Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


16. Chapter 15

I was now at the café and I sat down after getting a hot chocolate. I waited for Cameron to show up as I drunk it. Once I had finished it I got a text. Once again it was from Cameron. Where are you? It simply stated. I sighed. He was the ripper but was he capable of doing any simple things? I replied, Sitting in the Café drinking hot chocolate.  I hit send and waited for either a reply or for him to come over, whichever happened first. After a minute he texted back. I can’t find you. Where in the café are you exactly? I laughed at that. He was an idiot in some cases. I typed out, In the corner and hit send. Not long after I saw him coming over. I rolled my eyes as he approached. Finally. He came over and sat down opposite me, and we discussed.

“So you have Chloe. Can you prove that?” I asked.

“Yes.” He told me, showing me a picture he had of Chloe trapped in a room.

“So, what do you want?”

“Two things, the first being that I wanted to tell you that I have your parents and they are going to be my next victims. I really don’t care what you think, but I thought I would let you know.”

“Interesting. After all they’ve done, I really don’t care about them. Just don’t touch my sister. What was thing number two?”

“What do you think?”

“I really don’t want it to be what I thing, but I think that you want me. By which I mean you want to kill me.”

“Yep, correct completely. Now, you will be coming with me. that is unless you want to see Chloe dead.”

I held up my hands. “If I wasn’t going to come I wouldn’t be here.” I retorted, shaking my head. “Come on then.”


He led me to the same car I had seen zooming out of the car park at the mall. I reluctantly slid into the passenger seat while Cameron got into the driver’s side and started up the car. A moment later we were off to wherever he was keeping Chloe. I looked out the window for the whole drive, making sure I remembered all the turns and how long between them. My phone, which I had linked up to my tracker, should be marking the route on a map, but I was remembering it just in case it failed. The route should also be being mapped by my computer back at home. Once we were there and Cameron had stopped the car I linked up the audio so that Jake could hear what was going on. I didn’t have visual on the trackers as they were normally in places where you could only see clothes or feet. I got out of the car and walked into the house. It looked small, but I knew how looks could be deceiving. Cameron led me through the house and into the lounge. Chloe was sitting on one of the sofas, eating some food. I could see red marks on her wrists from where they had been tied together. It looked painful. When she looked up I gave her look that said Are you ok? She nodded subtly back. I sat down on the sofa next to Chloe and took one of her shaking hands in mine to calm her down. Cameron sat down opposite me. He nodded towards Chloe then spoke. “That is the result of seeing my special torture chamber.” He told me, sounding somewhat proud. “Oh, really. Well, I would love to see it and see if it has the same results. Somehow I doubt that.” I replied. He frowned at me. What he didn’t know was that I like gory things like torture chambers, and my ideas would probably be much worse than his, including things like skinning people alive. He then grinned at me and stood up. “Come on then, I’ll show you my chamber of horrors.” Chloe’s eyes widened in fright at the mention of the torture chamber and she grabbed onto my arm, pulling me down. I whispered in her ear, “Trust me, I’ll be ok. Not much can scare me.” She looked a little relieved and loosened her grip on my arm. I pulled it out and followed Cameron down to his ‘chamber of horrors.’


I followed Cameron down several flights of stairs until we reached a big old oak door with massive hinges on it that were bolted on. You know, that kind of door that scares the living daylights out of most people. Cameron pushed it and it flew open with a creak. It revealed many torture devices all over the place. There was a massive tank in the middle, and I thought the place was amazing. “Wow.” I gasped. Some of this stuff looked brilliant. Cameron just stared at me as I walked round, gazing at all the cool devices. He even had a rack! I then saw a figure in the corner, the person had a noose tightly round their neck and it was pulled up so that they could only just touch the floor on tippy toes. Now that was a good idea. Human instinct wouldn’t let you remove your feet for long, so you just stood there until someone took pity on you, or you died of thirst or something. I moved closer and the figure became recognisable. It was my dad. He looked at me with pleading eyes. I went over to the winch that held the rope tight and raised it a tad so that he was dangling in mid-air for a moment, then I lowered it so that his toes just touched the ground. “How long has this thing been here?” I asked, staring at my dad. All the hope fled from his being. “If you’re talking about your dad, he’s been standing there just under, 12 hours by now.” As for your mother, I haven’t decided what to do with her yet.” I walked back over to him, not at all scared of all the deadly equipment. “I take it that you’re not scared then.” He stated.

“Not at all.” I replied. He sighed. I think he was a little annoyed, but he didn’t try anything. He guided me back up to the lounge where Chloe was sitting. She looked happy that I wasn’t shaking or anything. I would have said something like it looked cool, but that would freak her out. So I said nothing. Cameron sat down opposite Chloe and I sat next to her. “What do you want now?” I asked. He looked at me and was about to reply when he remembered that Chloe was sitting next to me. “Chloe may not want to hear this.” He told me. “So what do you want Chloe to do?” I asked him. This didn’t sound good.

“Chloe, why don’t you go to the room I showed you earlier?” He spoke to her. She nodded and headed off. Once she was out of the room he turned to me. “Basically, I will kill both your parents eventually, and in return for you not telling anyone about me I will not kill you or Chloe.”

“By that do you mean you won’t kill me and Chloe or do you mean that you will kill either me or Chloe?” I asked. The way he said it made it sound like a bit of a trick. I was a bit cautious, but I still listened to him. “I'm not sure yet.” He told me. That wasn’t the best reply ever. If anything, that put me on edge more than the torture chamber did. He seemed to be deciding, so I lay down on the sofa and stretched out my legs. I closed my eyes. And I think I fell asleep.


A little later I was woken by Cameron shaking me awake. I was still on the sofa, and I assumed that Cameron had decided. I yawned and stretched, I was never at my best when I had just woken up. I sat up on the sofa as Cameron sat down opposite me. You fell asleep so I let you sleep. Chloe is still alive and fine just so you know.”  He reassured me. At least he was polite. At times. “Can I ask you something? Why did you kill Marcy?” He sat still for a minute. I had no idea what he would do next. “I don’t know.” He replied softly. “I really don’t know. In a way I regret it, but at the same time I don’t.”

That was not what I was expecting. In a way I was expecting him to lash out or something, but he didn’t. I checked my watch, it was half ten in the evening. “What should I do? It half ten, am I meant to stay here?” I asked. He nodded. “Ok, so where do I stay?”  He got up and led me to a nice looking room. It had two single beds in. “Is this your room as well?” He nodded and threw himself down on one of the beds. At the moment, I wasn’t thinking of him as the ripper, but as a person, an upset one at that. I walked over to the bed and sat down on it. I watched as he started to cry, so I pulled him up by his shoulders and pulled him to me. I held him in a hug until he stopped crying and had fallen asleep. I was used to this, when I was with my parents my sisters sometimes had nightmares, or bad days, and in those instances I would be by their bedside and I would hold them until they fell asleep. They knew I wouldn’t leave them until they were asleep and peaceful, and from Cameron’s position I could tell that for some reason he trusted me. Well at least unconsciously He did. Which kind of shocked me. But then again, I was the kind of person that people did trust. Once he was fast asleep I lowered him onto the bed and placed him down. I tried to pull away however Cameron kept hold of me, so o had to carefully move his hands so that I could get out of his hold. Once I was out I stood up and I heard him mutter “I'm sorry.” I walked over to the other bed and relaxed, but I couldn’t fall asleep. After a while I got up again and walked out of the room and explore Cameron’s house. 


I have to admit that Cameron’s house is massive, although quite a few things are underground. I looked at my watch, it said it was now seven in the morning, so I headed back to Cameron’s room to see if he was awake. He wasn’t in the bed, so I deduced that either he had sleepwalked out of there or he was awake. I had a feeling that the latter was true. I went down to the kitchen and I found Cameron making breakfast. I thought of him as a normal person when I saw that, forgetting about him being the ripper. Well, that was until I saw his eyes. When he turned around they were filled with want. The want to kill. I could just tell, but for some reason I wasn’t scared. Cameron just stared at me, probably thinking that I would run off screaming or something, but even in the presence of a serial killer it took more than a look to frighten me. He stalked over until he was standing right in front of me. I guessed that he was trying to intimidate me; however it was failing as I was actually taller than him. I stared down at him and started laughing. I had a feeling that Cameron was going to get annoyed but I wasn’t too worried. Once I had composed myself I went over to him and asked him about what he said last night. That being about who he was releasing. “I will release both of you, but there are some conditions. First, you can tell nobody where I live. Under any circumstances. Second, Chloe has to watch as I finish off your dad. Thirdly, you have to help me kill your mother. If you do that then you can go.” Well, that wasn’t too bad. I hated my parents and all the blackmailing they did, and in a way I had been waiting for them to die for ages. I didn’t want to seem mean, but they really did repulse me with their horrid ways. “May I discuss your terms with Chloe please?” I asked politely. He considered it then nodded. When I looked at him I saw his eyes had softened. “Before you go and talk with Chloe, I wanted to ask you something. Why did you stay with me last night after everything I have done to you?”


I was curious as to why she stayed with me when I was upset. I mean Marcy was my first cold blooded murder, and in a way I felt guilty that I had kill Lorna's friend. But at the same time it was my first murder, and there was that rush, the one that I craved. “You actually remember that?” She asked, sounding surprised. It was as if she had encountered it before. Or me before at that. I nodded in response, I didn’t want to zone out before I heard her reply. “Well, seeing as you do remember, I’ll tell you something. When I was still living with my parents I used to comfort my sisters like that. I always seem to know when someone needs another person to comfort them, and I felt that radiating from you. If you want to know why I though you would forget, well my sisters always forgot.” She told me. So her younger sisters sometimes cried themselves to sleep. I was really beginning to see her parent’s true colours. If it was them that caused the crying that is. I went into daydream mode as Lorna walked off, presumably to find Chloe. In a way I would love to kill her, but at the same time I want her to live. Talk about conflicted feelings. Instead of thinking about that I thought about how I was going to pull of my next murder, and what to do next.


I walked through the house until I found the room that Chloe was in. I opened the door and walked in, seeing that Chloe was sitting on the bed. “Are you ok?” I asked concerned. She nodded. “Really?” I asked, waggling my eyebrows, making her laugh.

“Yeah, I'm ok. How come you are here?”

“He told me to come. Also he has a proposition for us. He will let us go, but we have to agree to his terms.” Chloe looked a little nervous.

“Go on..”

“Basically there are two that involve you. One is that we don’t give away the location of this place. The other, well, I don’t think you’re going to like it.” Poor Chloe gulped and took a deep breath before telling me to continue.

“Basically you have to watch him kill my dad.” I blurted out in one breath. Chloe looked a little shocked, and her eyes widened, but she nodded.

“I can do that.” She replied quietly. Thank goodness for that. “What do you have to do?” I raised my eyebrows as if to ask if she really wanted to know. “Actually scratch that, I'm guessing it worse than mine, and if that is so I don’t want to hear it.” She interrupted. Well, she did have common sense then. “Come on, we had better go and tell Cameron our decision.” We both got up and Chloe followed me to the lounge. “Don’t worry, it’ll be ok.” I reassured her. I could tell that she was feeling nervous; the feeling was rolling off her. I was the first into the room, followed by Chloe. Chloe went and sat down on the sofa opposite Cameron while I sat next to him. “We have come to a decision. We accept. Chloe will do her part, and we have agreed in that. Ok?” I informed him. He looked like he was in a trance and I wasn’t sure if he had heard. I shook his shoulder and he suddenly looked around, startled. “What?” I sighed and rolled my eyes. I was beginning to wonder how this guy was even the ripper; but then I remembered the in my opinion reasonably cool torture room. It was like half of him was innocent, half guilty. Maybe he had some mental problem? Maybe not, be probably just likes killing. I know that I occasionally like to think up gruesome ways to kill people. “As I was saying, Chloe and I have agreed and we accept your terms.” I repeated. “Oh. I didn’t think Chloe would agree.” He murmured. It sounded as if he had planned everything for a no answer but nothing for a yes answer. Brilliant, right?


I can’t believe Chloe agreed to watch me kill Lorna's father. I was basically banking on her saying no. I wanted to make Chloe suffer, and then kill her. She was like my substitute for Libby. I never got to kill her, and I did want blood. Well, at least there are two more killings until the end of Jack the Ripper. But then what? I would be wanted for those deaths, I could never live a normal life, I would be in constant fear of being caught. But then again, I do like to live on the edge. Well, sometimes I do. If I do stop killing I’ll miss the rush, that incredible feeling. But there is that overwhelming pit of guilt and sorrow to face up to, I have to admit. It gets me down sometimes. But for now let’s concentrate on now, not on what's to come. I don’t want to think about that for now.


"When are we going to fulfil our terms, and how do we have proof that you will keep your side of the deal?" I asked.

"Chloe today you tomorrow. I may be a killer, however I do always keep promises." He replied. He had better keep his side. I have a feeling that Chloe won't enjoy this, but hopefully Cameron will do something like shove his body in hydrochloride acid, maybe something even stronger. I hope Chloe doesn't freak out. I meanwhile, will be thinking of ways to kill my mum. I doubt anyone else could do this, I mean most people love their mums. Well, as long as their parents are nice and respect them people tend to like their mums. I don't think I ever liked her that much. Even when I was younger I did tend to look after myself. I think my mum really looked after me until I was around one and a half, then she kind of stopped. That doesn't mean she abandoned me or anything, she just wasn't around much and she didn't help me out. I learnt to look after myself because of that. Also, because I got free reign of the whole house I basically grew up programming things. When I was young I loved computers, even if they weren't the best. Then as I grew up computers got better and I became more advanced with them. I think I got into hacking when I was about five. My parents never noticed or knew. By the time I was eight they hardly noticed me doing whatever I wanted, mostly because they were busy with Cass who was born around then. By that time I had found out the pin to my fathers credit card, well found out the pin codes to most of them, so I bought things I needed online using them and occasionally went to shops using money from a cash machine. But back to how to relieve the world of my mother. Actually, I had a good idea. Well, thanks to a memory I had from when I had a cat I had a good idea. I think Cameron would like it, plus he would probably be a tad scared of me after hearing my idea. But then again that was what I wanted in a way.


Cameron led me back to that place, I never wanted to see it again. I don't get how Lorna could see it and not be quivering in fear or something. If anything I would say she like it. Which is creepy. But Lorna isn't the most normal person. I mean once Bethany, Lorna and I each ate a whole packet of sugar. It was like me: hyper. Bethany: hyper. Lorna: not so hyper. At all. She ate a whole three packs and didn't get hyper at all. Bethany and I were amazed. And completely hyper. Lorna had a job calming us down. Once we reached the chamber of horrors I tried to think happy thoughts to block out the fear that was creeping over me, but it was hard to resist. Cameron led me in and sat me down on a hard plastic chair that faced a massive tub. The tub was made of glass and was see through. It also had a liquid in. I wasn't sure what it was, it could have been water, but my instincts told me that it wasn't. If it was a strong acid, which I had a feeling that it might be, I really didn't want to be here. I was stung by bees when I was young, I stumbled on a hive and I didn't know what it was. When I studied it more a lot of bees came out, and I was stung by quite a lot of them. I had to put bicarbonate of soda and toothpaste on them. Ever since then I have been mildly afraid of acids, and terrified by strong acids. I am also scared of bees, wasps and anything that flys and stings people. "Umm, Cameron, is that acid?" I asked him nervously. He turned to me from doing whatever he was doing. I didn't want to know what he was doing. "Why?"

"Well. Umm, I have I suppose what  you would say is a phobia of acids. Have done since I was young." I admitted.

"Ok then, you have a choice. You can either stay there and watch as I chuck him into the acid, or you can have the tank covered, however instead you have to watch me cut off his limbs while he is alive. I'll give you a minute to decide." Which is worse. Acid, which I am scared of, or seeing someone's limbs being it off. I'd see all the blood and everything. Oh god, I feel like I'm going to vomit. I'm just wondering how green I am sitting her. I feel sick, but I'll sit through this so that Lorna and I can get out of this place. Now, which is better? I think that despite my fear of acid, that one will be less gory. Hopefully. “I’ve decided.” I called out, hoping that Cameron would hear. “So, what's your choice?” He shouted back at me. “I'm going acid bath for the guy.” Cameron walked round the edge of the tub and nodded. “I thought you would go for that. Less blood and guts. Although in my opinion more guts and gore make it better, but there you go.” He walked back around the tub and disappeared. A moment later I heard muffled screams coming from the corner. Then I noticed Cameron with a ladder propped up against the tub. He climbed up it and pulled over a rope. On the end was a person, dangling off, hanging on for dear life. I really didn’t want to hear anything, and I noticed earmuffs on the small table next to me. I checked them best I could in the dim light, but they didn’t seem to have any blood on them, thank goodness. I shoved them over my ears and watch the silent movie play out in front of me.


It feels good to see blood again. I had Jonathon hovering over the tub of acid. I had a crane type device in the room and I used it for the tub. I would attach a rope to the claw, then attach a person to the rope. Once they were up I didn’t care whether the knot came undone or not. In this case Jonathon had managed to undo it, however he was no gripping the rope so tight that his knuckles were white. He looked deathly afraid which made me happy, plus it was rather amusing. Well, it was for me at least. I could tell that neither Chloe nor Jonathon found it distinctly funny. Chloe had put earmuffs over her ears and in a way I hoped she didn’t hear anything. But then again it would be interesting to torment her with the cries of the dying. But she was a nice person and she didn’t need to be tormented. I think she was already past her comfort zone. I left Jonathon hovering as I thought about Lorna. She hadn’t even been remotely scared when I showed her this place. I don’t get it. Everyone else was scared out of their wits. So why wasn’t she? It was just so frustrating. I looked back at Jonathon. He was trying to keep his legs up and out of the acid, so I thought that I would have some fun. Underneath the tub was a hydraulic lift. Without letting Jonathon notice I made the tub rise a little, then a tad more until his feet were dangling above the deadly liquid. He still hadn’t noticed, seeing as he was too busy trying to hold on. I made the tub rise the last inch and I heard Jonathon squeal in pain as his left foot was eaten up entirely and his right toes were devoured. I heard a squeal from below and I looked down to see Chloe looking up at me. Her eyes betrayed how scared she was, but I wasn’t about to stop for her sake. Jonathon was shaking and his grip was loosening. He was obviously trying, but he was tired. So I decided to speed it up. “You do know that this rope isn’t attached to anything, right?” I asked sarcastically. His eyes widened as he tried, and failed, to scramble up the rope. As he almost reached the top I made the crane release the rope into the bubbling liquid below. The scene before me unfolded in slow motion before my very eyes. I saw Jonathon’s mouth open, his perfect white teeth showing, in readiness to scream, while Chloe jumped from her seat, causing it to topple while she flew towards the floor, covering her eyes. Then as Chloe hit the ground and Jonathon the burning liquid, it all sped up to normal speed. Jonathon’s body began to disintegrate while I moved back to avoid any droplets. I could hear Chloe crying silently down below. In a way I could say that she didn’t keep her side of the bargain, however I think that would be unfair. I mean she did watch until the finale. I doubted Chloe would get up or move unless I got Lorna, so I left and hurried up to the lounge where I hoped Lorna was.


While Chloe and Cameron were down in his torture chamber, I strolled into the kitchen and grabbed two knives. One was a short on which I shoved into one of my socks then covered it with my trouser leg. I then shoved the other in my jean waistband and made sure it wasn’t visible when I pulled my top back down. Luckily it wasn’t, so I walked around near the mirror and made sure that neither of the knives showed when I walked. Neither did, so I was safe. I had seen them earlier and decided that they would be useful for protection. I mean Cameron is a serial killer; I sure as hell am not going to trust him without having some kind of weapon. For some reason when I left my parents I took up throwing knives. I stopped when I reached twenty after two years; however I still know how to do so. I have a feeling that my ability may come in useful. Afterward I wandered back to the lounge and checked to see if Jake had texted me. It was now ten in the evening, so I wasn’t surprised that he hadn’t. He was probably fast asleep. I sent him a text saying that I was fine, and that both Chloe and I were ‘safe’. I purposely didn’t mention Chloe being ok, mostly because I didn’t think she was. I had a feeling that Jake wouldn’t ask about Chloe. Not that he didn’t care, but I have a feeling that he’s more worried about me. In reality he should be more worried about Chloe’s wellbeing, but then again not many people know what I think of serial killers and torture chambers. Well, except Cameron and Chloe nobody does. But most people don’t want to know what others think of that kind of stuff. I just find blood guts and gore interesting, but I keep it at an interest level rather than going out and killing people to see blood guts and gore. All I have to do is hack into the horrific crimes in the police database. That has all of that to my heart’s content. I need to focus on how to get Chloe and I out of here, I think that as soon as I’ve done my part we run and get Jake to teleport us to my house. That is probably the best option, but when has a plan ever gone smoothly?

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