get to roll call! How dare you come out here and make a scene! 

Kim: *gets up and runs off* 

Coach Adam: Kim! 

Zayn: You don't need to yell at her like that. *walks off to find kim* 

Coach Adam: Zayn! You better come back or it's eight extra laps for you! 

Zayn: *runs* 

Coach Adam: Zayn Malik! 

Coach Marie: Kim, what are you doing here! Aren't you supposed to be in class?! 

Zayn: *stops and hears coach marie talking* 

Kim: *crying* 

Coach Marie: Why are you crying!? If you don't want to be here, then why did you sign up! 

Kim: *cries harder* I. *tries to hold in the tears*  

Coach Marie: What!? I can't understand you! I don't like when people mumbles! You're not a kid anymore! 

Zayn: So harsh. 

Kim: *lets her tears out again* I saw my brother for the first time in twelve years.  

Coach Marie: What?! Who!? 

Kim: *cries to her knees* 

Coach Marie: *leaves* What are you doing here Zayn? Aren't you supposed to be in class? 

Zayn: Yes, I was just. 

Coach Marie: Go! 

Zayn: Yes, I'm on my way. *runs back to class* 

Zac: Hey mom. 

Marie: Hey son, you made it. 

Zac: Yeah, just got back in town yesterday, and came here this morning. 

Marie: *kisses zacs forehead* Well, I missed you. I'm glad you're back son. 

Zac: Me too. *smiles* Alright class, you know the drill, eight laps around the lake. *sees zayn* Zayn! 

Zayn: Yeah? 

Zac: I don't ever listen to what my father says, I'm not making you run eight extra laps. 

Zayn: Thanks man. 

Zac: Now go and catch up with the others. 

Zayn: *runs off* 

Zac: *sees kim from a distance* Who's that? 

Adam: She's supposed to be running with them. Kim! Get jogging right now! Eight laps around the lake! 

Kim: *ignores coach adam* 

Adam: Kim! 

Zac: Hey! My father is talking to you! 

Marie: I'll go get her. *walks to kim* 

Kim: Mrs. James. 

Coach Marie: Mrs. James? It's Coach Marie to you! Get over there and start running with everyone! Twelve laps around the lake for you! 

Kim: *cries* I can't. 

Coach Marie: Do you want me to write you up! I can write you up, and once you get to the third one, you are kicked out of camp. 

Kim: I can't, I can't leave camp, I have to stay here. My brother's here. 

Coach Marie: Who! 

Kim: He's standing next to the coach. 

Coach Marie: My son! That is my son, and that is my husband, we do not have a daughter! Don't be making stories up! 

Kim: But I'm not Coach. 

Coach Marie: I'm writing you up. *leaves* 

Liam: *finishes first* 

Coach Adam: Good job Liam. 

Zac: Nice, I love your spirit Liam, great job. C'mon Alex! 

Coach Adam: Almost done Niall! 

Zac: Alright, you guys are all in good shape, all in good spirit, good work; you guys get the rest of the day off. *walks off* 

Eleanor: Where are you going? 

Kim: I got written up. 

Eleanor: What? How? 

Kim: I didn't run and I didn't listen. 

Eleanor: Are you ok? 

Kim: Eleanor, I found someone I been looking for twelve years. 

Eleanor: Really? Who is it? 

Kim: His name is Zac. 

Eleanor: *smiles* Yeah, he is cute huh. Too bad, he's three years older than all of us. 

Kim: Three years! Of course he is. 

Eleanor: Oh, so you talked to him already I'm guessing. *smiles in chuckles* 

Kim: I miss him Eleanor. 

Eleanor: He's your ex? 

Kim: *silent* 

Eleanor: *phone rings* Hold on Louis is calling me, hello? Yeah, I'll come there. Louis wants me to go hang out with them at the lake, do you want to come? 

Kim: No. 

Eleanor: Ok, well feel free to come out and join us. *smiles and leaves* 

Danielle: Guys, I heard Coach Marie wrote Kim up. 

Liam: Really? Why? 

Danielle: Because she disobeyed Coach Adam and her. 

Niall: How? 

Danielle: She didn't run, 

Louis: Bad ass. 

Danielle: Yeah, so she now has two strikes left. 

Eleanor: Hey guys. *smiles* 

Louis: Hey. *smiles* 

Eleanor: Kim might be joining us later; she seemed kind of upset about something. 

Danielle: Who wouldn't be? She got written up, but whose fault was that? 

Zayn: Guys, I try not to invade in her personal life, but I overheard Coach Marie and Kim talk. 

Harry: What happened? 

Zayn: Well... 

Danielle: About her getting written up? 

Liam: Dani! 

Danielle: Sorry. 

Zayn: I heard her tell Coach Marie that she found her brother after twelve years. 

Eleanor: Oh my gosh! 

Danielle: What? 

Zayn: You know about it? 

Eleanor: No, but she said she found someone after twelve years, are we talking about the same person Zayn? 

Zayn: Zac? 

Eleanor: Yes! She said she misses him so much. 

Niall: Then why didn't he recognize her? 

Zayn: Really Eleanor? 

Eleanor: But it could be anyone that has the same name as her brother who's a member here. 

Danielle: Heard she got a good hold of Zac. 

Louis: Yeah, she did, she ran and hugged him. 

Danielle: Really? Wow, she's not embarrassed or what? 

Harry: Guys, she's new here, take it easy on her. 

Louis: She's adopted too, remember. 

Zac: Hey guys, what's up? Liam, you're my favorite star so far. 

Liam: Me? Thanks. *smiles* 

Zayn: Zac, can I talk to you? Like alone. 

Zac: What's there to say? Everyone can hear it. *smiles* 

Zayn: Earlier today, did you pretend not to know Kim? 

Zac: Who? 

Zayn: Kim. 

Zac: I don't know who she is. 

Eleanor: She said she's been looking for you for twelve years, and today she found you. 

Zac: I'm an only child.  

Zayn: But that makes since tho! 

Zac: What does? 

Zayn: You're a foster son. Kim's also adopted, her parents died when she was only five. Her brother happened to be with them when the accident happened, but no one ever found him. 

Zac: That could be anyone. *chuckles* As long as I lived, I don't remember being in a car crash or anything. But being in a foster care, yeah I remember.  

Zayn: Think hard Zac! She wasn't crying for any reason. 

Zac: Her brother could have flown out the car, pretty much dead, yeah. 

Zayn: Have a heart! 

Zac: I do have a heart! 

Kim: *hears them* 

Zac: *sees kim* There's your friend, enjoy the night. *leave* 

Kim: *about to talk to zac* 

Zac: Your friends are waiting on you! *walks off* 

Kim: Wait! 

Zac: *stops* What! 

Kim: *tries to hold in her tears* Can I hug you one last time before you say goodbye to me. 

Zac: What! Who do you think you are! They told me, I'm not your brother! I don't have a sister! I'm an only child! 

Kim: *cries* Zac, you don't remember me at all? Can you try to remember me? Try to remember twelve years ago.  

Zac: *annoyed* Why should I when I don't even know you. 

Kim: If you don't want to know me, can you at least love me and care for me as if mom and dad would.  

Zac: My parents are here, do you want me to go get them! 

Kim: *cries harder* What did I ever do to you Zac?  

Zac: You want to know if we're related or not, my last name is James, yours is Thompson. We're not related. 

Kim: Zac Austin. 

Zac: How do you know my other last name? 

Danielle: *shocked* 

Liam: *shocked* 

Niall: What? 

Louis: This is getting interesting. 

Eleanor: Shhh. 

Zayn: *feelings bad for kim* 

Kim: It's me, Kim Austin, your only little sister. You left with mom and dad that night to the store and never came back because of a car accident. 

Zac: I never been in a car crash, I was lost in the woods and a couple, who are my parents now found me and took me to get custody at the foster care. Look, we may both be adopted, but it doesn't mean we are brother and sister.  

Kim: Zachary Drew Austin! 

Zac: How do you know my name? 

Kim: Why are you acting like you don't know me!  

Zac: Just because we have the same last name doesn't mean we're related Kim! You're wasting my time now, I have to go! *walks off* 

Kim: *screams in tears* 

Zayn: *runs and grabs kim* It's ok Kim, just forget about it, he wants to play that game, then let him. 

Kim: *cries into zayns arm* 

Zayn: *hugs kim* 

Harry: Everyone heard what I heard right? 

Liam: We got seven witnesses. 

Kim: *pushes zayn and runs into the woods* 

Zayn: Kim! 

Harry: Kim! *runs after kim* 

Coach Adam: Harry! 

Harry: Coach, Kim ran into the woods, I need to go after he before she gets lost. *runs off* 

Coach Adam: Zayn. 

Zayn: Coach. *sees zac* Zac! You should be the one to go after Kim!  

Zac: For what? I didn't even do anything to her! If you care about her so much, why don't you go get her! 

Zayn: *runs off* 

Coach Adam: What happened son? 

Zac: Kim said I was her brother. 

Coach Adam: Lies! You know you're an only child. 

Zac: That's what I said. 

Coach Marie: She said that! How many write ups does she want! 

Coach Adam: Just kick her out already! She doesn't even do anything here. 

Harry: Kim! Wait! *grabs kims arm* 

Kim: *crying* Leave me alone!  

Harry: *tries to calm kim down* It's ok, I'm here. *hugs kim down to calm her* 

Zayn: Harry! Kim! 

Kim: Let me go! 

Zayn: Kim, we're not gonna hurt you. 

Kim: *pushes zayn* 

Zayn: *falls* 

Harry: Zayn! 

Kim: *bites harrys arm and runs off* 

Harry: *screams* 

Eleanor: Kim? 

Kim: Tell Coach, I'm leaving. 

Eleanor: You can't leave, the bus stop is three hours from here, and if you walk, it'll be seven hours. 

Kim: Good, so I can think all I want. *throws her stuff in her suitcase* 

Eleanor: Kim, don't!  

Kim: *slaps Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *shocked*  

Kim: *grabs her suitcase and walks off* 

Coach Marie: Alright everyone! Bed time! Eleanor, where's Kim? 

Eleanor: She took off. 

Coach Marie: What? 

Eleanor: I tried to stop her and she slapped me and took off. 

Coach Marie: Alright, go to bed, we'll have a class talk tomorrow. *leaves*

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