The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

A story following Link's adventure in the game 'The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.' I recommend that you don't read past the prologue if you don't want any spoilers from the game, and I also recommend buying the game because it is amazing, however you don't have to have bought it in order to read this!


2. 1

It had been a long day at the farm. My joints ached, my limbs were stiff and my head was numb; Those goats sure were a handful. I was resting at the waterfall, trying to rejuvenate some energy a little. The water had healing properties, but sometimes I found that just looking at it helped. 

"Tell me..." Beside me was Rusl, my good mentor, my good guide. He had become almost like a father figure to me in all the time that I had known him. "Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls?"

I barely had time to ponder the question , though I gathered that it was rhetorical when he continued. "They say it's the only time when our world intersects with theirs...The only time when we can feel the lingering regrets of the spirits that have left our world." 
His eyes grew a little sorrowful, a little thoughtful, as he stared at the waterfall. "That is why loneliness always pervades the hour of twilight." I kept quiet, letting him stay with his thoughts. 

Though, he didn't stay for long, as Rusl shook his head, clearing his thoughts   . "But enough talk of this sadness...I have a favour to ask of you, Link." I lifted my head and turned towards him slightly.  "I was supposed to deliver something to the royal family of Hyrule the day after tomorrow." I raised my eyebrow. "Yes, it was a task to me set by the mayor but...Would you go in my stead?" 

He  clearly saw my narrowed eyes, and smiled wearily. "You have...Never been to Hyrule, right?" Once again, I did not get a chance to answer, as Rusl went off on one of his wise worded small monologues . "In the kingdom of Hyrule there is a great castle, and around it is Castle Town, a community far bigger than our little village." We were both still gazing out to the waterfall. "And far bigger than Hyrule is the rest of the world the gods created. You should look upon it all with your own eyes." 

He sighed, and stood up, brushing himself off with his frail hands. "It is getting late...We should head back to the village. I will speak to the mayor about this matter." Just as I had stood up myself, he had wandered  off. I glanced towards where my steed Epona was waiting, and Rusl was standing besides her, beckoning me. When I made my way over to them, I took Epona's reins gently, and ran my hand down her neck. She was always so patient, so loyal. Because she had firewood on her back, ready to take back to the village, I guided her whilst following in Rusl's footprints as we headed towards the  bridge.

When we arrived, I tightened my grip on the reins, as despite the fact the bridge had high barriers preventing us from falling, these barriers were made of flimsy rope. Not to mention the fact the bridge had nothing stabilising it apart from the two wooden posts at the opposite ends of which the rope ends were tied onto. Nevertheless, we all got across safely, the sunset glowing dimly above us. We passed through the open gates, and once we had done that, Rusl tightly locked them. Through the woods we continued with our journey, back to Ordon Village.


Eventually I was back outside my humble abode. Rusl flicked his wrist towards me as goodbye, and walked over to his wife Uli   and his son Colin, who were waiting for him. He ruffled Colin's hair affectionately, as they started to make their way back to their own home. Just before they reached the opening of the woods, Colin turned towards me with a cheery smile on his face. I returned it to him.


"Hey! Link! You there?" I awoke to the sound of this hollering. Groggily, I pattered towards the window frame, and poked my head out to see Fado below me. My house was on top of a cliff, and it had a superb view. It was also tranquil, sleeping close to the clouds. "Hey, you mind helpin' me herd the goats? They ain't listening to me lately!" I bobbed my head, and started to walk towards the door.

 "Hey, where's Epona?" My breath caught in my throat. Epona? Epona was missing? Epona was...Gone? I scrambled down the clump vines that served as a ladder to go up to my house, and down from my house. Out of breath from going down so quickly and from fear, I headed towards Fado. "C'mon now, hurry up an' bring Epona with you." I rolled my eyes a little at how helpful he was being. There was no time for confrontation though; I had to find her, and quickly.

I sprinted across the narrow path that ran through the forest. My heart beat pounded in rhythm to my footsteps. Thorns scraped my arms and nettles brushed my ankles as I barely took notice of my surroundings. All I could think about was where Epona could possibly be. My eyes darted towards a gap in the cliffs above me, and saw that Epona was standing next to the lake. 

I sighed a breath of pure relief, and walked over to her. I noticed that Ilia was next to her, stroking Epona's  nuzzle exactly how she liked it.  Ilia glanced up at me and grinned sheepishly. "Oh, hi Link!" She turned her torso towards me, and let her hand off Epona. "I washed Epona for you!" 

I was torn between being cross at her for 'kidnapping' Epona, and being thankful to Ilia for washing her. I went with the latter, and smiled at her gratefully. Then, I walked into the lake where they were both standing, the water skimming the tops of my feet. "Epona is a girl too, so you have to treat her nice like one!" I laughed at this remark. "Oh, but listen Link...Could you do something for me? Can you use a piece of grass to play that song for me? You know, the one Epona likes?"

I strode towards the  pond weeds that were on ten edge of the lake, and swiped some grass. My lips blew softly into the grass, the sweet sound making Epona prick up her ears and gallop towards me. "Epona looks happy," Ilia giggled. She then patted her arms on her upper torso. "Well, she's all prettied up now, so I suppose you can ride her back now. But don't you make her do too much, OK?" I nodded, and swung onto Epona's saddle, riding her back through the forest, and to the pathway that led to Ordon Village, so we could start work herding the goats. 


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