Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


18. chapter 17

Cameron was finished, Lorna was now upstairs with Chloe by her side. If everything went right, she planned on walking out of the place and then being teleported back. However, Cameron still wanted death and blood, and seeing as Lorna and Chloe were the only other people on the house, they were his prey. They were up in lounge, and Chloe and Lorna were going to leave in a minute. Cameron stood up and walked over to Lorna threateningly. Lorna saw the look in his eyes, the want for blood. It overtook him, ruled his brain. If someone else had seen him they might have thought that he was a vampire or something. But he wasn’t. Lorna stood her ground as Cameron approached but pushed Chloe behind her and towards the door. Chloe had already suffered enough; she didn’t need to get hurt. She got the message and quickly ran out the door as Cameron lunged at Lorna. She ducked, while at the same time grabbing the hidden knife from her sock. She quickly rolled away and stood up, keeping the knife hidden at her side. When Cameron lunged at her, she ducked, rolled at him, sliced his leg and rolled under him, knocking him over in the process. She looked back for a second, and to her surprise saw a gun on the floor, a little away from Cameron. Had he been planning to use it? Lorna could certainly tell that he had it and that he had been hiding it, where else could it have come from. Lorna didn’t have a gun, and if Chloe despised violence as much as Lorna knew she did, there was no way she would have a gun. The only logical explanation was that it belonged to Cameron, and that he was willing to use it. Lorna was now near the door, so she abandoned the knife and ran at the door. As she did so she whipped out her phone and texted Jake, NOW. Luckily he was in the computer room,  so as Lorna dived and grabbed onto Chloe’s arm, they were transported back to Lorna's house. The landing wasn’t the best though, and Lorna was winded because of it.


I looked at Chloe and Lorna, Chloe was standing and Lorna was on the ground. Oh shit. “Lorna? Are you ok?” I asked, concerned. Had something gone wrong, I hope not. I mean, all I did was press the button. I hope she’s ok. I waited for a response from Lorna as Chloe got readjusted. She looked extremely confused, but when she went to ask me about it I gave her a look that said I have as little idea as you and not now. I knelt down beside Lorna who was still lying on the floor on her stomach, so I gently turned her over. She was ok, but I could tell from her expression that she was rather winded. I sighed in relief, then pulled her up into a sitting position. I waited for her to regain her breath, and when she did I stood up and pulled her upright so she was standing next to me. I gestured to Chloe. “Care to explain for our confused best friend?” Lorna looked at Chloe as if she had forgotten about her. Actually, judging by what just happened, she was probably too preoccupied trying not to be winded to remember Chloe was teleported with her. “Sorry for not explaining Chloe, I guess it was kind of a bit of a panic getting out of there. I would have explained but there wasn’t any time so…” She trailed off. What exactly had happened there? My expression must have shown what I was thinking, as Lorna gave me a tell you later look. Must have been impressive if she was going to talk about it. Probably scary too. Poor Chloe, I know she hates gore. Bethany was worried sick about her and that fact must have been spilled from Bethany’s mouth more than a hundred times and by then it was getting very annoying. I listened in to what Lorna was saying as she was talking about her teleporter.


“Basically, for a project I created a teleporter. Before you go mad, I haven’t used it much yet, its still in the trial stages. I have only used it twice now, but I already have some aspects to improve. Including the landing. If you’re wondering, I’ve been working on this around, oh, I would say the best part of five years, so since I was twenty. I have always like the thought of teleportation, and here we go. I need to run more tests and make a few tweaks here and there, but then I will have a working teleporter. And no, I am NOT going to  sell it, sell blueprints, or tell the world about it. Don’t even suggest it Chloe. I already know you won’t Jake, as you would have done so earlier. But consider this a warning. Tell a sole other than Chloe and I or anyone I tell you knows, I will cut off an ear, gouge out an eye, and cut off your balls. Just so you know. And don’t tell me I won’t as I will. Don’t test me. especially not today. Or any other day for that matter. If I'm scaring you after what happened Chloe, sorry. I'm just a tad angry. But that is all about my teleporter. Well, that is all about it that you will understand. You won’t get the complex computer stuff. Trust me.” As I finished talking I realised that my talk was so long it may as well have been a speech. I don’t think Chloe or Jake minded though. “Why don’t you go and find Bethany, I am sure you have missed her.” I advised Chloe. She took the hint and left to go and find Bethany and go chat. I turned back to Jake. “You want to know what happened right? Before I start I have two questions for you. One, do you have a string stomach?” Jake looked surprised but nodded. “Two, how,” I paused to think of the word, “Graphic do you want me to be?” I asked, filling in the blank. He looked at me as if I was crazy, but said, “If you are going to talk about something like sex, I don’t want to know.” He stated. I burst out laughing.

“I meant as in blood guts gore graphic not like that you dirty minded guy!” Jake went a tad red at that. “Oops, sorry, I kinda just assumed…” He trailed off.

“Don’t worry. So your answer?”


“Ok then. Basically Cameron, that’s the rippers real name if you didn’t know, kidnapped Chloe, then I went to get her back. Once at his house we made a bargain. He would let us go if we agreed to three conditions. One, we never told where he was, two, Chloe had to watch him kill my dad, three I had to help him come up with a way to kill my mum. Oh yeah, before hand he showed my his torture chamber, thinking it would freak me out as much or more than it did to Chloe, however as you may have guessed, it didn’t scare me at all. You should already know that I don’t scare easily. Well we did our parts, Chloe watched my dad being eaten by acid in a glass tub, poor her. Cameron had to come and get me to get her out of there, she was rather upset. Hopefully she won’t have any nightmares. Last night Cameron did, well I think he did. Put it this way, he woke up screaming. I have to admit it was loud, but somehow Chloe didn’t wake up. Either way after that I had to help him kill my mum. I'm not going to say what happened to her, I don’t want your breakfast all over my floor, and I don’t think anyone could listen to what happened to her without throwing up, unless it’s me or Cameron. But then again we were both there when he killed her so… Either way after that we were going to leave when he went mad. I think he had some kind of blood lust. He lunged at me, but I got away, mostly because beforehand I had slipped a kitchen knife in my sock, along with one in my jean waistband. That reminds me, I never removed it.” I stopped talking and took the knife out. Jake just kept staring. I waved my hand in front of his face and he blinked. “Sorry. I just zoned out, probably as you grabbed that knife.” He told me. I shook my head lightly and giggled. I put the knife down on the side. “If you were wondering when I got out I saw that he actually had a gun on him, luckily for us he didn’t use it though.” Jakes mouth opened at that, so I leaned forward and closed it. “Go get the others and go to the café, I'm going to get cleaned up and I'm sure Chloe wants to get changed. We will meet you guys there.” I told him before exiting the room and walk upstairs. I entered my room and checked that the en suit was empty before going in and locking the door behind me as I turned on the shower.



Once we were ready, Chloe and I left. I wanted to go on my motor bike, and Chloe said that she didn’t mind. Chloe and I arrived at the café unharmed, neither of us had any scars from the motor bike or the ripper. Well, when I say that I mean physical ones. I think that Chloe may be mentally scared, but I know her, she will probably forget. I could hypnotise her though. That would speed up the process. Luckily for us Cameron didn’t kill us, or bring out that gun he had. He might have if not for my quick thinking. Well, more like my quick moving out of the way of his lunge, plus my accidently knocking the gun out of his grasp. Well knocking it out from wherever he had put it. Actually, I was glad he didn’t get out the gun. I don’t think I can move, or throw a knife as fast as a bullet can travel by any means. I wish I could though in a way. But it isn’t going to happen unless I make a super robot or something. I think Cameron was having a mood swing, and it hit blood lust angry. Not very nice, I must admit. But scary? Not really. It takes a lot to scare me. As Chloe and I arrived at the café, I saw that all the people from my house where there. Meaning my sisters, Jake, Skylar, Libby, Bethany, and for some reason Alex was there. I sat down next to Jake who was sitting at the end, and Chloe sat opposite me. She was still shaken from the experience. I don’t think it affected me as badly as it did her. The others turned to us as we sat, and I saw them look at me for an explanation. “Both of us are fine, I can’t say that I had the best experience of my life, I must admit. Chloe has been shaken up pretty badly; you really don’t want to know why. The stuff didn’t affect me however, so I'm ok. So you all know, Chloe will probably stay with me for a little while. And Alex, I have some interesting information for you. You know your friend Cameron?” I asked. He didn’t seem to wonder how I knew that he had a friend called Cameron. I didn’t tell him quite yet, but I had a feeling he was going to be annoyed at himself when he found out that the ripper was under his nose all this time. “I'm assuming you mean Cameron Jones right?” He asked suspiciously. I nodded. So that was why I recognised him. But I needed to talk now think in a minute. “Cameron Jones is, well was, the ripper.” I announced. Alex’s mouth dropped open in astonishment.

“WHAT!” He whisper screamed so as not to disrupt the whole café.  Well, that was actually rather funny. Well his facial expression was. I had to contain my laughter, but I could tell that the others, except Alex, were also trying not to laugh. I took a deep breath. “Yep, Cameron Jones is the ripper.” I confirmed. At least he didn’t ask how I knew that they were friends. That conversation would have been extremely awkward. Just then a giggle slipped out of Bethany’s mouth and it set us off like a chain of dominos laughing. We couldn’t help it. I mean Alex’s expression was just hilarious. Alex looked at us rather annoyed, but he stayed put. “Where is he now?” He demanded. I couldn’t answer right away because I was still laughing, but a moment later I managed to answer. “He’s at his house near the woods, I think it’s…” Once I told Alex the details he rushed off, probably to go and talk to or arrest Cameron. If they actually found him, which I doubted they would, Cameron would get a life sentence. Defiantly. As Alex left, I got a text. I checked my phone and realised that it was from Cameron.

Just though I would say, there will be no more Jack the ripper in around ten minutes.

Ok, not the best text to get. I replied quickly. Please tell me you are not going to commit suicide. If you are I will come and get you and make sure you never die or something. I typed before hitting send. I then quickly opened my tracker and located Cameron’s, then overlapped the position onto a map. He wasn’t near anything really, and I had a feeling he was going to kill himself. Now, I didn’t care if he had killed several, ok, maybe quite a few others, I was not going to let him die. I wouldn’t care if he was my best friend or worst enemy, I wouldn’t let someone go like that. I got up and walked quietly out without the others noticing. I had come with Chloe on my motor bike which I had picked up from home. I turned it on and placed my phone in a custom made holder in front of me so I could see where I needed to go. The only thing left to do was go. I headed off and quickly got onto the motor way. Now I could put my speed up development into action. Basically the motor bike had millions of different cameras on and it would replicate the world, making it invisible. Luckily I had worn my suit under my hoodie, which I had taken off, so I could use this tactic. I pulled down my goggles, they went with the suit. You couldn’t have a pair of eyes from nowhere could you? Basically when turned on the suit was millions of mirrors, and the goggles did the same for my eyes. So I became invisible. I moved over to the centre and speed up, going reasonably fast. That was another good thing about the goggles, even with the wind buffeting me I could see fine. A couple of minutes later I reached my turn off, so I took it and found it empty of cars for a moment, so I switched back to visible mode while slowing down. It only took around two minutes after to reach the location of Cameron. Luckily there was a back road near and a dirt track to the woods he was in, so I drove all the way up. I quickly dismounted and checked around in the woods for a minute before spotting Cameron setting up. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. I felt him jump, shocked at my touch. He turned around, and when he saw it was me he relaxed. “What are you doing here?” He asked.

“What do you think? I don’t care if you were a serial killer; I would let anyone I know commit suicide.”

“Oh.” Was his reply.

“How about this. You run, go somewhere else in England. Nobody knows what you as the ripper looks like, so you can get out. Go someplace else. I will tell them that the ripper is dead. However, if you kill another person, I will personally see to it that you are put in jail for a life sentence. Unless you have a good reason, such as they were about to kill you. In which case you will need proof, but I would let you off.”

“You would let me get away?” He asked, sounding surprised.

“If you didn’t kill anyone else, then yeah. But you would need to become a new person. By that I mean in more ways than one.” I clarified. He nodded, then to my surprise hugged me. “I know what I did was wrong, I was addicted to killing. I want to say I'm sorry to you, and to all the other families.” He whispered in my ear, crying softly.

“You know they will never forgive you, right?” He nodded.

“Yeah, I know.”

“Let me give you an idea. Go to a stationary shop, go by some letters, write to the families and tell them you are sorry. But never forget, you are never to kill again unless you want to spend a lifetime in jail.” I told him sternly.  He pulled out of the hug, and looked at me.

“Thank you. For everything. And, I think I am truly sorry for all the pain I have caused.”

“I can tell. I still have your phone number, so I will help you sort out a new life. But you remember that you cannot kill. And try and do something productive.” When I looked back at Cameron there were tears in his eyes. He nodded once at me then left, leaving all his stuff here. I grabbed a knife and cut down the rope, but other than that I left the stuff. I hopped on my motor bike and headed home. After that, I was for some reason going to help a killer make a new life. I mean nothing is going to change what he did, so I may as well help. The only thing that would help would be if I actually managed to make a working time machine. Actually, once I have finished my teleporter, that could be my new project. I bet everyone will be thrilled! Well, they would be if I was going to tell them about it. But still. Maybe then I could go back and erase the killings of Jack the Ripper Mark II.

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