Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


4. Chapter 3

Oh god was I tired. I had just spent several hours looking through Lorna’s file about the new ripper victims. She had put on headphones almost straight away, and as I could hear the music pounding out I knew that talking was useless. What she was doing I didn’t know. It was like she was controlling all the computers with ease. I rubbed my tired eyes. I looked at the bottom of the screen where the time was. It was eight at night already! I sat back in the Chair and closed my eyes, intending to rest for a while and work out what I thought.

I stretched, these computers were really quite useful. I sent another piece of info over to the computer in the corner, and viewed what I had put together. Each computer screen held different information, while the main one was used to control them all.  I had continued the work I had started on my laptop, and narrowed down the list of suspects. I needed to check each person out fully before saying anything though. My connection was perfect though. It worked as well. The police didn’t think if that sort of thing, so I guessed that I was the only real threat to the Ripper. Perhaps he knew me, or I knew him. Just as I was thinking about this an alert came up on my screen. Someone was trying to hack me. It came from an IP address I had seen many times before. The one from Jack the Ripper. As I started to dispel the attack from him I set one of the computers to analyse all the info it got about what he was like. It also checked the IP address against any recent attacks. In the middle of me countering a message of somewhat importance came up on the screen of the computer I had set to analyse. This was the same person who had tried to hack into the Jack the Ripper files. I finished my cyber-attack before considering this. I had just hacked into his computer and I quickly downloaded all his files onto my hard drive. I used a lot of memory and I had purchased several terabyte hard drives. I had made several programs for my use, and all the data I used to make them was stored on these hard drives. Also information about my last name and family was stored on them, but I used an iris key on them. I managed to download all the files on his computer before he managed to chuck me out. He then went into lock down mode rather than attack again. Clever person.


I looked at the files I had gained. It proved my theory right, and had information about Chloe and I on it. But he hadn’t managed to find out my last name. That was good. It looked like he was planning his last murders to be me and Chloe. The last pair. I looked through the info and saw that he had other murders planned first, so I needed to stop them. I took another look at the image of him I had produced. It looked familiar but I couldn’t place my finger on why.

I checked the time, it was eight in the evening already! I stretched in my chair and looked over at Skylar. He had already fallen asleep, probably tired out from looking at all the files. Unless you were born around computers and looked at them for long times throughout your life, you often got tired quickly. Well I had been born around computers as such, and that had been how I had become good with them. I shook my head. I didn’t need to remember that kind of thing. I had contact lenses in, so I took them out. My eyes were hurting a little, but I was used to it. I had had contacts for at least 5 years so this was natural. I took the case and went to my bedroom. Before I left I scribbled a quick note to Skylar so he wouldn’t panic when he woke. I had two bedrooms and I headed to my favourite one, the one that was upstairs. I preferred it because it had a bunk bed, and I had always wanted one. I loved sleeping in the top bunk. I had modified a bedside cabinet so that it reached the top bunk. It had a gap where it reached the lower bunk so it could be used as a bedside cabinet there. I only used the lower bunk when I had friends round though, and it was always the friend that used the lower bunk. I climbed up to the higher bunk and put the case on the bedside table. I looked at the electronic calendar and what I had planned for tomorrow. I had planned to sleep in all day, which meant that I could stay at home for the day. Yes!!


Lorna was quite tired and the moment her head hit the pillow she fell asleep. It was late already, but he was planning. Both Skylar and Lorna were asleep, but he didn’t know that. He needed time to plan, plus he guessed that as Lorna was a more experienced hacker than him she would have been able to get some info from his computer. He needed to change a few things, either that or risk it and keep it all the same. That was his choice. Change his carefully considered plan or just go for it and hope for the best. Well, he had some time to decide. His next murder was planned for a few days away, so he could change his plan. But he had already sorted that one out, so why change it? What to do, decisions to make. Why not just go ahead and go for it. She might not have looked at it yet, or she might not have downloaded it all. There was always that possibility. ‘Oh well’ He thought. ‘Might as well sleep for now.’


*           *           *


Lorna woke up and stretched, pushing her legs out from their warm spot beneath the covers. She grabbed her glasses, today was a lazy day, and she didn’t need to wear contacts today. She pushed back the duvet and clambered down to the floor. She then headed downstairs and to the kitchen. Once there she grabbed the shreddies and made her usual cereal, shreddies and milk. Once she had made it she grabbed a spoon and moved to the computer room. She normally spent her mornings in there. Skylar was still sleeping in his chair so she took no notice of him. Instead of doing research in the morning, Lorna usually spent the time playing games, which she did today. She often spent all day on lazy days gaming; however she decided to do some work in the afternoon. It was six in the morning, so Lorna didn’t expect Skylar to wake up until at least seven.  Most people are asleep at six in the morning anyway, Lorna thought as she checked to see who was online on Skype. Other than the people how were always online, nobody was on. “Oh well.” Lorna muttered under her breath as she finished her breakfast. Today, instead of leaving it next to her and not bothering to put it in the dishwasher in the kitchen, she actually got up and put it in there.



I stretched my aching muscles as I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I still felt tired but I guessed I needed to get up. I prised open my heavy eyelids and looked around where I was. I didn’t recognise it. I could feel a familiar pattern starting, but the sticky note in the corner of my view stopped it. I grabbed it from where it had been stuck. It said:


Hello Skylar

When you wake up don’t panic, you fell asleep looking at the Jack the Ripper files last night. You’re still at my house, me being Lorna. When you wake up let me know and I’ll get you some breakfast and you can do what you want for a while. If you want you can go home, I will drop you there if you want.



I was glad that Lorna had left me that note as she wasn’t in the room when I woke. It reassured me that everything was fine. I stood up, and headed out of the room. Now I needed to find Lorna, and talk to her. As I searched I looked around her house and decided whether to stay or go. “I could stay a while, its nice here, much nicer than my house,” I murmured, speaking my thoughts out loud. I looked in all the downstairs rooms, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. My last place to look at was the kitchen. I looked inside but I couldn’t see her. I walked in to check, but she wasn’t there. Just as I turned to leave another sticky note caught my eye. I swivelled back to face it and walked over.




Sorry if you couldn’t find me, I went to get more food. I’m running low on some stuff. I’ll be back at around 10. See you then, and make yourself comfy. The bread is in the bread bin if you want toast. If you need me my number is 07456 077649.


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