Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


6. chapter 5


Nothing happened after the kiss between Lorna and Jake, and after they had talked for a while more he took her home. By then it was lunch time. “Do you want to come for lunch?” Lorna asked Jake as they stopped outside her house. He nodded in reply. Lorna slid out of his car and unlocked the house. She still had her bag of white chocolate and fruit pastels with her, so she put them in a cupboard, however she took out a packet of fruit pastels first though. As she shoved one in her mouth she looked around for Skylar with Jake trailing her. She finally found him upstairs in her mini library with his head in a book. Lorna coughed lightly to get his attention. He looked up, slightly startled at the sudden noise, but when he saw Lorna he relaxed. “Hey Lorna, I found your library, and I love reading so I started reading and didn’t notice the time… what time is it anyway?” He asked. Just as he asked Jake stepped out from behind Lorna. She saw the look that was passed between them and cringed a little. “Boys stop it. Skylar, this is Jake. Jake this is Skylar. I will let you know now that if you fight for any, I mean ANY reason I will kick you out. And Skylar its lunch, so I’ll grab you a bookmark.” Lorna then walked away and grabbed one of her many bookmarks. She had a large pile of them, and there was a pile of book beside it which all had bookmarks in. When she returned she could see the two boys glaring at each other. She silently placed the bookmark in Skylar’s book and closed it. The boys still hadn’t noticed her. She sighed quietly then tiptoed over to the corner of her library. She had several water guns there. For some reason she had them all over the house. It was a bit of an old habit. She grabbed the largest one and headed over quietly. They were still glaring at each other. So Lorna sprayed them both with the ice cold jet of water.


They both gasped in surprised and turned to face Lorna. “What was that for??” They both screeched. They were drenched in the water and looked annoyed. “I told you not to argue! Consider this your warning, if you do that again or anything along those lines then I will kick you out.” She proceeded to tell them before squirting them both with the water gun. Then she went over and pressed a button. All the bookcases retracted into the walls and a table with several large water guns emerged from the floor. Both Skylar and Jake watched in amazement as it emerged. Once it was up a look passed between the three. Then as if an invisible light had turned green the all rushed at the table. Lorna jumped and somersaulted over the table and grabbed the largest gun before the boys. The boys arrived after her, grabbed water guns and sprayed each other. Lorna now had two water guns, so she turned and soaked the guys as she ran away backwards. They all spread out and hid behind bookcases, however Lorna climbed hers. She stood on the bookcase and jumped to the next one. The books were no longer in them as Lorna hadn’t wanted them to get wet, so they had been retracted earlier. At the bookcase she was on the beams on the ceiling were closer, so Lorna grabbed the beam and hauled herself up. As she stood up on the beam she saw Skylar hiding behind a bookcase. So Lorna mischievously sprayed him with water and soaked is hair. It was dripping down his face and clinging to him. Lorna still wasn’t wet at all. Lorna ran down the beam and spotted Jake peeking out from his hiding place. He didn’t look up, and Lorna guessed that neither of them expected her to be up on the roof beams. She scampered over so she was standing over where Jake was hiding, and she grabbed a bucket of water that was hanging above her. She grabbed the string and ran off, then pulled so that the bucket of water dumped its contents all over Jake. It was rather hilarious. Skylar was running past just when the water fell, and he watched in amazement as Jake was soaked to the skin. Then he started laughing. Jake looked at Skylar annoyed. “What you laughing at?” He asked. Skylar just pointed at him as Jake lifted his water gun and sprayed Skylar. “We need to get Lorna now. Have you got her yet?” Jake asked Skylar after he was happy that he had soaked him just as much as he had been soaked. Skylar shook his head. “She’s just disappeared!” Skylar told Jake. They both looked around for her but couldn’t see her. Just then they were standing in the middle of the room and Lorna was above them. She had set up several buckets of water in the middle and attached them to one string. She scampered down the beam and pulled on the string, causing the buckets to empty the water all over the already drenched boys who stood under it.  “Where did that come from??” Skylar asked Jake. He looked just as clueless as Skylar, and then it clicked. Jake cautiously pointed up, and they both looked that way. They were just in time to see Lorna sneakily remove the buckets and run at full speed down the narrow beam. What they didn’t know was that at the walls were deposit points for buckets. They got refilled, then they popped up elsewhere.


“Oh, come on! How the heck did she get up there?” Jake exclaimed. Skylar helplessly shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, maybe she climbed a bookcase or something?” Skylar guessed. As he mentioned this, Jakes eyes lit up. “Are you good at balancing on narrow beams?”


Jake and Skylar jogged quietly to the nearest bookcase and checked to see if Lorna was near. Neither of them could see her. Jake then climbed up the bookcase, but he wasn’t as agile as Lorna was and he took ages. He also ended up getting soaked by Lorna a couple of times when she ran by with both of her newly refilled water guns. Jake and Skylar both had a good amount of water left as they hadn’t been quite as good as Lorna. Once Jake was up, he helped Skylar climb up, then they stood on top of the bookcase looking helpless. Lorna was hovering above them. She had several harnesses installed in the roof for times when there was a major water fight and she was very good at gliding. She left two harnesses over Jake and Skylar, in a hope that they would put them on and then not fall off. The only reason Lorna was wearing a harness was as she wasn’t walking on the beams but using the harness to go wherever she wanted by gliding.


Skylar managed to pull himself up onto the beam, even though he was nervous. He felt like he would fall off or the beam would break. He spotted the harness and quickly put it on, then he felt a lot safer. He helped Jake up and showed him the harness. Jake didn’t feel all to safer without it either, and they both wondered how Lorna could move so fast, did she have a harness on when she was walking the beams? They looked around, but neither of them could spot Lorna. Seeing as they were near the roof, they didn’t think of looking up. But that was where she was. Hanging in thin air with just the harness to hold her up, Lorna was right above them. She pointed her two water guns at them, and with precision aimed them just inside their shirts. Then she fired. Both of them squealed like pigs and ran away down the beam, although Skylar only made it half way before he toppled off and Jake had to pull him along. As Jake did that he realised that Lorna could be doing the same thing as Skylar without the help.  He stopped and looked around, before spotting Lorna over in the corner. She noticed him looking at her and she waved at him. “LORNA!!” He shouted, before aiming his gun at her and firing. However in those few seconds Lorna had pressed a button and the harness had dropped down to almost floor level. The stream of water missed her by miles. Lorna pressed another button and she was suddenly zooming up again. She crouched on a beam and undid the harness. She stood up proudly on the beam and looked toward Skylar and Jake. By now Jake had helped Skylar onto the beam and Skylar was standing there wobbling precariously. “Now I have a challenge for you to see who can hit me with water from their water gun first. Before we start, Skylar look above you and grabbed the shoe attachments. Jake, could you put them on Skylar’s shoes, and properly please. They are magnetic, so you will stay standing on the beams. You two can use harnesses to cross the beams, I won’t. However I can use the harness. You two up for the challenge?” Lorna asked. They both nodded. Skylar looked a lot more comfortable now he had on the shoe attachments. “Ok then. Let the games begin!”


Jack the Ripper mark II gets caught. Jack the Ripper fail? All the possible headlines for me getting caught went through my mind. Ok, I need to go back to basics. Ok. My name, to the world, is Jack the Ripper mark II. Yes. I have committed a lot of murders. Yes. My first kill was Marcy Rena, the 19 year old, who I decapitated perfectly in a planned blackout at a train station while she waited to get the train to meet me. Yes. Someone had hacked into my computer. Sort of. This girl hacker was called Lorna. Yes. I was angry with her. Yes. She had all my files. Unknown. She knows where, when and who my next kill is. Possibly. She will stop it. Unlikely. She will be at the scene. More likely. She will find and follow me and cause all those headlines. More likely than most things, but it might not happen. She might have no idea what I look like. But then again, I have no idea what she looks like. Damn! I kept on pacing, wearing down my brown carpet as I pondered over what to do. This girl, Lorna, might keep quiet if I threatened her. But then again, she did hack into my computer. I mean it was protected with the latest software from the best people. The Bielinski Company where the best of the best, very few people could ever hack into their systems. That meant that she had to be very intelligent to get into that. Great, I'm panicking again. Ok. This is what I’ll do. I’ll go for it. But if I notice anything odd, then I am getting out of there. I will NOT be caught. Not for nothing.


After I spoke the word begin, the boys both sprayed their water guns at me. I didn’t get sprayed though as I jumped backwards. I didn’t need the harness. I never had. When I was younger, and still living with my parents, who I dislike, my younger sisters and I used to play this. We had a room set up just like this, and I used to make all kinds of improvements. I always spent most of my time on the beams, and I got really good at running along them and balancing. Even my sisters were envious. As I darted down the beam I shook my head. I didn’t need to remember my family at the moment. I ran over to the wall and leaned against it, catching my breath. It had been a while since I had played this, but I was up for the challenge. I waited for the boys to advance, as I had an idea of how to show off and not get sprayed at the same time. While I waited I thought about my problem. The one about the Ripper. I had all his files and information about his next murder. Which was planned for tomorrow. Some person called Libby. I had read about her from his file, and she didn’t seem to be that nice a person. But then again I didn’t know her. She could be nice for all I knew. They were going to meet in the Starbucks at the edge of town. I was actually thinking of going there anyway, so it wouldn’t be a detour.  Just then I saw that the boys were close enough to put my plan into action. I gripped my water guns and ran forward, heading straight for them.


I think they were pretty surprised but they both lifted their guns and waited for me to be within their range. Just as I reached the edge of the range they both pulled their triggers. And I jumped. And did a forward summersault over them. They both gasped in surprise, but in mid-air I grabbed the spare harness that was above Jakes head and spun myself so that I was facing them. I pulled my triggers and sprinted backwards away from them. “Hey!!” Skylar shouted in annoyance. I giggled. “It’s not my fault that you can’t do gymnastics!” I shouted back. He huffed. I dragged the harness after me as I ran to the other wall. As I did so thoughts about tomorrow wandered through my mind. What should I wear? Should I follow him? Should I stop him? Would I even know what he looked like? Would he recognise me? I pushed all the thoughts from my mind and decided to concentrate on what I was doing. I was now going to attempt a rather risky thing, but if it worked out it would be brilliant. If it didn’t, well I didn’t feel like having my head, or any part of my body for instance, crash into a bookcase or the floor. Or both. I ran at full speed at the wall. Then kept going, so I was running sideways on the wall. I kept a tight grip on the harness as for some reason I had decided that it would be fine to do this without it on. Oh well. Basically with my left arm I was clinging onto the harness for dear life. I had the gun over my shoulder. My right arm was holding my other water gun and was aiming at the boys. As I closed in I sprayed at them. They turned instantly and sprayed, but in that moment I managed to bring my legs up and wrap them around the harness so I was hanging upside down. I had just managed to shove myself off from the wall so I sailed over them. The boys didn’t realise what I had done for a moment, so my hair was now rather wet. But it would dry. But the boys were soaking and losing. I managed to direct myself to the middle of the ceiling and get onto the beam without dropping onto the floor. “Ok boys, there  is now a five minute time limit. After that I win, and you will get drenched. Trust me. But if you win, I will get drenched. Got that?” I added. They nodded. “Stay where you are for a minute. I promise I won’t spray.” I told them. They both looked at me warily but did as I said. I walked casually to the wall and pressed another button. A large timer descended from the ceiling and the boys watched it with their mouths open. I only just resisted the temptation to laugh at them.  “Ok. Let the time… BEGIN!!”

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