Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


9. chapter 8

Chloe arrived at the café at around noon, and by then the café was rather busy. Both Bethany and Lorna were working hard behind the counter to keep up with the long queue. Bethany spotted Chloe at the back and was overjoyed that she had come. Lorna didn’t notice Chloe, mostly because she was too busy serving people.  They both had to make hot drinks, food and man the till. By one o'clock they were both exhausted from all the work, but people kept coming in. However, the stream of people was dropping, and less and less were coming in.  Chloe and Libby were talking at a table in the corner, and as Lorna had guessed they were talking about her. Bethany did want to join in, but she needed to help Lorna out with serving people. At around half one, the café was almost empty, with a couple of people coming in every now and again. Bethany went and sat down with Chloe and Libby as Lorna manned the till. Seeing as the lunch time rush was mostly over only one person was needed behind the counter. Seeing as it was now Lorna’s shift, it was Lorna. She was serving customers as they came, and she watched as Libby, Chloe and Bethany talked. She listened in with the audio abilities of the robot and heard what they were talking about. Her.

“How long have you known Lorna for?” Chloe asked Libby.

“Not long, just a little while. We met this morning at the other café. I was meeting up with a guy and I met Lorna. I have to say I was rather glad of the company.” Libby told them.

“Did she tell you her last name?” The pair asked Libby excitedly.

“No, she didn’t. Why?”

“She’s never told anyone her last name. We all want to know it but she says she will either be known as Lorna or Lela cool as her nickname.”

“I didn’t know. She didn’t tell me her last name, she just said Lorna. Do you two work here with Lorna?”

“Yeah we do. We’ve worked here for a couple of years, and we became friends easily. Bethany and I already knew each other, but we both became firm friends with her quite quickly. However she has never told either of us her last name. It gets so annoying sometime.”

Lorna pulled her attention to the customer in front of her, but she kept listening. She turned on the speech to text app, and on the screen a running commentary of their speech was shown, along with that of the person ordering in front of her. Lorna quickly prepared the order as she read what the group where talking about. Somehow the subject was still her.


Why did I let her go with Maddy? I didn’t get to kill Libby, and everything I had prepared had gone to waste. Well, not quite. I have both of their mobile numbers, which is progress. I can invite Libby out for dinner and get her then.  As for Maddy, well I have no idea what to do about her. She doesn’t know much, well anything about me. Or what I do. Be that for a living or for a hobby. I wonder how much I can find out about her. I exited the café and walked down the street to where my red van was parked. I got straight into the driver’s seat. The back was only opened if I had a victim with me. It was a bit like a prison cell, except worse. There were implements of torture and for killing people. I enjoyed that kind of stuff. Well Libby was still on my list as the next kill victim, but I need to look into Maddy, and find out all about her.


Back at the house Skylar and Jake were making sure the place was tidy, before then sitting down and talking. “So Skylar, how do you know Lorna?” Jake asked

“I only know her because in the café they work at I managed to get lost in the maze at the back. Lorna guided me out. I was kind of… well panicking. And when I panic, I have a panic attack. Lorna found me when I was having one.” Skylar told him. “Now, how do you know Lorna?”

“Through school. Well sixth form. We clicked almost immediately. Plus we were in almost all the same classes. If you are wondering, we didn’t go out. The only thing we did do was go to the school dance together, but that was because we were voted the cutest couple who weren’t going out. Don’t ask.” Jake explained.

“Oh, ok. Shall we go to the café she works at? We may as well get out of here before we muck up the whole place, or activate some hidden mechanism that does the same kind of thing that happened in the library.” Skylar suggested with a cringe.

“Yeah, good idea. Come on, and I’m relying on you for directions, so don’t muck up. Should we walk or drive?”

“Walk is probably easier.”

Both of them then headed out the door, and Skylar led them to the café.


I stood there, watching the girls chat in the corner. This really couldn’t get any worse could it? It was embarrassing enough listening to the girls talk about me in the corner, chatting like I wasn’t even in the room. But then again I shouldn’t be able to hear what they are saying. I still had the speech to text app on so it was easier to understand what they said. But a few minutes later, it got worse. The boys entered the café. Luckily the boys and the girls didn’t know each other, but I was going to do everything in my power to keep them apart. No matter what. “Hey there guys.” I quietly called out when they were almost at the counter. “What would you two like?” I asked. I stayed relatively quiet, not wanting to attract the girl’s attention. Luckily they were too busy chatting. I let out a quiet sigh of relief. Skylar and Jake ordered their drinks, and I quickly went about making them. Now what to do. “You two haven’t left the house looking like a bomb hit it have you?” I asked. However I knew full well that the house was fine, as if it was a mess I would have heard some kind of noise or alarm from above. “The house is fine.” Jake told me.

“Good. Why don’t you two go into the maze…” I was cut off by Chloe. I had forgotten that Skylar and the girls, well Bethany and Chloe, had met. Blast. “Hey, Skylar!” Chloe shouted across the thankfully empty café. I cringed at the sound. Plus the fact that she had noticed the boys. This was even worse than just the girls. I only just managed to squash the temptation to swear. Loudly. Maybe I could but in another language. Like German or Japanese. I watched in despair as Chloe headed over hear. I put my elbow on the counter and put my face on my hand. This was bad. “Hey there Skylar. Good to see you again. And you are?” Chloe asked.

“I’m Jake. Who are you?” He asked. How much worse could this get?

“This is Chloe, and over there is Bethany and Libby.” I interrupted. Oh no, please tell me they wouldn’t all sit together. If they did I would happily let the ripper take me at that time. Actually, I had better check that phone. Very much against my will, the boys walked over and joined the girls. I wished that the ground would open up and suck the robot in. Oh well. I managed to get the phone linked up to the room I was in, so I could check for messages. There was one new one. “Voice off.” I told the room. I looked at the text message. As I thought it was from Jack. AKA the ripper, or ‘cam’. The message simply said

Hi Maddy, nice to meet you today. How are you?

I quickly composed a reply. “New message as reply to Jack. Hey Jack, the pleasure is all mine. I am good thanks, how are you? Send.” I instructed. I checked the message before telling it to send though. I then switched voice mode back on. I quickly read through all the talking I had missed. And it was a lot, and luckily not about me but about the boys.


I listened intently as we talked. That being Jake, Chloe, Bethany, Libby and I. At the moment we were talking about ourselves. Just then my phone vibrated in its pocket. I pulled it out and looked at who was calling. It was my contact at the police. I quickly stood up and walked out the door before answering. “Yes?”

“Hi Skylar. Do you have anything I can use?” My friend in the police force, Alex asked. I sighed quietly, then decided to help. “What for this time.” I asked.

“The ripper case. The media want  press conference, but we have nothing.” The police are sometimes rather idiotic. “Fine, fine. As far as I can tell, he chooses victims randomly, but they are as such caught by him on social network sites, such as Facebook. Do you need any more than that? It’s all I really have, but a friend of mine has more on him.” I told Alex.

“Thank goodness, you have some info. Thank you so much Skylar. You’re a big help. That’s enough info for now. Where are you? Cause I can see someone who looks like you standing outside my favourite café. Although I do prefer the waitresses to the food. There are three of them, and they are cute!” Alex told me. I looked around to see if I could spot him. After a moment I did. Alex looked in my direction and I waved. “So it is you Skylar!” He almost shouted. He hung up the phone and rushed over. “Hey there Alex, it’s good to see you, I haven’t seen you in a while. Why did you need the info if you aren’t at work?” I asked.

“We have a press conference arranged for tomorrow and I don’t trust the others to get info, so I needed back up. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, it’s fine. Do you want to meet the girls? I mean I know them. You are talking about Lorna, Bethany and Chloe right?”

“I don’t know their names, but I except that that is them. Are they in the café now?”

“Yeah. Come on in. I’ll introduce them to you to them.”

I walked in the café with Alex on my tail. We walked over to the counter. “Hey Lorna. This is my friend Alex. Alex, this is Lorna.”

"Hey Alex, nice to meet you. As Skylar said I am Lorna. I'm guessing that you have been here before. Also, what would you like to order?" Lorna asked him.

"It's nice to meet you to Lorna. Could I have a latte please?" Alex asked.

"Yep, with soy milk right?" Lorna asked. Alex nodded, obviously amazed that she remembered his specifications to the letter. Even if it was just soy milk. She quickly made up his latte and handed it to him. He reached to get his wallet to pay, but she told him that it was on the house. "Thanks." He replied. I then showed him over to the table where we were sitting. I looked back and saw that Lorna was tempted to join us, but she didn't. She just stood there. I swear it looked like she could hear us from over there, but there was no way that that was possible. I shook my head as if to dislodge the thought. "Hey, Alex. Once you've finished your drink you could go and talk to Lorna about the Jack the Ripper case and see what she says whatever she says will be true. Trust me." I advised. We then reached the table and I introduced everyone.


Maddy replied to my text pretty quickly, that meant that the number was real. Which was a start. Some people gave out fake numbers to strangers. While I didn't think that I'd get a fake number, I did think about it. Also I was thinking that it could be an extra number, like one to a spare phone you had lying around. That would stop all disappointment and make it look like you either never got the texts or never replied. Well, none of that seemed to be true for Maddy's number. I myself had given extra numbers every once in a while, but I was glad that I gave Maddy my real number. Why was I going on and on about Maddy and her number?! I can't stop thinking about her and the bright purple hair she had. I want to kill her, yet a part of me is stopping me, like I don't want to, and I don't want to face the consequence. Anyway, I might be caught by this Lorna girl before I do anything else. I could research both Maddy and Lorna at the same time. Well more like search up Maddy, then Lorna.


I checked my texts, no more had arrived. That meant no distractions for now. I decided to create a new person, Maddy. The other me. That way I could use that name and it would be fine. I started by creating a whole load of fake online documents, such as birth certificate. I added myself into photos at schools and made any other official documents. I created a driver’s license. Basically I used mine but changed the name. Maddy Recognola. That sounded like a weird last name. Just as weird as mine. But I didn't want to think about that. I made an ID for me, and got my machines to print off the driver’s license and the other stuff I needed. I decided to leave the passport. I left all mention of parents out, I could have made them, but then I would have had to create a whole family. And with my current family situation I didn't feel like making up parents. Or any other part of the family for that matter. Finally I displayed my work in front of me. I pulled up everything I had just made in Maddy Recognola in ten minutes. It was an impressive amount of stuff. I pushed it all away as I checked the time on my watch that I was wearing, not my robot. At the moment the robot wasn't linked to the suit, but was still acting human like according to my coding. I noticed a customer coming in, so I quickly switched back to full control. It was half two already, meaning I only had half an hour left. I served the customer and he left. He had ordered a takeaway drink, so that was what I expected him to do. I was getting a little tired of the suit and robot thing, but I kept it up. Only half an hour more before someone comes and takes over. Thank goodness. I went back into the no control mode and pulled up a map. I moved it to the middle of the screen with my hand, then turned on the tracker system. It was linked to all the trackers I had that had been activated. Bethany and Chloe popped up on screen along with the two other unnamed trackers that were Jack and Libby. Well his name wasn't Jack, I was just about sure of that, but I would put Jack as it was related to the ripper. I named the one that was near Chloe and Bethany Libby, and I named the other one Jack, as it had to be him by process of elimination. I now just needed to get the others. That being Jake, Skylar and the new guy, Alex. Jake and Skylar I could do in their sleep, although I wish I had thought of it earlier. Alex would prove to be more difficult as this was my first, and most probably last, time meeting him. But, I would be able to. Somehow.


I noticed somebody heading over to me at the café so I quickly switched back to full control mode and checked who was coming. It was just Jake, Skylar and Alex with the cups. I quickly got out three trackers and prepared to get them on their skin. When the put down the cups I made sure that the trackers were on their skin. I flicked on onto the forehead of Alex, one on the arm of Jake, and I think that the other one landed on Skylar’s leg. I checked the tracker on the screen, and all three popped up. Jake was heading back, but the other two were still at the counter, so I worked out which one was his and named it. Now just the other two to name. I have to admit, these have been useful, and with the ripper loose, these could come in handy. Not just being good for hid and seek, they are also useful when you are mad at someone and want to go rage at them but they have disappeared.

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