Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


17. chapter 16

I was daydreaming happily for around half an hour before Cameron came up and interrupted the peaceful silence. He was panting a tad from running up the stairs and I guessed that it had something to do with Chloe. I sat up from my weird position. I had been sitting upside down with my legs dangling over the top of the sofa and my back on the seat. Once I had turned and reoriented myself I asked him what was wrong with Chloe. He just grabbed my hand and tugged me back down the stairs to where he just came from. He dragged me all the way to the torture chamber and I saw Chloe in a heap on the floor. I ran over to her and pulled into me before looking around. I quickly saw the glass tub full of what I guessed was some strong acid, just as I had suspected. I looked up a little bit more and saw the arm of a crane dangling above the tub. Well it looks like I'm not the only one who uses flying technology. Well, that kind of thing. I turned to Cameron who was looking my way. I kept Chloe pulled tight into me so she didn’t feel scared or intimidated. I could already feel her relaxing. “Well, I had a feeling that the death of my dad would involve acid, plus I have to admit that crane is a cool addition.” I commented quietly. I was assuming from Cameron’s wide eyes that he heard me, and was rather shocked that I noticed the crane. The room was rather dimly lit, however I am a pro at seeing in the dark.  Chloe was beginning to relax but I knew she would still be tense as long as she was in here so I picked her up and lifted her as I stood up. Cameron guessed that I was taking her out so he opened the door for me. I walked out and to the nearest bedroom. I had memorised the layout of the house so I knew where it was. I kicked the door open and places Chloe gently down on the bed. Thankfully she was now sleeping peacefully. I just hoped she wouldn't have nightmares. I backed slowly out of the room, being careful not to wake Chloe. Once I was out I backed right into Cameron. "Are you going to keep your side now?" He asked me.

"Why wouldn't I? But not right now. It's late, and you probably need a rest. I know I do." I told him. Although I was lying through my teeth about me needing a rest, I was actually not tired. I suppose my relaxing this afternoon meant that I was fine. Although I do occasionally stay up for a couple of days and nights in a row when I get caught up programming or reading or anything like that. I sometimes sit in the lounge for three days in a row with two piles of books, to read and read. Then I would read and the only thing I would get up for would be food or going to the toilet. And that wouldn't be very frequently. I normally forgot about everything when I was reading, well except for the book. I looked at Cameron for a reply. "Yeah, your right. I am feeling pretty sleepy." We walked to his room, he sat up on his bed and I sat down in the one I was using. "Tell me about your past. You know a bit about me, so it's only fair that I get to know a bit about you and your parents." Cameron looked at me and I could tell that he was nervous. But why?  Really, I don't think he had the best, but I can't believe that it would be that bad. I just need to listen to what he says before I jump to conclusions. "When I younger I lived in a cottage in a wood with my parents. My father often went hunting and as soon as I was old enough he brought me with. I think I got my blood lust from that. When I was eleven my parents moved into the city. For the first time I had to go to school. Before that I has been home schooled. It was different in the city and I found that it was loud and intimidating. I wanted to go back to the calm of the woods; however my parents thought that it would be better to stay here. Well, now I think that it was an ok idea, although I still am not that keen on the city. But the thing is if we had never left there would be no Jack the ripper. If you're wondering, they died on their own. By that I mean I didn't kill them if that's what you think. I don't think I would have it in me to murder my own parents." Well, I really didn't know whether to consider his early life better than mine, worse than mine, or just as bad as mine. In a way it was better, but there were some aspects that made it feel worse than mine. "Thank you for sharing that with me. You get some sleep now; I have an idea already ready for the morning. So sleep and don't worry about it." I think he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I could hear soft snores coming from his side of the room. It was amusing in a way, I mean I wasn’t sure if he was faking it or really asleep, but it did make me want to laugh. I lay back on my bed and brought out my iPhone. For the rest of the night I was up reading on my kindle app, I was too engrossed in the book to notice the time.


I stretched and got out of my bed at Lorna's house. All of us, meaning Skylar, Bethany, Lorna's sisters, and I, have been staying here for now. We are all waiting for news about Lorna and Chloe’s wellbeing, and I was glad that we now knew that they were both alive. That was the main concern. The next highest was getting them out of there, but other than me knowing what little I did about the teleporter, nobody had an ideas. I hopped out of the bed and walked downstairs, just wearing pyjama bottoms. It had gotten hot in the night and I had to take my top off. Once I was at the bottom of the stairs I noticed a newspaper had come with the post. I picked it up and unfolded it. Jack the ripper the Facebook killer was the headline. Well, at least it was good and made sense. I had a look down the front page, the title story taking up all of it. I saw that Alex, Skylars friend, had told the press about how Jack the ripper chose his victims as his name was mentioned a couple of times. I felt that it was a little unfair how neither Skylar nor Lorna were credited, but I supposed that the police officer wanted to uphold his reputation and pride. I can’t say that I blame him though. I had a read through of the newspaper, however that was the only thing they knew about the ripper other than his victims. I wonder what Lorna has found out about him. I wandered into the kitchen and made a slice of toast and jam. I stared at the clock in the kitchen, it was only half seven in the morning. Maybe it wasn’t early, but it sure wasn’t late either, judging by the fact that I was the only one out of all of the people here up. Even Lorna's hyperactive younger sister Clare wasn’t up, and she was hyper half the time. But then again, Bethany’s hyper overshoots Clare’s by a mile. If Bethany has sugar, well stand back and wait until the next day is my advice. She goes crazy mad. Bethany told me about this time where several hours after eating just one packet of sugar she was running around like a mad woman along with Chloe. Lorna had three packets of sugar, much more sugar than them, and she wasn’t hyper at all. She was struggling to get Chloe and Bethany to calm down and go home! I have to admit I wish I had been there to see that.


Finally it was morning, my iPhone told me that it was eight. I got out of the bed and checked on Cameron. He was still sleeping soundly, and he was snoring lightly like he had been all night. It was beginning to get extremely annoying. I snuck out of the room and although I was hungry I headed towards the room I had put Chloe in last night. I slowly pushed to door open, trying not to let it creak. I peered in round the door, and I saw her silently sleeping on the bed. I quietly walked over, determined not to wake her. She tossed a little in her sleep but didn’t wake. She actually looked pretty peaceful, so I could assume that she hadn’t had a nightmare. That was good news. I crept out of the room as silently as I had entered and I slowly shut the door. I then strode into the kitchen, I needed some food before my stomach started to complain. And my stomach complains loudly.  I grabbed some cereal and poured it in a bowl, then I added the milk and ate. After I was finished my stomach felt full enough to be comfortable, therefore it decided not to complain. I wandered at a leisurely pace back into the lounge, where I sat down and relaxed. I had a feeling that Cameron would be up soon, so I stayed put in the lounge. Well I did until I heard someone scream. My first thought was that Chloe was having a nightmare, however when I ran I ended up in the room with Cameron, who was the source of the scream to my surprise. Yet instinctively I already knew it was it. I sat down on the bed and wrapped my arm around him. He was sitting upright, breathing hard. I patted his back lightly to help him calm down. After a minute he seemed to get hold of himself and he turned his head and looked my way with a small smile. “Thanks.”


Lorna waited for Cameron to be ready then they headed down to the torture chamber. Lorna had already checked on Chloe and she was ok. Lorna had made her some breakfast and Chloe had been eating when they had left. Lorna had also left an interesting book out for Chloe to read once she finished eating. Lorna followed Cameron down, as for some reason she didn’t want him to know that she had already memorised the layout of the whole place. She could feel the cold silver steel of the knife in her sock pressing against her skin as she walked. Luckily for her it was only touching her skin, and it didn’t dig in or cause any visible bleeding. As they walked down the stairs a random question popped into Lorna's head, and before she could stop herself her mouth opened and she had already asked him. “You know, you would be better off as a butcher. Why aren’t you a butcher, or something like that?” She had no idea why she had asked, but for some reason she had asked it. Cameron kept walking in silence for a moment, and Lorna thought that she shouldn’t have said anything. Just as they reached the spiral staircase leading to the chamber, he broke the silence. “I never thought about it. I suppose that would be the perfect job for me wouldn’t it.” He replied, joking a little. They then walked down the staircase. They both remained silent, concentrating hard on not tripping as the steps were rather steep. By the time they reached the bottom there was nothing to talk about other than the method by which Lorna's mother was going to die. That was what they needed to discuss, mostly because it was part of the deal. “Ok, so do you have any ideas?” Cameron asked Lorna. Although he didn’t say what the ideas were for, Lorna understood that it was about ways of killing. She nodded and told him. “I have actually. I saw one of my friends cats once, it was always good at catching rabbits. Once, I saw what it had done to a poor rabbit. The cat had bitten its head off and pulled out the guts, which lay disregarded all over the place. It just left the guts and empty skin behind. If you’re looking for an idea, copy the cat.” She suggested. After hearing the idea there were a few things that went through Cameron’s mind. That is just creepy, she’s weird and kind of scary after suggesting that, that’s a great idea actually. Lorna did want him to think she was scary, that was the whole purpose. It was a bit like she was showing him that she was the boss, even though she wasn’t. He looked her in the eye, “You know what, although freaky, that is actually quite a good idea. That's perfect. All that we have to do now is carry it out." he told her smiling creepily. She put hands up and moved back. She stopped, and made eye contact with him so that he knew she wasn't going to change her mind. "I don't mind seeing blood guts and gore, I don't care about touching organs like the heart, but I will not kill someone for blood guts or gore." She declared solidly. He looked at her and opened his mouth, about to protest when she interrupted. "If you are going to say that I didn't keep me side of the bargain, well you are wrong. You just said that I had to help you come up with a way to kill her. You didn't say I had to aspect actually help you kill her. And don't say that I'm twisting your words, I have a photographic memory. So you can't contradict me, I already know I'm right. I can also guess that I just crushed your side of the argument, so don't try. I am not going to help. I'll watch, but that is as far as it goes. And remember, after this Chloe and I get to leave. Don't forget." She continued. Cameron closed his mouth and turned around, deciding to leave the argument before joining, he could tell that he would never win. He strode off to the other side of the room to get Debra. Meanwhile Lorna quickly removed her phone from her pocket and texted Jake. She only had time to send one word. That word was soon.


Cameron dragged Debra out by her hair. She looked a disgrace. Her hair was lank and greasy,  and Debra's clothes had become torn and dirty. She hadn't been wash since Cameron had taken her, so her face and body were covered in dirt and grease. Cameron dragged her to a metal table in the corner of the room. Debra had no strength left with which to fight him, so she only weekly protested as he dumped her on the table and cuffed her ankles and wrists to it. He then walked back over to Lorna, completely ignoring Debra's quiet pleas for help. He walked back to where Lorna was, and she was waiting patiently. "Fine. You don't need to participate, however you will still help, and of course watch." He stated. He lightly grabbed Lorna's wrist, he was hardly even holding it. Lorna followed him to where he had left her mum, and as she looked on she didn't even flinch. "What first?" Cameron asked, more as an open question, but at the same time it was directed at Lorna. "Sedate her." Was Lorna's solemn reply. Cameron looked at her and asked her why, but without saying anything. His expression said it for him. However, he did as she asked. Once she was out cold, Lorna explained. "She may have been one of the worst mothers ever, but I don't think it was all her fault. The sedating is my act of kindness for her, but my only one."

"Ok then, what now?"

"Slit her neck." As Cameron drew the knife deeply across the bare neck of Debra, blood spurted out, forming a pool of it beneath her, staining her bleak clothes.

"If you are still following the cat, you need to completely remove her head and dispose of it. Then, without making any more cuts, you pull out her intestines and bones. I'll leave exactly how to do it to you."

Not long later, there was a thick large intestine one the floor, with the small intestine hanging out of the body. The heart had been removed and had been discarded on the floor which was now slick with blood. As Cameron worked, he felt that rush from the feeling of decapitating someone and just leaving a skin. He walked around as he worked, almost slipping on the slippery blood beneath his feet, however he was used to it and quickly regained his balance.

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