The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

A story following Link's adventure in the game 'The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.' I recommend that you don't read past the prologue if you don't want any spoilers from the game, and I also recommend buying the game because it is amazing, however you don't have to have bought it in order to read this!


3. 2

Myself and Epona reached the archway that was cast over the opening to Ordon Village. With a small, sleepy smile at the village I loved, we rode towards the farm. It was a peaceful village, and today was no exception to this. The village was scented with the lavender which grew alongside the oath, and a ripple of waves was heard in the  distance, which I  guessed had been made by Rusl, who was practising his sword wielding skills . A fluffy chicken hobbled widthways along the path, which startled Epona a little. I ran my fingers through her mane, and she soon was steady again.

 When I was about three quarters of  the way to the farm, one of the villagers walked over  to talk to me, her husband and son in how . Sarah, I think her name was.  "Ah, if it isn't young Link! Are you going to close down the ranch for the day ?" I shrugged my shoulders, and opened my mouth to explain about the goats. "I just closed down the shop myself." Sighing a little,  I nodded, my eyes flickering to the distance. "I'm sure you've heard all about those mischievous monkeys that've been coming to the village recently." Her forehead creased into a frown. "Those things worry me a bit."I better go lock up tight..." Once again, I found myself gazing into the distance as the woman rambled on. "...I couldn't  afford to have any more of my goods stolen..."I wondered if I should end my conversation with her soon as my attention was drifting. "...Can't trust that good-for-nothing husband to do anything right..." 
Sarah's son, who was standing next to her, rolled his eyes. "C'mon Dad! You can't catch a silly, little monkey?" 
"Uhh...Well..." The husband and father scratched behind his head nervously. Then, he relented, sighing and bowing his head sheepishly. "No. No I can't."
"Oh, listen to us babble on! I didn't mean to keep you" Sarah grinned weakly, and rolled her eyes in the manner her son had done just. "All right, off to work with you!" 
My lips twitched  at her no nonsense mothering tone of voice, despite the fact she had practically bored me to tears. I said my goodbyes , and trotted off with Epona.

The sound of the river grew louder as I turned a curve near it. "Oh...Hi Link!" Colin, Rusl's son, waved  shyly  at me. I considered him as a little brother of sorts, and smiled at him warmly. "I'm making you a fishing rod, y'know!" My smile grew wider as her came out of his  shell a little. "All I have to do now is paint it, so get ready for fishing!" I laughed, and told him I was more then ready, which his eyes lit up at.
 Before Colin  could say anything else, Rusl approached me. "Ah, great timing Link! There was something I'd forgotten to tell you!" I gestured for him to continue. "My son Colin is making a fishing rod so the two of you can play together!" I was about to explain that his son had already told me this, but Rusl continued, without any prompt this time. I seriously could not get a word in edge ways today. "He should finish it today, so you can come get it at the house tomorrow." I thanked both of them, Colin for the fishing rod and Rusl for little reason, and carried on my travels to the ranch, which was now just across the bridge and up the hill.

Next to the river and the hill was the mayors house, and the man himself was at the door, awaiting to speak to me. "Oh, Link. Looks like you're goin' to help Fado. Good job!" I didn't quite understand the congratulations, as I hadn't done anything just yet. "He headed up to the ranch ahead of you. Now, you go up and finish your chores before the sun goes down." I proceeded to do so, stifling a giggle as the mayor had a no nonsense fathering tone to his voice. I suppose it was understandable how both he and Sarah acted like that towards me; I was one of the youngest villagers, after all.


Eventually myself and Epona made our way up the hill, and Fado was in the middle of the field alongside the barn. Goats were running erratically in all different directions, and one startled Epona when it got a little to close for her liking. Fado waved as we approached. "Sorry to get you here in such a hurry, Link!" He shook his head a little. " These goats have been awful skittish lately. They won't listen to a word I say." He raised his head and his pleading eyes met with mine. "Sorry to ask bud, but how's about you an' Epona herd 'em into the barn real quick? We ain't got much time, but you think you can do it for me?" I told him we would be happy to help him. "Much obliged there, bud. OK then, go on an' herd all these little scamps into the barn for me!" With that, I rode Epona across the little field, gathering the goats into herds with a mixture of whooping and riding Epona practically into their backs. Fado would call 'Goat in!' whenever I got a goat into the barn, and would also call out how many I had in out of ten. 

Once all ten were in, Fado walked over to us and smiled. "Link, Epona...Much obliged to y'all." I told him it was no problem at all. "I can cover everythin' tomorrow without havin' to trouble you, so you just sit back an' relax bud." I smiled back at him, and turned towards the exit. "Oh...But. Uh. How bout' today? Wanna practise with the fences?" He knew that I was trying to train Epona to jump over hurdles, so I accepted his offer gladly. "Just wait a spell, bud. I'll get them fences set up." I leant against the barn, with Epona, whilst Fado struggled to get the fences up. I offered to help but he declined, so I just closed my eyes and tilted my head back towards the sun.


Eventually the fences were set up. "Hoo, sorry that took so long!" Fado said, with sweat gleaming on his forehead." OK then, ride 'em all you want! Oh, and if Ya'll get tired of ridin', just jump the fence and head back to the village , OK bud?" I nodded, and thanked him. After a few minutes of riding clockwise around the field whilst jumping over fences on Epona, I decided it was time to go back. I went to say goodbye to Fado, but he has already gone inside for the day. So, I shifted Epona's hurdle path towards the gate, and she rode over the fences with ease along with the gate. We rode back down the hill, and back towards the village, both of us weary with fatigue.

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