Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


8. chapter 7


I woke up and stretched, being careful not to make any noise so as not to wake up Jake, who was sleeping peacefully I could tell. Mostly from the sound of his snores. I giggled a bit then checked my calendar. I would need to go to work today, so I might just have to go as the robot. That would be interesting. I might have to activate the untested touch sensors to do that. I swung my legs onto the ladder and climbed down. I jumped the last little bit and landed with a thump, but all Jake did was turn over and continue sleeping. I checked my watch that I always wore and saw that it was only seven in the morning. Ok, so that wasn’t late, but it wasn’t earlier either. I walked down the stairs, and poked my head round the door to my downstairs bedroom that I hardly ever used. Skylar was still in bed, and like the lazy guy on the floor above, he was sound asleep. The temptation was to pour ice cold water over them, but I decided against it. It would only aggravate them. While at the same time being seriously funny. I moved into the kitchen and grabbed my cereal and milk. Once I had finished my breakfast I left out the milk as I was sure that the boys would want it later. Once I had put my dishes in the dish washer I walked into the computer room and booted up the computer. I checked the information I had about the ripper and his next victim. I took another look at the image I had created, and then printed out an image of both the ripper and the next victim. I would stick it on the wall so would recognise at least the victim when I saw her. I mean I would go as the victim but I didn't really want my robots neck sliced. And it would be easier to be me as I already know all my habits.


The Lorna robot walked to the front door, and Lorna turned on the touch sensors. This turned on and worked well. It caused Lorna to feel anything that the robot touched. That way she would be able to hold stuff and not smash it. Just then she heard Jake mumbling behind the robot, so she turned to face him. "Hey Jake. How are you?" She asked. He looked tired, and a little annoyed. He just stomped down the stairs until he was standing right in front of the robot. "I'm tired, and I managed to fall out of bed." He told her. Lorna almost burst out laughing, and she did so in her head, but she didn't out loud after seeing the look on Jakes face. She pulled him in a hug and was amazed by the fact that she could feel everything without even being there. "It'll be ok, I promise. I'm going out now, so I'll see you later. Probably around two. Bye." She told him before walking out.


She pushed the door closed and turned off the feel addition. She didn't want to feel the cold wind; it was making her freeze even though she wasn't out there. She walked down the pavement towards the cafe. She would have gone by bike or car, but it would be hard to control. She strolled down the pavement at a leisurely pace and looked around for any sign of the ripper or the victim. She decided that she needed to call the victim Libby rather than the victim, as the victim sounded kind of general. She reached the little cafe that she wanted to visit and turned on the feeling add on. She pulled open the door and walked inside. The robot looked like her, some had gone as herself. She also intended on going to work after, so she needed to get use to the robot as there was no way she could get the robot back to her house and then get out and to work in time. Jack the ripper had planned the meeting at eleven, which left plenty of time. It was only half seven now. Lorna slipped off the coat and sat down for a moment, making sure she had saved her seat. She then stood up and walked to the counter. "Hey there Elsie, nice to see you again. Can I have a hot chocolate please?" She asked. Elsie smiled and laughed a bit as she made the hot chocolate up for Lorna's robot. "I guess you still aren't very keen on coffee or tea are you?" Elsie mentioned. Lorna laughed slightly and shook her head as she grabbed her hot chocolate and sat down back at her table. Elsie went and served her next costumer, who looked a lot like Libby. The only reason Lorna though this was due to the pictures on the wall making her remember that she wasn't actually there. The hair of the girl was up in a way similar to the way Libby had it up in the picture that Lorna had, therefore it was normal to assume that she could be Libby. The cafe was a good one, so it was already relatively full. The girl at the counter grabbed her drinks and came over to where Lorna was sitting. "Do you mind if I sit here?" She asked. "No, you can sit here if you want. I'm Lorna, who are you?" Lorna questioned. If this was Libby, it would make her life a whole lot easier. "I'm Libby, nice to meet you Lorna. I'm meeting a friend here today, so I decided to come here early to see what the place looked like. How about you? Why are you here this early in the morning?" Libby asked. Lorna took in the question but didn't answer for a moment. She was thinking over her plan for a moment as she changed it to suit the situation then she realised that she had been asked a question. "Oh, sorry. I came to get a hit chocolate, they are heavenly. Also I wanted to go out, and where better than a small cafe that sells heavenly hot chocolate?" Lorna told her after taking a sip of the creamy chocolate. Even though Lorna couldn't actually taste it, she knew what it tasted like and it felt like she was drinking it.


They chatted for a while and soon it was eleven. "Oh. Wow! Time does fly by when you're having fun. My friend should be here soon; do you want to meet him? I need to see if I can find him anyway; this is my first time meeting him." I know that don't I Lorna thought, but she didn't say that. "Nice, I'd love to meet him. We can find him together! What does he look like?" She asked. Libby brought out a picture she had, and pushed it across the table to Lorna. She took it and compared it to the picture she had blue tacked to the wall. The one of the ripper. It looked very similar. She was right that Libby was the next victim. And she had now proven that her image software was great and did produce extremely good likenesses, such that when a not so great photo of the person was shown, you could recognise them. "I haven't seen him around, he must be new here. If I see him I'll let you know." Lorna told Libby. She took another sip of the hot chocolate, which was now cool enough to drink. But that didn't make any difference to the robot anyway as there were no tongue sensors, plus nothing in it reacted to heat. Well other than the heat sensors, but they didn't worry about drinks. Lorna turned her head and scoured the place for any sign of the ripper, but couldn't see him. "I have an idea. Pass me that photo again, would you? I'll ask the servers if they have seen him." Lorna told Libby. She seemed to consider the pros and cons, then decided. "That’s fine by me." She told Lorna, passing her the picture. Lorna took it and went up to her friend Elise. "I take it you aren't here for another drink or any food. What do you need this time?" She asked, getting Lorna's intentions correct. "Well, you do know me, don't you. Take a look at this photo and see if you recognise it. Well by that I mean the person it." Lorna instructed Elsie. She rolled her eyes and nodded as she took the photo from Lorna. "I think I know him!" Elise exclaimed. "Wait here a minute!" She told Lorna before bouncing off. She went over to another girl and showed her the photo. They were obviously discussing it and didn't mean for Lorna to hear. However she notched the audio pickup up and she could easily hear the conversation even though she wouldn't if the real Lorna had been standing there.


"Is this him?" Elsie asked the other girl.

"Sure looks like it." she replied. "Why do you have a picture of him?"

"My friend over there had it and asked me if I knew who was in it."

"Does she know what happened?"

"I doubt it, I mean it was five years ago."

"Yeah, I know. Plus Marcy’s murder was around the same time. Like within a week."

"That's the scary thing."

"I know. Plus remember what he said?"

" That was creepy. I mean him saying, 'I did something wrong. And I enjoyed it' probably isn't the best way to split up."

" I have to admit it did sound like he was saying he cheated on her. But at the same time it doesn't. Do you get what I mean?"

"I do. I feel the same way. Do you feel as if him leaving and the death of... Well you know who are connected?"

"I suppose in a way I do. But we have no proof. What are you going to tell Lorna?"

" Oh god, I forgot about her! What should I do? What should I say?"

"Calm down and stop panicking Elsie. Tell her that you know him but you can't say more out of respect for a friend that he hurt."

"Should I tell her his name? Or his nickname? Or anything?"

" I already told you to calm down. I would say tell her that you will say his nickname but no more. I assume you will feel like you are betraying her if you say his name right?"

Elsie nodded. She took a deep breath. "I'm going back to Lorna now. Thanks for the advice." She walked back over to where Lorna was standing. Lorna pretended that she hadn't heard anything while they had been talking. If she had been normal at that time she wouldn't have. But she now knew more information that she would have, and it was useful. All she needed to do was find out who this friend was then she could find out more. As long as they weren't dead that was. She tuned back into Elsie and listened to what she had to say. "Yes I know the person. He was was... Mean I suppose you would say, to a friend of mine. But I will tell you a little. He was here until a week or so after Marcy died. The only other thing I can say is that his nickname was Cam. I don't, can't say any more without feeling disrespectful to my friend. Sorry." She told Lorna. Lorna could see that Elsie was close to tears just telling her that. "Hey, don't worry about it. You have told me what you can and I appreciate that. Lorna told her. Elsie smiled at Lorna to say thank you for not taking it further. Lorna turned and headed back to her table with Libby.


 Libby looked around and saw Lorna walking back to the table. "I guess that you didn't find him then." Libby mentioned. Lorna nodded. Just then the door opened and the bell rung.  Lorna looked over. It was him. The ripper. He looked just like the image she had produced from all the information she had gathered. She only just managed to suppress a shiver. Once he was at the counter Lorna pointed out his presence to Libby. She tapped her shoulder and pointed at the ripper. "Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, what's his name?" Lorna asked. She knew that to her he was Jack, but it would look strange if she already knew that. Plus it would help if she knew for certain. "Sorry, I forgot to mention that! His name is Jake. I'll go get him once he has his drink." She told Lorna. At that point in time Lorna was beginning to be rather glad that the robot was in her place. At least she was safe. Well she was but the robot wasn't. Libby saw that Jack had got his drink, so she walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. "Hello, I'm Libby, nice to meet you. You are Jack right?" He nodded. She started walking back to the table and beckoned him over. Libby sat down and waited for Jack to do the same. "Well Jack, it is good to finally meet you. This is my friend." Lorna interrupted her there as she didn't want Jack to know her name. If he did he might already know her from the hacking. So she changed her name. "Hello, nice to meet you Jack. I'm Maddy. Libby's been talking about you a good bit since she arrived."  Libby started blushing at that, and she started to protest, but Jack silenced her with a giggle. The person seemed so nice, how could he be the ripper?


A few minutes later Maddy suggested that her and Libby go and get new drinks. Maddy was interesting I have to admit. I was thinking of putting her next on my lists or just having her as a friend. I didn't really have any. Yeah I was planning on killing Libby, but I didn't need to kill Maddy. She seemed a nice sort of girl. I mean yes, Libby did actually seem to be a nice girl, but I had already planned her death. I was going to drain her of all her blood. And donate it to a blood bank. I wasn't all bad! Well, I was but I still wanted to be a part of society. Even though I was killing that society. Either way I still needed to get Libby away from Maddy so I could take her home and kill her. Maddy seemed a little suspicious of me, but that could just be my nerves about the Lorna person talking. It probably was. I mean she wasn't Lorna. I might just make her my friend. Although I might end up killing her in the end.


As I went up with Libby to get a hot chocolate, I pulled a tiny tracker out of my pocket. It was tiny, but tracked exactly where a person was within around two meters. Which is pretty precise, I have to admit. It would stick to anything. Now I just had to get it on her. Seeing as I was a robot, this would be harder than usual. Although I could feel things, I couldn't feel pressure. So if someone squeezed my hand I wouldn't feel it. As Libby was a little in front of me and an opportunity opened up. I patted her shoulder lightly, at same time I stuck the tracker on. "You go first." I told her than gave her a little shove. We ordered our drinks, and while we waited for them  we talked. "Thanks for not saying that my name isn't Maddy. I just didn't want to tell him my real name. I hope you don't mind." I explained. We just nodded and looked as if she'd done the same before. "As you may have guessed, I have done the same before. That why I understand why you don't want to tell him your name. I guess even I don't completely trust him. That’s why I'm glad to have someone else around. Even if I don't know them well, at least it's another person." she replied. She was right not to trust him. Well he was the ripper as far as I could tell. Actually, I could use this as an opportunity to get his definite IP address, and his phone number to. This could be the silver lining. "Hey, when we go back to the table, we should exchange phone numbers. That way we all have each other’s numbers. Unless you to have each other’s numbers already." Libby considered this for a moment then agreed with me. "That would be great! Plus that way we can keep in contact. Also is it ok if I leave with you? I prefer to go with someone I know. I mean I don't know you, but I trust you. My mother was almost killed when she was driven home by someone she met, and I've been kinda nervous ever since." Well this girl was more intelligent than I gave her credit for. I doubted that Jack would be getting his kill today. "Yeah. You can come with me, I have work at 12, so I'll probably leave around quarter too. I work at a cafe, so you'll be going from one cafe to the next." I told her with a slight giggle. Libby smiled in response. Just then our drinks were done so we grabbed them and headed back to the table. I really wish that I could taste that drink!  It was rather annoying, but I could go there tomorrow and get a hot chocolate. For now I needed to concentrate on this. As I sat back down on the seat at the cafe, I turned on the eye camera and took several photographs of Jack. That way I would know for definite what he looked like rather than relying on my rather good image of him. Also with pictures I could bring up a full body hologram with what he'd look like in different clothes and when he was younger and older. I kept the eye camera on and just left it at that. I took a sip of my new hot chocolate as Libby and Jack chatted. Once my hot chocolate was half empty I joined the conversation and asked about phone numbers. "Hey, sorry to interrupt and all but can we all swap phone number?" I asked. Libby had obviously been waiting for this as she eagerly agreed with me. Jack didn't seem to mind. He probably wanted our numbers. "How about we swap phones around the table and put in our numbers under sensible names?" I asked to get us started. I brought out my iPhone, Libby brought out her blackberry, and Jack bout out his Nokia lumia. I passed my phone to Libby, and Jack passed his phone to me as he received Libby's. I went onto add new contact and put in the name Maddy. I then added a number to another phone I had. I didn't want to give Jack the ripper my number even if I wasn't 100% sure that it was him. But I did give him one of my numbers, the same way I sometimes gave people or company's my spare email that I had created. It was a Gmail account. Once I had put my number in I passed the phone to Libby, but not before sticking a tracker on the back of it. Jack handed my Libby's phone and I put my main number in and stuck a tracker on it before handing it back and receiving my phone from Jack. It had both Libby and Jacks numbers in. That could come in handy, along with the trackers I had just so carefully planted on each of their devices.


I looked at the time, it was almost quarter too twelve. Jack and Libby were deep in conversation, and I didn't feel like interrupting them, but I remembered what Libby has asked so I did. "Umm, sorry to interrupt you two, but I need to leave now. Are you coming Libby, you can stay longer if you want." I was a tad nervous but I knew I had no reason to be. The ripper wouldn't try and kill me in broad daylight in a cafe in front of loads of people. Plus I had the added advantage of being a robot at the moment.  "You don't mind if I go with Maddy, do you? We live near each other and I would appreciate the company so I have someone to talk to about today." Libby asked politely. "Yeah, that's fine." He replied with a gruff voice. "You want to meet up again?" He asked addressing Libby. She nodded and we said goodbye as we left the cafe.  Jack didn't seem to be annoyed, but you never knew.


Libby and the robot Lorna walked down the street, and Lorna in her house turned off the touch sensors, mostly due to the cold wind. They headed down the street, then Lorna took a roundabout way to her work place so that if the ripper was following he would get confused. Lorna turned on the touch sensors as she entered the cafe. "Hey!" Bethany called out as Lorna and Libby came in. Lorna gave her a little wave as she walked over. "Hey Bethany, this is Libby. I met her in the café down town. You know, the one I keep telling you about that serves the heavenly hot chocolate." I told her,  introducing Libby. "Yeah, I know the one you go on about when you want to change the subject. Oh, and nice to meet you Libby. You are welcome to stay here for a while. And seeing as I guess you will staying for a while, have a coffee, on the house while Lorna gets ready." Bethany told Libby. Libby told Bethany what she wanted as Lorna headed round the back to get ready for her shift with Bethany. She was very pleased that even Bethany, who he  known her for several years, didn't even notice that she was actually a robot. That was an achievement. Once Lorna was ready she headed out, and she saw that Libby and Bethany were talking, probably about her. Lorna sighed and headed over to them. "Oh, him again Lorna, we were just talking about you." Bethany told me. Lorna rolled her eyes. "I guess you expected that then." Bethany continued. Lorna just nodded and yawned. Libby was giggling a little, presumably about some embarrassing moment in the past. "Do you want me to call Chloe now or later?" Lorna asked, already pulling her phone out. "You know me well Lorna, you may as well call her now. That way Libby, Chloe and I can have a group chat about you."

"Why am I such an interesting topic?" Lorna asked as she took a seat. The café was quiet at the moment, just waiting until the lunchtime rush.

"The reason you are so very interesting is because you won't tell us your last name." Bethany stated as Lorna typed Chloe's number into the phone. 


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