Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


5. Chapter 4

I went out to get some more food and stuff for the house. Also I was kind of craving white chocolate and fruit pastels, so I went to get some. Luckily I lived quite close to several good shops, all within walking distance. I walked to the nearest one, and headed in. As I walked in the cool air hit me like a tonne of bricks. Outside it was sweltering and it was refreshing to be in an air-conditioned shop. I walked around the aisles, grabbing several 4 packs of fruit pastels and a couple of bars of white chocolate on the way. I paid and left. Next I was heading to a shop a little further away to get bread and milk and some other essentials. It was much cheaper to get them there; however the sweets were much more expensive. I was plodding along when someone grabbed me and dragged me backwards into an alley. The put a rag over my mouth, it smelt like chloroform. I knew that it was meant to be an anaesthetic, however it didn’t affect me. Not in the slightest. For some reason I had always been resistant to them. I didn’t mind, it did come in useful at times, such as now. I pretended to pass out, and I fell back into the persons arms. They had obviously been waiting for that to happen. I felt them left me and walk somewhere. I didn’t open my eyes though in case they were looking. When they stopped I think we reached a car. He dumped me on the back seats and left me there. I guessed he was going round the front, so I had a moment. My eyes snapped open and my hand dived into my pocket, to where my phone was. While he was going round the car I typed in my pass code and brought up messages. By then he was at the door. I quickly tapped new message and found Skylar’s number in my contacts. Just then he got in. I saw him for a moment, so I was sure that he was male. I quickly slid my iPhone beneath my leg and closed my eyes. Once he had started driving I subtly pulled out my phone and typed out a message.


Hey Skylar, Just to let you know I might be back late, probably around lunch time. Sorry about that.



I didn’t want him to know what had happened as he would probably have a panic attack. I slid my phone back into my pocket and started thinking of reasons as to why this person had kidnapped me. Maybe they knew? I doubted that though. Maybe I knew them though? That was a possibility. I opened my eyes a small bit and stared at the back of the person. Nothing came to mind. He couldn’t be the Jack the Ripper could he?


We had been driving for about an hour when he finally stopped the car. I somehow remembered all the turns we took, although we didn’t take that many. Once we had stopped he got out and hauled me out. I pretended to still be unconscious. “Why does she look so much like her?” I heard the person holding me mumble. Wait what! I recognise that voice! I opened my eyes and wiggled out of his arms and stood facing him. “Jake?”


*           *           *


“Jake?” I asked. It looked like him, and sounded like him, so could it be him? Jakes eyes went wide as he nodded. I guess he didn’t expect this. “Lorna?” He asked. “Yeah that’s me.” I told him. He took a large step forward and hugged me after that. “I’m sorry for taking you like that; I don’t know why I did that. I thought it could be you but I didn’t dare believe it. But why are your eyes brownie blue now?” He asked. I had put my contacts in before leaving, and I was glad I had. I do have glasses that have colour changes implanted; basically they make my eyes look brown to anyone who looks at me. “I have contacts in” I replied. He nodded. “Do you want to come in now?” He asked. I nodded, copying him from earlier. We both laughed as we headed in.


“It’s nice to see you again after 5 years you know.”

“Yeah, I suppose it is.” I replied. “I mean it’s been ages since we last spoke.”

“The last time I saw you was at school at the dance at the end of the year.”

“Oh yeah, I remember that. Do you remember the questionnaire we sent around just a week or so before that?” I asked, laughing as I remembered.

“Yes I remember that. Oh gosh that was embarrassing, you remember what happened right?”

“That was so embarrassing!”

We both started laughing our heads off as we remembered that embarrassing time.


*           Flashback        *


We were in sixth form at the time, in year 13. I was 18 and Jake was 17. I was the oldest in the year. We were part of the group of year 13 who were in charge. We were in a meeting and were talking about something fun to do. Just a random thing. “Why don’t we make a questionnaire? Like asking things like who’s the most popular person in the year etc.” I looked around as the rest of the group nodded. “Yeah I like that idea, and what we could do is for things like who is the most popular we pick the top 5 most common results and vote. We could even do that for every question.” Jake added. I nodded at him and mouthed Thanks to him. I could see nods all round. “So we are agreed?” I asked. There was a chorus of “yes” from all around. “Ok then, now let’s get started on these questions!”


We were just coming up with the last question when Jake had an idea. “How about for the last question we do the cutest couple who aren’t going out? Then we can display their names on the board afterwards. Plus the top 3 cutest couples not going out should have to go to the dance together.” Everyone liked that idea, and from, the looks on some people’s faces they already had ideas as to who they would put down. “Yeah, that’s a great idea for the final question! How about this on top of that, if they are one of the couples they are nominated for the king and Queen!” Sylvia, the head girl added. We all agreed with her, and put that down as the last question. “Now how are we going to get everyone to do this?” I asked the others. “We can either print it out, one for everyone, or we could make a copy on word and email it around. Which is better?”  I asked. There was some talking among the group until Sylvia silenced us. “Ok, how about this, hands up for email.” Robby called out. He was the head boy in the group. Most of the people put up their hands including Jake and I.  “Fine, the majority has voted for email, so we will do that. Lorna, as this was your idea I’m going to you to write it up on the computer for us. Can you email it to me before tomorrow please, if not by Monday morning. Actually, Monday morning is probably best. Yes, email me a computer version by Monday morning. Sylvia and I will organise it so everyone can answer it. I may need to print some copies so please email it to me before then. That’s all for now.” Robby told me. Everyone stood up and went off to lunch.


Name the cutest ‘couple’ who aren’t going out

End of Questionnaire.


I finally finished it on Saturday afternoon and all I had left to do was to email it to Robby. However before I did that I emailed it to Jake to proof read. I quickly phoned him to let him know.

“Hey Jake!”

“Hey Lorna, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, I just wanted to let you know that I emailed a copy of the questionnaire to you for proof reading. Also do you want to come round tomorrow?” I asked. Jake came over often, I mean my parents were rich. I might not like them but still.

“Yeah, sure, I would love to come round tomorrow, I have nothing better to do. I’ll have a look at the questionnaire now and let you know what I think. Seeya tomorrow!”


It's Monday today and all the sixth formers are on computers. Well there are a few people not but they have the paper versions. I had a brilliant time with Jake yesterday. We'd gone to the park and played on the play stuff. I showed off my monkey bar skills and watched as he magnificently failed and fell on the floor winded as I doubled up with laughter. I did help him up, but only after he had regained his breath and had been rolling on the floor laughing with me. He was now sitting next to me filling in the questionnaire. About ten minutes later everyone was finished and had emailed in their completed questionnaires. We then gathered in our meeting room as the others lounged around. I connected all the questionnaires to a spread sheet I had created that would work out what we wanted to know. I was good with computers, well that was expected of me seeing as I was from a computing family. We scrolled through the results, but when we looked at the last questions results, both I and Jake gasped. We were the top cute couple who weren't going out. "You can't put that up!!" We both exclaimed at the same time. Sylvia was smiling cheekily and she shook he head at us. "No way are we not putting that result up. Most of us knew that that would happen." She told us.

“WHAT!!” We both exclaimed simultaneously. Sylvia nodded at us. Well at least now I had a date to the dance I didn’t want to go to. Also I was going to be put in for the king and Queen thing. Now I really didn’t want that. I had accumulated a record for not getting king or Queen in any of the year’s dances I had been in. And I really, Really didn’t want to break that record. Well hopefully I wouldn’t be picked for the Queen anyway.


It was the night of the dance and I was wearing this really nice doctor who dress that I had seen online. I had ordered it and it had arrived a couple of days ago to my amazement. It looked brilliant on me, and I was pleased. Just then I heard a knock in my door, and I went to open it. Outside stood Jake looking all smart in his tuxedo. On the side of the road was his car, which he now led me to. Like a gentleman he opened the door for me and shut it behind me. Then we were off.


“Ok, we have one more dance left before the voting begins!” Sylvia shouted from the stage. As she spoke a slow song came on and Jake asked me to dance. I was a little nervous as I don’t like dancing. But I went up anyway. At the end of the song I tripped over the hem of the skirt and was about to end up face first on the floor when Jake caught me. He turned me over so I was leaning backwards over his arm. His face was hovering above mine, and I guessed he was about to kiss me. He was millimetres away when Sylvia called out. “Ok, time for the voting to begin!” At that he pulled away, and helped me up to a standing position. “Thanks” I whispered, smiling. I then walked over to Sylvia. I had created the voting system and she might need my help.


“Ok guys, the voting is over!” Sylvia shouted out. “Everyone gather round, we just need to check the results and then we will be with you with the winners!” I walked over to my laptop, which had all the votes on, and checked the program. I couldn’t see the winners but the votes all added up and it all looked ok. I nodded to Sylvia and she turned on  the projector. Then it was time to put up the results. I turned back to my laptop and clicked in the results. It came up with a password request, and I quickly typed in the password. The cells were unlocked. “Is everyone ready?” I heard Robby ask from his position next to Sylvia on the stage. There was a loud scream in reply from the crowd. I then made it so you could see the results, and gasped.


Well, my record was no officially broken. Great. The only good thing in my opinion was the bit below entitled COUPLE 2 KISS which had the names Sylvia and Robby beneath it. “Hey what the couple to kiss thing?” Sylvia exclaimed. I hadn’t told her. “Revenge!” I called out. She stomped her foot on the stage in annoyance. “Well you got to kiss him now, and everyone knows you have a major crush on him!” I shouted out. “Hey!!!” She screamed back at me turning bright red. I noticed Robby turning red as well. So Jake had been correct in saying that he fancied Sylvia back. I quickly checked who the king was. Surprise surprise. It was Jake. Well at least Jake was better than having some random guy who I didn’t know very well. As I was looking I could hear a chant of “Kiss him, Kiss him!” coming from the crowd, rather obviously directed at Sylvia and Robby. I turned to look at them and I could tell that they were going to kiss. I quickly darted in front of them and swiftly pulled out my camera. They didn’t notice me though as I kneeled down. As they closed the distance between them I pressed the record button and zoomed in on them. After what seemed like ages they met in the middle and the chant died down. Finally they kissed.


I filmed the whole thing then immediately put it onto the school website. Once they stopped kissing, Robby asked Sylvia to go out with him, which I also caught on camera. Ok, so I was a little jealous of them, but then again with the family I came from I’d be fine. Even if I hadn’t had my first kiss yet.


*           End of Flashback       *





“I have to admit that that was probably the most fun I had ever had.” I told him.

“What, you mean making Sylvia and Robby kiss in front of the year then posting the video on the school site, YouTube and a link to it on Facebook and twitter?” He asked somewhat accusingly. “Yeah!” I replied happily. We both burst out laughing. “I just want to ask, do you remember my last name?” This was the bit I was nervous about. Even in school I hardly ever told anyone my last name, mostly because I didn’t get on with my parents and I wanted to move away as soon as I could. Which I did. That was why I was at Marcy’s house when she died. Also anyone would recognise my last name if I told them. “At the moment no, I don’t remember your last name. But I might later, I don’t know. I probably have it written down somewhere…” He answered. I sighed in relief, which he raised his eyebrows at. I must admit that I was rather compelled to laugh, but I didn’t. “I just don’t want anyone to know my last name and I wanted to see if you did know.” I told him in explanation. He nodded.

“You asked me a question, so I have a question for you. Have you had your first kiss yet?” He asked. Oh shit. Why oh why did he ask that? I turned red, but I'm not sure how red I went. “Well I’ll take that as a no then.” He answered his own question. “Maybe I should change that. I mean you are 24 now.” Jake continued. Ok, now I was a little freaked out. Ok, so I still have a small, ok rather large crush on him but still. We were sitting on a sofa and we were rather squashed. He turned to face me and turned my face lightly. I could feel my cheeks heating up loads. We were staring each other in the eyes, his brown ones glaring at me. He leaned forward and his lips touched mine.  And I finally had my first kiss.

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