Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


7. Chapter 6

The clock was now flashing one minute. After it had started I had refilled both of my guns, however Jake and Skylar were both running low on water. I had been running around a lot, and they hadn’t managed to catch up with me. So other than my hair I was bone dry. I checked the timer. 55 seconds left. Both Skylar and Jake were looking the other way, so I dropped below the beam and clung on underneath like I was a monkey. Neither Skylar nor Jake could find me. It was rather amusing, I have to admit. They were both looking around franticly, looking around and up, but once again it didn’t come to them to look down. Finally the final countdown began. No, not the song sadly, but the ten nine eight from the timer. “Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.” Rang out from the clock. “Where is she?” Jake cried out desperately. “Three. Two. One. TIMES UP!” I had won. Now to get out of here before I was soaked. I dropped onto the floor and ran at full speed out of the library, dropping the water guns as I rushed out the door and shut it. My legs and feet hurt a little from the drop, but I did not want to be in the library for the next bit. I checked my watch. It was now one. After this I would make lunch and they could dry off. I put my ear to the door of the library as the automated system kicked in. I had made it, but never been victim to it. Thank goodness. “Please can everybody within the room come up onto the beams and strap themselves into a harness.” The voice spoke. A little pad popped out from beside the library door and I typed in the code. Jake and Skylar had better still have their harnesses on. “Commencing loser drench.” The voice announced, and I could help but snigger. It may be childish, but still it was so fun. I could hear the floor opening up beneath the library, and I could just imagine Jake and Skylar’s horrified faces. I started laughing quite hard at that. And now for the finale. A screen appeared on the wall near where I was standing and I went over to it. I could see Jake and Skylar on the screen, clinging onto each other. Here it comes! I thought. A big 3 appeared on the screen. Then a 2, then a 1. Then the word GO flashed on the screen. The massive ceiling of the library opened up. Now. Water gushed out of it, soaking every inch of the room as the torrent of water poured down like a raging water fall. It made enough noise too. Well combine with Jake and Skylar screaming it sure did. The water all fell through the floor, and once the ceiling closed so did the floor. The water was then pumped back to the top, ready to be used again. I then decided to get out of here before an angry pair of boys emerged. I grabbed a sticky note and wrote a hurried note.

I am NOT going to be standing here when you come out of that room drenched and ready to strangle me, so I am leaving you a little note. Firstly, that was seriously funny. I mean you should have heard yourselves! Secondly you will either want to shower, dry off, or both. One of you can go left, the other right. At the end of each corridor is a bathroom. There is a drying machine that you can stand in with your clothes, or there is a tumble dryer. Also there should be a working shower. And hairdryer of course. Once you are dry, come on down and have lunch. Don’t come down if you are still very annoyed at me or still soaking.

Lorna ϑ


“Where is Lorna? She is sooo dead!" Skylar screamed as soon as we got out of the room. Ok, I was extremely annoyed with her and did want to kill her slightly but I wouldn't be that open about it. I had to admit that the library thing was rather extreme though, and to say I wasn't angry would be a lie. I spotted a yellow sticky note on the side of the wall, and I looked closer at it. It was a message from Lorna. I read it, and felt rather angrier than I did before. Skylar looked at my facial expression in alarm, and I just pointed at the note while water dripped off my arm. At least she was considerate and the water was moderately warm. As Skylar read the note I found the two corridors. They had several doors on the way down, but each door at either end was clearly marked bathroom. One of the doors was white, the other one was wood coloured. I stood at the start of the corridor with the wood coloured door. Skylar walked over, he looked as annoyed as I felt. Well at least she would hopefully prepare a nice lunch. Even if she is horrid at cooking. "You have that one; I'm going to this one." I told Skylar while indicating my side. I wandered down the corridor and I was curious about what was in the other rooms. But I decided that seeing as I was dripping wet I didn't want to look. I just wanted to shower and have dry clothes.


I wonder how annoyed they are at me. Wait, no. Scratch that. I don't. It'll just be scary. I need to prepare these ready meals. Either that or pop out to McDonald's. The ready meals are probably easier I decided so I put them in the oven and hoped that they wouldn't burn. I sat back in the computer room and looked over the files I had got from the rippers computer. The next victim, Libby. I was still stuck on what to do. Should I save her? The only problem with that was that the ripper the might suspect me. I was rather noticeable with my purple hair. But if I didn't save her my morals might be a problem. Well only might. It would depend on the type of person. Wait, why was I even thinking of not saving her. Actually I knew why. She sounded like a bitch. That was being nice though. I need to stop thinking of this! I need a plan not a reason for doing or not doing something. Ok, plan. Actually, I have an idea. I stood up and walked over to the only empty wall in the room. That is empty of monitors not of posters or something weird. I pushed on a certain part of the wall, and it pushed back and moved to the side. I walked in, despite the lack of light, and went to the end of the corridor. I then pressed another button and the wall closed over leaving me in complete darkness. But as usual I wasn't even the tiniest bit scared. I felt along the wall as I waked, waiting for my hand to hit the light switch. I could have changed it to a motion sensor but I couldn't be bothered. Anyway, it was easier to have a light switch. If I did that even if someone got in here they wouldn't be able to see what I was working on. I finally came across the light switch and I pressed it. Suddenly the whole area was illuminated. I walked over to then laptop on the desk. It was attached to a robot that I had designed. It had a lot of wire and stuff in, but basically it did what I told it to.


There was a body suit, and the movements you made in that the robot did. It looked like an average person and didn't stand out. It had human like movement, mostly because it did exactly as the suit did. When you walked, even if you walked on the spot it would go forward. I hadn't used it yet other than tests, so it could be a good idea to try it out and have a go against the Jack the ripper with it. That way he wouldn't know what I looked like. Also with the robot I could change just about everything from height to eye colour. Therefore it would be easier to stay hidden. Maybe I should test it out. A mischievous idea sprung to mind. I made the robot look exactly like me, so purple hair, brown eyes etc. then I got into the control suit and walked into the specifically set up room. The walls ceiling and floor all showed what you would see if you were standing where the robot was. It made it a lot easier. The robot spoke in your voice and lip synced meaning it didn't look strange. I made the robot walk out of the secret area and close the wall before walking into the kitchen. The meals were just ready, so I pulled them out and set them out on the table. I was tempted to just come out now and grab my dinner, must I decided that I would come out before the robot had to eat my dinner. I was hungry after the water fight. I could hear one of the boys coming downstairs, so I went out to meet them. And what a sight that was. Jake was heading down the stairs. Wearing nothing. "What do you think you are doing?" I screamed at him. I looked him in the eyes, not daring to look down. "Revenge for the soaking. Both Skylar and I will be wearing nothing all day, and did I mention we will be staying all night, once again while wearing nothing." He told me. He should be glad that it wasn’t me standing at the bottom of the stairs otherwise I would have marched right up and strangled him. But with the robot I wouldn’t do that in case I did kill him. But, I could get him right back. “That’s fine. But just so you know, you will be getting no food unless you are wearing bottoms. Preferably trousers as well, but if you want revenge I’m not picky.” I told him. That musty have hit a nerve, as I know how much pride he has, but he also loves to eat, and there was no way he would last until tomorrow without eating and he knew it. “GAHHH! FINE!” He screamed. He trudged back up the stairs and must have put on bottoms. I hope he told Skylar. He probably did. I now needed to change back to my real self so I made the robot run back to the secret area so I could switch back.


Lorna ran out of the computer room and into the kitchen and checked on the food. It was still steaming hot. Lorna’s was macaroni and cheese, so she put it out onto her plate and started eating. A minute later Skylar came down. Fully clothed. Lorna breathed a sigh of relief. “Well at least you’re not as stupid as Jake. Your food is either of them, chose one.” Lorna told him. Skylar grabbed the shepherd’s pie and a plate, before bringing his food to the table and sitting next to Lorna. They ate in friendly silence until Jake came down. Wearing bottoms. But no top. Lorna sighed. “Well, that is better than coming down here in nothing I have to admit.” She told him as he scowled at her. “Your food is over there.” Jake grabbed his and sat opposite Skylar and Lorna. “Oh yeah, just so you know I’m going out tomorrow.” Skylar and Jake looked at her as if to ask why it concerned them. “You two will either have to go home, or stay here and not cause trouble or make a mess.” Lorna told them. She wasn’t too worried either way, but she didn’t want them to make a mess. Lorna put her plate away and dumped her rubbish in the bin as Skylar and Jake debated about what to do. She overheard snippets of the conversation, but she wasn’t too worried. She decided to practise with the robot again, and she wanted to see if Skylar or Jake realised that it wasn’t her. While they were engrossed in talking Lorna slipped out and down to the robot room. She struggled back into the suit and got the robot moving. She quickly ran back to the kitchen and stood at the door. Jake and Skylar didn’t seem to have noticed her absence, so Lorna crept back in without drawing attention to herself. After a while the boys looked back at her and saw her tidying in the kitchen. “We have come to a decision. We may as well stay here for a while, especially with the ripper running around. You need to stay safe, and so do we. Therefore we will stay here and promise not to make a mess while you go out. Now we have decided is there somewhere we can sleep?” He asked. “Ok, once you have finished and cleared your stuff up, I’ll sort out sleeping arrangements after that.” She told them. Although at the same time she was trying to suppress a giggle. They hadn’t realised that this wasn’t her. But then again she didn’t expect them to. “I’m going to my computer room for a minute, knock on the door before entering.” She told them before exciting the room. She walked to the computer room, then the real Lorna brought the robot back into the secret area. She decided to use the fact that she could change how the robot looked to her advantage. She kept everything the same, but changed the hair colour to a platinum blonde, like her mums. She also changed the eye colour to a clear blue. Lorna then walked the robot out into the computer room and sat her at the computer. If the boys couldn’t recognise her, then who would? Before the boys came in, she decided to also test another aspect of the robot. She turned off the electricity in the room, and turned on the robots thermal vision. The computers showed up as red and white hot, due to the amount of heat they emitted. It looked a bit like a picture. Just then she heard a knock at the door. Lorna quickly switched the electricity on as she made the robot version of her turn on the light and walk to the door. She pulled it open and faced Jake on the outside. He was a friend of hers from some time ago, so if he didn’t recognise her, then the disguise worked. “Erm, who are you? I am sure Lorna is meant to be in here not you...” He spoke. “Unless you are Lorna?” He finished, although it was more of a question. Lorna just closed the door in his face. After the robot had done that Lorna quickly brought the robot down, slithered out of the suit, and headed back to the room. She opened the door to see both Skylar and Jake outside it, conversing about what just happened. Lorna quickly butted in. “Hello you two, I assume you have finished in the kitchen. Oh, just so you know that was me experimenting with some computer stuff. It probably changed what I looked like for a minute. Sorry. Well, we need to sort out the beds, right? Both of you, do you prefer sleeping upstairs or downstairs?” She asked.


Well, I never thought that Lorna’s room would look like this. I mean I have known her since sixth form, but still. But I have to say that the bunk bed is impressive. I mean it’s massive! I stretched in the lower bunk and settled into the comfortable bed. I had been up since six, and I was tired. Over today I had accidently kidnapped my best friend. But then again, I hadn’t seen her in around 5 years. She looked different with the purple hair too. She used to have it ginger coloured. I thought that that was her hairs real colour. I stared up at the wood above me, and followed some of the lines with my fingers. I closed my eyes, listening to the silence surrounding me. Finally, I fell asleep.



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