Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


3. chapter 2

He looked down the corridor, panicking. He did that often. Not get lost, of course. Panic. Images were flashing through his mind of lost people, skeletons missing for years. “Oh Blast!” He murmured. He tried to calm but he couldn’t help panicking. He started to hyper ventilate, scared of what was not going to happen. But then again, to him it was going to happen. ‘Shit’ kept going through his mind as he tried to get a grip on himself. He felt fainted, but was still panicking. The fainter he felt, the more he panicked, and consequently the more he hyperventilated, causing him to feel fainter. He was leaning backwards, in danger of falling over. A little further along, unaware of what was happening, Lorna was walking down the same corridor. She had her headphones on, her special Bluetooth ones. She had the volume at full, and she couldn’t hear a thing that anybody else said, and anyone around could hear her music. She normally had it quieter, but as she thought that the hallway was deserted she had it up full. Since Marcy’s death she had become quieter and usually had her music in and on full or quite high. Before the incident she had listened to music, but not as much and as loud as now. She wandered down the hallway, went round the curve and saw some guy she didn’t recognise standing there. He had his back to her, and she turned off her music as she approached him. When she got closer she could hear him hyperventilating, and saw him leaning precariously backwards. She could tell that he was about to fall and she rushed forward. Just as she reached him he dropped. Straight into Lorna’s waiting arms. She carefully lowered him down onto the ground and kneeled next to him. She gave his shoulders a little shake and heard him groan. She smiled and sighed with relief at the same time. She moved her legs out from under her and sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall. She put her music back on, but kept the sound low so that he couldn’t hear and she wouldn’t wake him. For a while Lorna just sat there, eyes closed listening to her favourite songs. She was relaxed and enjoying herself. Then when she reached out to see if he was awake, as soon as her fingertip brushed his shirt she saw what he had just been through. She saw it all through his eyes, although for her it wasn’t as bad as it wasn’t happening to her. But she could see everything that happened, feel how he felt. Him reaching up and touching her arm jolted her back to reality. She had a weak psychic side that sometimes picked up on important events. Like before. Marcy’s death. This was what was going through her mind for a minute, tears prickling her eyes.  She quickly blinked them away and looked at the guy who was struggling to sit up. Once he was she helped him shuffle over to the wall she was leaning against. “Are you ok?” Lorna asked him. He nodded gingerly, holding his head. “You didn’t bang it if that’s what you’re thinking. I caught you before you hit the floor. Oh, and by the way my name is Lorna, nice to meet you.”

1st thought: Where am I again? 2nd thought: And who is that cute girl sitting over there? 3rd thought: What happened to me? He was only half listening to Lorna when she asked if he was ok, but he was listening after that, mostly because his head had cleared a bit and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. “Thanks for catching me, Lorna. My name is Skylar. Don’t ask.” He was a bit embarrassed at his name, but he also liked it as it was unique. Lorna smiled. “That’s a nice name, Skylar. Are you feeling ok now? What happened?” She asked, although she already had a good idea of the answers.


“Well I sometimes... make that quite often get panic attacks. Sometimes I just panic for no reason, although I am kinda lost at the moment and that’s why I panicked. I usually fall unconscious then land on the floor, hitting my head in the process.” He told her. As he was talking Lorna stood up, then when he finished speaking she extended her hand. “We may as well get moving now.” She told him. Skylar grabbed her hand and hauled himself up. Once he gained his balance he brushed his back, getting any dust that had accumulated on it off. “Thanks for helping me.” He then started walking down the hallway. Behind him Lorna rolled her eyes.  “If you don’t want to get lost again you may want to follow me I know my way around here!” She shouted after him. He stopped in his tracks and turned. He walked back to where Lorna was standing. “Come on then. What are you doing here anyway? It is the maze at the back of the café.” She asked him. He blushed a little and stared at the floor. Lorna sighed. “Let me guess. Detective following someone when you lost sight of them, right?” He nodded meekly. “Oh well. Once we get back to the café I’ll buy you a coffee. You look like you need it!” She told him laughing slightly. He smiled, glad that she was nice to him. After a couple more minutes of walking they reached the exit of the maze. Lorna walked over to a table which had a red laptop on it. “Sit down, I’ll go get us coffee.” She told him. She walked leisurely over to the counter.  “Hey Bethany, could I have two coffees please. You know how I like mine; I have them when I work often enough!! The other one, one sec I’ll just ask.” Lorna told the girl at the counter. “Hey, Skylar, how do you like your coffees?” She shouted across the café. “Errmm…” He muttered. “Black please!” He shouted back. Lorna turned to face the counter again. She smiled, “You heard the guy right.” She said, laughing slightly. The server, her friend and co-worker Bethany smiled back and prepared the coffees. Not long after she put two steaming hot mugs of coffee on the counter. “It’s on the house for you and your new friend. He got lost in the maze didn’t he?” She stated. Lorna nodded. “I have a shift later on, so thanks for the coffee.” She replied as she grabbed them and headed off. Skylar watched as she approached, her purple dyed hair standing out. She reached the table and put one of the mugs down in front of him before moving over to her seat in front of her laptop. She sat down then put the coffee next to her, taking a sip first. For a while then sat in comfortable silence with the occasional click of the mouse and almost constant tap of keys. Around ten minutes later Lorna sat back and relaxed. She looked at her empty cup of coffee and sighed. “Oh well.” She murmured. “Have you heard about the recent Jack the Ripper cases?” Lorna asked him. To her it was a subject she knew a lot about, but she wanted to know whether other were looking into it. “Yeah, I have. In fact I’m trying to find a connection between the victims. I sometimes help the police on that kind of thing, although not often. I’m trying to find out now and beat the police too it. I am a detective after all” He told her. At the time he thought that she was just interested because she wanted info. He didn’t realise that it should have been more the other way around. “Five years ago, the first victim of this ripper was my best friend, Marcy Rena. Ever since then I have wanted to find out who this person is. I easily found the connection between the people, although I did have a bit of inside from Marcy. And my excellent hacking Skills. You are quite good, Skylar Minazi, but trust me, I’m even better. I mean, yes I work part time here and aren’t a detective, but that doesn’t mean anything.” She told him. The first thing that went through his mind was: She’s found the connection!! And the second thing was: Oh my, her best friend was killed by the ripper!


Lorna glanced at her watch. “It’s nearly five o’clock, time for my shift. You’re more than welcome to stay for a while longer. Actually, one sec,” She fiddled with her computer for a minute, then turned it to face him. “You can go on the internet with this. Just so you know you can’t access any of my stuff, so don’t try. See you later.” She warned him as she walked off towards the counter. She walked behind it and into the staff area. As Lorna got ready for her shift, Skylar browsed on the internet. Mostly he was wondering how she knew his full name, and what her last name was. He glanced back at the computer and saw that he had unconsciously searched Jack the ripper. As he looked at the screen he decided that he may as well have a look at the history of Jack the Ripper.


I quickly put on my uniform and stretched. I was a bit cramped from sitting at my laptop for so long. I was looking for further leads on the ripper, seeing who he was targeting next. My friend Bethany tapped my shoulder, bringing me out of my daze. “Oh, hey Bethany. Who’s on my shift?” I asked her. We always had a few of us on each shift. I was usually with Bethany, and sometimes with my other friend Chloe. “Well today I’m doing a double shift, and I believe that Chloe’s on today. This is going to be some much fun!” She almost squealed, jumping up and down. Bethany got hyper easily, so easily that Chloe and I never dared give her chocolate for fear of how hyper she would get. Once I was ready Bethany dragged me out to the counter. I saw Chloe just outside the shop, about to come in. As she pushed the door open I gave her a little wave. Both Bethany and I were glad to see her. I quickly checked on Skylar and my laptop, he seemed too engrossed in something to even notice the world. “I bet that his hair could be on fire and he wouldn’t notice.” Bethany whispered in my ear, making me jump. Chloe made it to the counter just then and looked in the direction that I had been staring in. “Let me guess, another person freed from the maze?” I nodded. Chloe sighed a bit and went through to get changed. I had a habit of wandering through the maze, finding lost people and bringing them out. I knew the maze like the back of my hand. When I was younger I had come here with Marcy, and together we would go through the maze. I could always find the way out, and somehow I memorised the layout. I often went through to help people, I mean it wasn’t their fault that they couldn’t memorise the layout. I picked people up and tended to buy them a coffee after. Though there is a first time for everything, and I have to admit that that was the first time that anyone has had a panic attack inside the maze. He looked scared, and I felt that I had to help him. Now I had some explaining to my friends to do. I could tell that Bethany wanted to ask, but she was impatiently waiting for Chloe. “Come on, come on, come on…” She kept muttering under her breath as she hopped from foot to foot. I rolled my eyes. She was getting hyper from waiting for a friend. What next? Finally Chloe emerged from the staff are. She had tied back and tamed her wavy black hair, and it looked good. “So… let’s hear about it. What’s so different about him?” She asked, eager for some gossip. I took a step back, overwhelmed. “Why do you think I think he’s different?” I asked. She rolled her eyes ate me as if to say that’s too easy. “You let him go on your laptop. You don’t even let us go on your laptop, so if he’s not special he’s your boyfriend or something!!” Bethany chipped in. I blushed violently, my cheeks heating up. “HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!” I basically shouted at them, but at a whisper. “If you want me to tell you about him you have to apologise.” I told them. They both looked sad and put on puppy faces, but I stayed firm in my decision. They both knew that I wouldn’t back down, they knew me well enough, but they kept at it. I looked back at Skylar the heard the doorbell tinkle. I looked over and saw a lady walking over. She was a regular customer here, and she usually ordered a skinny latte with a chocolate chip muffin. I gave her a questioning look as she walked over and she nodded back at me. I quickly grabbed a chocolate muffin from under the counter and made her a skinny latte. By the time she reached the counter it was all ready. “Thanks” She said as she got the money out of her purse. “Thank you. Hope you have a good day.” I replied. She was a genuinely nice lady and I liked her. Now back to Chloe and Bethany.


“Ok, we apologise. He’s not your boyfriend.” They chanted together. I heard them whisper ‘yet’ under their breath but I decided to ignore it. “OK, OK. His name is Skylar John Minazi, and he’s a detective. He’s also 24, brown hair, green eyes with a hint of brown. He’s 5 foot 6 and has a younger brother. His name is Alex. He’s 17. Skylar’s birthday is the 15th of May. He doesn’t drive and doesn’t have a drivers licence. Now, Chloe, what have you been up to? As far as I can tell you’ve been on countless chat websites and have made some new friends, right?” I asked. I sometimes got bored and hacked websites for fun. All I did was look and see if my friends were on it, and if so what they were up to. Also if there were any spelling mistakes or problems with the website I sometimes sorted that out for them.  Chloe sighed. “As always, you know what I’ve been up to.” I could tell from the fact that she was tensing up a bit that something that she thought was exciting was coming up, so I braced myself. “Well, I have made a new friend!” She announced. Suddenly she started bouncing up and down in joy. ‘Oh great’ I thought. ‘Am I the only sane one here?’ I asked myself. Once Chloe had calmed down and we had served a couple of customers and cleaned a few tables we gathered again to hear what Chloe had to say. “Well there is this guy, he calls himself Jack. He’s soooo cool!!” She announced. At the name Jack I tensed up. Was Chloe his next victim? I’d better check up on that. “Well we’ve been talking for ages, and like the same kind of things. I can’t wait, we’ve decided to meet up sometime soon, and I’m so looking forward to it!” She told us. I wasn’t so sure about this. “Let us know when you’re going to go, we can come with.” I told her. She processed this thought for a while as we separated and cleaned some more tables. I grabbed the cups from my table where Skylar was sitting. I had a quick peek over his shoulder and saw that he was having a look at the history of Jack the ripper. I’d looked over that a lot over the past 5 years, and I knew s lot of facts. I took the empty cups back and made myself a coffee. It was seven and I needed it. I made an extra one for Skylar and took it over. I decided not to disturb him so I just placed it next to him. When I looked back he was taking a drink from it and still staring at the computer screen. I went back over to the counter where Chloe and Bethany were waiting. “You know what, when I arrange to meet Jack I’ll let you guys know and you can come with me. We better get ready to close now, Bethany would you turn the sign over please?” Chloe asked. I was relieved that Bethany and I could go with her. The same thing had happened to Marcy.


“Hey, Lorna, guess what!!” She had asked, jumping up and down on the spot. I smiled at her and guessed a couple of things. “Wrong!” She kept replying, but she didn’t tell me what it was for a little longer. “You’re rubbish at this! I’ll tell you. I’ve met this guy online, his name is Jack. We’ve arranged to meet up later on today!!!” She told me. I was glad that she had a friend other than me. At the time I didn’t realise that it was deadly. “Will you help me get ready?” She asked me. “Pretty please?” he put on her puppy dog eyes, and looked straight at me. I laughed at her, but she knew that I was going to help. “Ok, ok. I’ll help.”


It was now 7:30 and they had finished tidying up and were heading off. Lorna went over to Skylar and tapped his shoulder. He jumped and looked over his shoulder and spotted Lorna standing over him. She closed the lid of her laptop and put it into the laptop bag that had been resting against the leg of his chair. “Its closing time, I’ll drive you home if you want.” Lorna told him. He nodded his thanks and stifled a yawn. He pulled himself up and followed Lorna out to her car. Skylar was too sleepy to really look at it, but he did notice that it was red. Lorna held open the passenger side door for him and Skylar promptly got in. Lorna closed the door behind him and walked round to the other side. She turned on her car and headed off.


I headed to Skylar’s house. As for how I knew where it was, well I told you I was a good hacker, just add info finder on top of that. I looked over at Skylar then I realised that he was asleep. He was snoring slightly, but I didn’t mind. Seeing as he was asleep I decided that I may as well head to my place. Five minutes later I arrived at home. I parked the car in the garage and turned it off. I got out and unlocked my front door. I then went back to the car to get Skylar. I opened the door and picked him up. I was careful not to wake him, but he was probably so tiered that he would notice. I kicked the car door shut, then walked in. I carefully put him down on my bed and pulled the bed spread over him. The car was still unlocked so I went and locked that, and then locked the front door when I came back in. I headed to the lounge and took out my laptop. I wasn’t too tiered so I stayed up the whole night and did some research, also known to me as part hacking part looking. Firstly I went onto my Chloe’s web accounts. She had the same password, and as I knew her it was easy to guess. I hacked into the accounts of others on each site and checked them out. I finally found a Jack who Chloe had been chatting a lot with. I hacked into his account and found out the IP address of the device he was messaging from. I had several IP addresses that I had found to belong to Jack the ripper. I matched his up with all the previous ones. I had a match.


I spent the next few hours finding info about this jack and matching it up with info I already had. Some things like hair colour and eye colour always matched. I had an idea of his age range as it was always between 18 and 28. I assumed that his real age had to be between those two. The address was always different, and there were loads of other things I was matching and finding out. A while later I looked at the computer clock. It was 3 in the morning. I yawned and stretched, used the loo, walked around and sat back down. I decided to track down his phone at the moment. I had worked out which was his phone as it had to be the one he used most. When I checked up on it usually it was in a different place. I had created a piece of software that tracked the locations of the IP addresses, and I had put in all those I had found for Jack the Ripper. I was beginning to see a pattern, and working out his job and home. I could see two distinct places he went too, and one had two IP addresses of his, one just the phone went to. The pattern was more distinct now than when it started. I decided to create what could be his face on some other software. I had his eye colour and hair colour, and what I already knew from witness statements and what I saw through Marcy's eyes. I put all the info I knew into it and produced what was likely to be Jack the Rippers face. Once it was finished I locate the position at which I thought he worked. I found the website for the company and hacked it. Quickly I found a list of company employee names and photos. They had loads of info about each employee as well. I scrolled through the photos to see if there was one that matched the one I'd made. There were three hits. I was about to look at each of them when I heard a bang.


I woke up, and looked around. Where was I? What had happened? Had I drunk last night? I stumbled out of the bed. This wasn’t my house. Great. I could feel a panic attack coming on. I staggered out of the room and looked around. I had no idea what was going on, no memories came flooding back to me. The hallway was dark and I came across a door. My breathing was already shallowing. My mind stayed blank like a clean slate. I looked at the name tag I had just spotted on the door. It said ‘Lelacools computer room. No entry without permission and Lelacool.’ Oh yeah, I had met a girl yesterday, but what had happened? A sudden dizzy spell washed over me and I literally crashed into the door and slid down to the ground, my side hurting from the bang. At that moment a door a little further along swung open and a girl came out. I quickly placed a name to the face. Laptop girl. Well actually Lorna. I still didn’t know her second name. She must have hit the light switch since as she came towards me the light flickered on. She reached me and helped me up. “Are you ok?” She asked me. I nodded gingerly, my head hurting with an inevitable headache. Lorna put my arm over her shoulder and helped me into what had to be her lounge. She sat me down on her sofa then sat next to me. Her laptop was sitting open on the coffee table in front of us. “If you want to know what happened you fell asleep in my car so I brought you back to my house. I didn’t know where your house was.” She told me. So that was what happened.  As I remembered, some of the info I had found out about the old Jack the Ripper came back to me.


From 3 April 1888 to 13 February 1891 he terrorised London. There are a number of murders thought to be committed by him, however some people believe he only committed the Canonical five. These are five murders that progressed in how gruesome they were. All of the five victims’ necks were slashed and four of their abdomens cut open. Some organs were removed.  The canonical five Ripper victims are Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly. The murders of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes happened within an hour of each other. The first murder is thought to have been interrupted as only her neck was slit and her abdomen was left. It’s known as the double murder.


As this new info whizzes round my head I find myself calming down. “Sorry for falling asleep in your car, I didn’t mean to!” I apologised. She shook her head.

“Don’t worry about it.” She told me reassuringly. “You’re welcome to stay here for a while if you want.” She told me. I looked around. This place was much more comfy than my flat that I called home. This was a proper house. “Thanks for the offer, it’s much better here than at my house.” I told her. She smiled at me, as if she knew this. But how could she? She didn’t know where my house was and she’d just told me that. “You want to come into my computer room? I have some; well I suppose you would call it research on the new Jack the Ripper to do.” Lorna proceeded to get up, so I quickly followed in suit. She strode out of this room and into the room marked Lelacools computer room. Inside was a mass of computers and wires and other things I didn’t recognise. Lorna sat down on a well used swivel chair and I sat on a spare one next to her. She booted up all the computers, how many there were I wasn’t sure. It looked like the whole room was one giant computer.


Lorna booted up all the computers in the room and logged on. They were all interlinked and she could send different things to different computers. Once logged on she uploaded the info she had gathered on her laptop and deposited it in the data banks. Once she had done that she turned to Skylar. “Go onto that computer over there, and in the databank search ripper victims. Two files should come up. Select Ripper Victims New. Have a look through and see what you think and whether you think they are linked or can find another link.”


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