Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


19. epilogue

I took a break from what I was doing and took out my phone and called Cameron. Now he was no longer Jack the ripper, he was plain old Cameron Bunkel. I had changed his last name for his new identity, but not his first. It was easier that way. He was now working as a butcher in a reasonably large town. We are quite good friends, and I sometimes go down and visit. I still haven’t decided whether to go at making a time machine, I might just leave it. None of my friends know about Cameron, everyone thinks he is dead. If I told them that he was alive, I really don’t want to know what would happen to me. I mean Chloe would rant at me for ages. I had to fake his death, and he had to change. I had conceived information for Alex, I had created a picture, said to be taken by me, which showed a mangled body, but it had the recognisable features of Cameron. It looked real, and if I hadn’t been the one to make it I would have believed it. I gave the picture to Alex, and soon the news of the rippers death spread like wildfire, with most of the people being extremely pleased. All the families of the victims received a mysterious note, telling them that he was sorry for what he had done, and that he knew that they would never forgive him but he hoped that they could live in peace and not be disturbed again. They arrived a couple of days after his ‘death’, however they blamed the delay on the post office. I was going to visit Cameron soon, the town was a nice place, quite quiet. Not the kind of place where everyone knows everyone, more of a bigger version of Wymondham, but better looking. Cameron has also changed, but for the better. Not the kind of changed where he goes and drinks beer and alcohol all night, the kind of changed where he helps others. I suppose he feels that by helping others he’s trying to make up for what he did. But nothing will ever change their deaths, and I don’t think and of the family or friends of victims will ever forgive him. I know that although I can never forget what he did, I can as such understand it, and I can be friends with him. I do want to see how he’s getting on, and I am curious about the village, not that there’s much that I don’t know about it yet. I just hope it stays quiet when I arrive, as I have a habit of bringing trouble with me wherever I go. But then again, who doesn’t?



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