Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


10. chapter 9

Lorna listened in to the conversation between her friends until one of the other workers came to relieve her at three. She headed over silently and sat behind them where they couldn’t see her. After overhearing the next part, Lorna was glad that she was hidden.

“So, what do you guys think of Lorna? And the truth please. Or I’ll get Chloe here to beat you until you tell the truth.” Bethany asked them in a threatening but light tone.

“Kill me now!” Lorna muttered under her breath. Luckily nobody heard.

“Ok.” Jake started. Lorna unconsciously held her breath. “If you want to know the truth, well, I’ve probably had a crush on her since I met her. Which was probably on the first day of sixth form around, oh I don’t know, 6 years ago. Your turn Skylar.”

“Well I haven’t known her very long, but I know that Lorna is a nice girl, and does care for people. Well at least I think she does. And her house, well I suppose I could say that it’s awesome. Especially for water gun fights.” Skylar announced, sharing a knowing look with Jake. “Don’t we just know it.” He murmured.

“Ok, so you probably like her a little then.” Chloe clarified.

“Great.” Lorna muttered.

“Now then, Alex, you’re next. I know you don’t really know us, but tell us what you thing anyway. Anything is better than nothing. Oh, and tell us about yourself while you’re at it will ya?” Bethany asked, looking innocent which made Chloe and Libby burst out in laughter. The boys didn’t get it, it was more of an inside joke.

“Ok then… As far as Lorna is concerned, I don’t really know her, but I have seen all three of you before, and, um, well.” He paused as his face heated up, and suddenly the table seemed pretty interesting. “Well, I find all of you cute, and kind of hot.” He whispered. Lorna guessed that none of the others could quite hear what he said, but they could guess. However Lorna heard him perfectly and wished that the ground would open up and swallow her whole. At least they didn’t know she was listening in behind them. Well, she hoped they didn’t know.

“Now about me. I’m 25, I work for the police. I am a high ranking officer. At the moment I’m working on the ripper case.” Alex announced, gaining Lorna's attention with the words, ‘the ripper case’.

“If you want to find out about that, or just about anything, ask Lorna. She’s your best bet. She should be somewhere around her… where did she go?” Chloe looked around, trying to spot Lorna, who had ducked down, and was currently crouching on the seat of the sofa behind them. Luckily for her each table at the windows or walls was divided from the others by a divider, and they had the comfiest seats. “I swear that girl is great at hiding. Did I mention, she is the best at hid and seek. I mean, she always wins. If I didn’t know better, I would say she was cheating. But then again, how does one cheat at hid and seek?” Bethany asked, and the table burst out laughing. Lorna let out a silent sigh of relief as they stopped looking for her for now. “Well, when you find her ask her about the case. It’s one of her obsessions, this case. The first victim, I believe, was her friend, Marcy Rena. Well, I think that’s the name of the first victim anyway. Lorna was upset about that, and now she is set on finding the ripper. And with what she can do, I can only say good luck catching up to her, and to the ripper, good luck trying to evade her!” Bethany told the group. Lorna faced palmed herself. Why oh why does Bethany have to go on about my skills? I mean being a good hacker isn’t uncommon. Ok, so being at the hacking level I am is, but still…


I am so glad that they didn’t spot me coming over here earlier, I really am glad they didn’t that way I can listen to them embarrass me like they were going to, only I don’t have to face the humiliation of being there. Thank goodness. The comment about cheating at hid and seek had me on edge a tad though, well, only for a moment until she dismissed it. The Alex guy sounded interesting, but that was mostly because of his police connections. Well, that and the fact that he was working on the ripper case, in which I had much more info than the police. I sat back down from kneeling on the chair and stared at the red fabric beneath me. This was already bad on the embarrassing scale, could it get much worse? I really hope not. And I really shouldn't thing about it getting worse or it will get worse. That happened earlier, didn't it.


I need a new plan. A new plan for a new kill. Maybe I shouldn't save my plans on the computer now, especially as that girl, Lorna, had hacked it. Even though I had the best anti hacking software, she still managed to hack me. How annoying! The next victim could be the one I planned for next. I doubt I'll get one before that, however I could just go for Libby again. It might take some work, but I am going to get her. She's like part of my training for getting Lorna. Well, if I can find her, that is. I swear, she is like the mist. She is there one minute, and gone the next! Plus, I can't find her anywhere, so I can't find her last name. That is annoying. But I will find her last name.


"Alex, I was wondering..." Bethany started.

"What?" Alex asked.

"Well, we have no idea what Lorna's last name is, so, I was thinking, would you be able to find it out?" Bethany finished.

"Fuck." Lorna muttered. This day was going from extreme bad to extremely bad bad.

"I don't know, I might be able to. However it is not really aloud..." He told the group.

"Please?" Both Chloe and Bethany begged. Alex sighed.

"I'll try, but only a couple of times. And I can't say for definite that I will get results."  He told them.  

"Yeah!" Chloe and Bethany screamed, punching their arms in the air. Lorna hurried her face in her hands. This was defiantly worse than earlier. Now she would have to wipe all record of her from any database, that was the only way he wouldn't be able to find her. But would he be able to find her anyway? Nobody really knew her last name, well other than her parents, so it was unlikely he'd find her anyway.


Ok, so I like Lorna. So what? I doubt she'll ever have any feelings for me, plus she hardly ever shows her emotions. But I swear she must have told me her last name at some point in time. If she hadn't she wouldn't have asked me if I remembered it. Which means I must know it. Some time ago she told me, up then I forgot. Obviously. Now I just need to remember it. If only something could trigger that memory... If only I could remember. Lorna is probably pleased that I can't remember. The earliest thing I remember with Lorna in it would be seeing that news report when we were eighteen. It was from the massive computer safety company, Bielinski, and it was about, what was it about? I started at the red velvet coated seats for a minute, blocking out the conversation as I though. I remember now! It was about a missing member of their family. One of the sister, the oldest, or was she the youngest? It could have been the middle, I don't remember the details perfectly. I think Lorna was sleeping on the sofa at the time. I think I was paying more attention to Lorna that the TV. Mostly because she looked so relaxed sleeping. It was kind of cute. But the TV was going on about how one of the Bielinski children had run away, I think. They said that the most distinctive feature of the girl was her possibly red eyes, however they weren't sure if they had come out yet. I can't remember the girl’s first name though. I'm not even sure if they told the viewer’s her last name. I think the search was dropped a couple of years ago, when we were twenty. I don't think they ever found the girl though. I don't know, they might have. If they didn't, I doubt they ever will find her. "Damn!" I muttered. I still couldn't remember her last name? Even thinking about my first few days with her didn't help. Maybe she told me at the Dance we were forced to go to. If she did, I don't remember it. Which is really really annoying me. Why can't I remember Lorna last name? I might just have to raid her house or something.  


*              *              *


I walked home later and started to prepare some food for me and my friend who was coming over later. I had a great time at the café earlier, even if Lorna did disappear. I did want to meet her again, and I planned to. I was thinking of phoning Skylar and asking for Lorna's number, but I felt that I should ask Lorna herself. Which would be a  problem if I couldn't ask her. But oh well. I concentrated on making dinner and not burning myself. Which commonly happened anyway. I was just thinking that when one of my fingers touched the side of the pan I was cooking in. "Shit!" I screamed, clutching my throbbing finger. Just then the doorbell rang. "What fucking brilliant timing." I swore, my finger burning like it was hell. I basically tore the door of its hinges as I opened it to let my friend in. "You're in a bad mood." He stated as he strode in and closed the door. "Be back in a minute!" I hissed as I ran to the bathroom and shoved my blistering finger under the freezing cold water. I had left the door open and my friend walked in. He laughed when he saw that I was holding my finger under the cold water. "Let me guess. You burned yourself while cooking yet again." He confidently told me. I nodded and let out a little hiss of pain. "Aloe Vera is in the kitchen right?" He confirmed. I nodded, unable to speak due to the excruciating pain. Who knew a burn could hurt this much? He walked back in a moment later holding the whole plant. He put it down on the window sill and tore of an end. I pulled my finger out from under the cool water, and I put some of the liquid from the plant on my finger, which helped immensely. He rolled his eyes. "You cool off your poor burned finger, and I'll go see if dinner is salvageable. If not, we may as well go to the pizza place. I did say we should, plus that way you can't burn your finger on any of the pots or pans as they won't even be near you." He told me, before going to look at the probably now burned dinner. Well, I did like pizza.


The dinner was ruined, but we hadn't gone out just yet. We had decided to sit and wait for the throbbing of my finger to go down, so we chatted about our day. "How was your day Cam?" I asked him.

" IT was quite good actually. I met up with a girl today and met a friend of hers the friends name was Maddy, and she was really nice. I got both of their phone numbers, and I'm thinking of meeting up with one or both of the again." Cam told me.

"Sounds interesting, or at least it sounds like you're interested." I smirked.

"Hey!" he exclaimed, looking embarrassed. He lightly punched my arm.

"Not fair, you do that to me all the time, now it's your turn to taste your own medicine!" I told him. He sighed and rolled his eyes. He looked at me cautiously as if I was going to make another remark before holding his hands up in the universal sign of surrender. "Yes!" I shouted, making a fist and punching the air, completely forgetting about my finger until it decided to let itself be known. I held the pain in as it wasn't that bad. "So, what did you get up to today?" Cam asked me.

"Today was a good day for me, I managed to get some info on Jack the Ripper.” I told Cam. "No way!" He exclaimed, theatrically gasping in shock. I just ignored his sarcasm and continued talking. "You know that detective friend of mine, Skylar right? You remember him, you met last Christmas when I had a party at my house. Well he gave me some info about the ripper that he had got off of a friend. He said that she was a trustworthy source." I spilled.

"Cool..." Cam muttered, looking and sounding interested for once. "Do you know what his friends name is?" He asked me, but I wasn't concentrating and I completely missed the question. "What?"

"Do you ever listen?" Cam asked sighing. "I asked if you knew what his friend name was?" He asked. He was interested, and there was one solid fact I knew about Cam. And that was, when he is interested, he is dangerous. However, some part of me felt compelled to lie. Though it might have been because I felt that Lorna was mine, or Skylar’s at the very least. So I lied. "He didn't mention her name, just that she was female. He said she as the gender, so I guess she is female anyway!" I joked, and we both burst out laughing. I wanted to take Cams attention off of the Jack the Ripper case. Whenever I brought it up he seemed unusually interested. I wouldn't have thought that he would have been the type of person to be interested in that kind of thing. But still, I suppose I could have got him wrong. But I don't feel right telling him all  about the case, so I usually don't bring it up unless he asks. "Shall we go to the pizza place now? My finger is feeling much better now and has decided that it's hungry." I told him, trying to keep my face straight. Cam looked like he was struggling to keep a straight face too. "Come on then little finger, let's see how big an appetite you have today!" He directed this to my hand. I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing, and my laughter seemed to spread as soon Cam was to. He looked more relaxed than he had in ages, and I was glad.


I looked at the tracker map, my robot standing next to me doing the same thing, although it wasn't active. I had managed to sneak out of the back door, after crawling under the chairs all the way to the counter. The server hadn't seen me, so I got out unseen. I ran all the way home so I wasn't spotted. Luckily the group only came out around half an hour after I got home. I sat and watched the trackers, and I was glad to get out of the suit and put on some normal clothes. I would have put on this cute dress I have, it's red and velvety to touch. It's strapless and has white fluff around the top and the hem. It had a little belt type thing in the middle, but it wasn't a belt. It fitted me really well, but I hardly ever wore it. It had matching sleeves as such, basically they were made of the same material as the dress, and they went on so that the top was just below your shoulder. From that they acted like normal sleeves. Instead I put on my favourite black boot cut jeans, and one of my favourite tops, a pink criss cross striped one. I was now just staring at the screen watching as all but one unnamed tracker dot headed towards my house. Brilliant. I guessed immediately that the lone dot was Alex, and I named it so, leaving Skylar to be the other one. Once that was done I headed out and prepared a nice dinner for 6.


I couldn't find enough stuff to be able to cook anything for 6, so instead I just grabbed 6 ready meals and shoved them in the oven to cook. That way by the time they arrived the food would be ready and they wouldn't know any different. Well, at least I hoped not. I pulled up the app on my iPhone and checked where everyone was. As before the group where heading to my house, and Alex was somewhere else. He was in a building, I expected that to be his house. Jacks mark wasn't on the map at the moment, the it appeared at the edge heading inwards. As it was moving with some speed I assumed he was in a car. Where he was going I had no idea, so I sat and watched his icon on my phone. I could tell that the others were going to be around ten minutes, if not longer, so I had time. I sat down and just stared at the moving dot. Then what it did surprised me. It had been heading toward Alex, but I had just dismissed it. But now the bombshell was dropped. He didn't drive past the house, but stopped at the house. Which could mean one of two things. One being that Alex would turn up dead tomorrow. The other being that they were good friends, or at least knew each other.

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