Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


15. chapter 14

I looked at the clock. It was now midnight and Lorna still wasn’t back. Yes I was tired, but I wasn’t so tired that I didn’t care about my friends. I saw that Skylar had fallen asleep on the sofa, and when I looked into Lorna's downstairs room I saw both Bethany and Chloe asleep on it. I pulled out my phone and went to text Lorna, but then I realised that I didn’t have her number. I snuck over to Skylar and extracted his phone from his hands. I unlocked it and checked his contacts. I soon found Lorna. I added her into my contacts, but I left out her last name. I was almost sure that I knew it, but I wanted conformation. Once her number was in my phone I texted her, however I didn’t expect her to answer. She didn’t until I was almost asleep ten minutes later. She had replied, I need to talk to you. Why? That sounded ominous. Should I take some kind of weapon? What was I thinking, it was only Lorna. I heard footsteps outside the lounge and I tensed up. Lorna hadn’t come back yet, so who was it. I was surprised when Lorna's face peeked round the edge of the door frame. I just stared at her. I hadn’t heard the door opening, so when did she come in? She came up to me and pulled me out of the lounge and into her computer room. She pushed me into one of the chairs and she dumped herself into the other. “Tell me about your dad.” She requested. I almost denied her, but the look on her face made me tell her about him.


I was wondering whether Jake would tell me anything, but he did. “Basically, when I was around 5, my dad started a computer company. Small scale thing, just local. After a couple of year his business started expanding and got a lot bigger. When I was around 10 it became a national thing. Then other countries began wanting my dad’s stores, so he expanded, becoming international. It was great, we had money and it was fun. I got lots of the latest computing equipment as my dad usually was selling them. Then, when I was around 15, some other companies felt challenged. Well that’s what I think anyway. I believe that we were going up against some of the biggest. The Bielinski was the largest, and the most competitive. It was around two months before he ‘died’ when our sales shot up, and we were overtaking the Bielinski company. On the day of his death we were going to go and celebrate, but I found him dead. I think he was assassinated, but the police disagreed. Without my father to head up the company, things fell apart. Not even a year later all the shops were closed. All we had left was memories, and luckily a good amount of money.” He told me. Well, at least now he could rest his head knowing that his suspicions were right. “You were right. He was murdered.” I whispered. In a way I didn’t want to tell him but he deserved to know. “What!” He exclaimed, jumping up. “How can you know that? Do you have proof? And also, since when did you have red contacts?” He questioned. Blast, I had forgotten to change my glasses. I left that question unanswered. “I know and I have proof. Put these on.” I instructed, giving him a pair of headphones that were connected to my computer. I put mine over my ears and turned to the computer and I searched for the audio I had recorded and cut out of the main stream. It was the part about the murder. Once I found it I played it so that he could hear it. As he listened tears streamed down his face.


Oh my. I was right. He was murdered. But who were the people talking? I felt my tears rolling down my cheeks and my sight was all blurry, I could hardly see anything. I couldn’t stop crying, letting out all my contained tears from when my father died. I felt someone wrap their arms around me and seeing as Lorna was the only other person in the room I knew that it was her. I hugged her back, glad of the comfort. I couldn’t stop the tears for several minutes, and I missed my father greatly. “Its ok, you can stop crying now.” Lorna whispered in my ear in an attempt to calm me. I managed to calm down and I took a deep breath. My eyes clear and I released Lorna and she sat back down. “Are you ok?” She questioned. I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. “Now comes the worst part. My parents are the ones talking. That is assuming you have worked out my last name.” She told me. Well, that took guts to tell me. I don’t feel any different about Lorna though. Which means that I still have a crush on her, but she doesn’t know. In computing she knows everything, in emotions she knows nothing. “I'm not mad at you.” I replied quietly, making sure she knew that I didn’t blame her. I heard a sigh of relief. Just then the doorbell rang so Lorna got up and went to answer it.


Damn! I still don’t know who that Lorna girl is! But she did save me back there, which I am glad of. She is a good hacker to be able to beat Debra Bielinski. But forget about that for now. I need to find out Lorna's last name. She and that girl Chloe will be the last pair, I will kill them. Now, ideas about how to kill them. Let’s get rid of all the unimaginative ways like slicing their necks. Something like the rack would be a good starter, maybe electrocution, some kind of poison that causes unbearable pain but kills slowly. That would be good. Time to go on a way to kill hunting spree.


I opened the door and Cass stood outside with my robot next to her. She obviously knew about the robot as she didn’t freak out when she saw me. She told me that the girls were fast asleep in the van. They had woken up, but they had fallen asleep again. Cass herself looked pretty tired. “Wait on moment and I’ll go and get Jake to help me bring the girls in. you go upstairs, turn right first door. It should say Lelacool on it. bottom bunk is yours for now.” I instructed. She stumbled up the stairs and into the room before presumably crashing onto the bed and falling asleep. I then walked back to the computer room and hauled Jake out. He looked pretty shocked when he saw my robot, but kept his mouth shut for the time being. We walked out to the van and my robot followed as I had instructed. I grabbed Lottie, her ginger hair covering my arm as I grabbed her. Jake took Cam, and my robot took Clare. I told the robot to take Clare into my downstairs spare room and tuck her in. The robot walked off as Jake and I stood at the foot of the stairs. I walked up, my arms aching from carrying Lottie. Jake followed closely behind. I led him to a spare room that I had designed with the twins in mind. There was two bunk beds, the kind with only the top bunk and a study like area underneath. There was two wardrobes, and two of everything. I reached up and carefully rolled Lottie onto the bed. I then climbed up a step on the ladder and made the bed so Lottie would be comfortable. Opposite me Jake was sorting out Cam. Once Jake was done Jake and I crept out of the room and I switched off the light. I led Jake to my room and I checked on Cass. She was sleeping soundly and letting out the occasional light snore. I opened up a bed from the wall, it pulled out of the wall. Jake looked rather excited as I pulled down the short ladder to get up. I moved out of the way and he immediately scrambled up and lay down, claiming it as his. I laughed quietly at his manner, and I lay down on my bed, hoping to fall asleep sooner rather than later as I turned off the light.


*           *           *


Today is my birthday and the day I reveal all the dirty tricks my parents used. I checked the TV, nothing important was on. I was downstairs in my computer room and I hacked into the live TV stream and paused it before replacing it with a live feed from my webcam. I probably shouldn’t have done that but I wanted to get the word out. It would hopefully also be played at the BBC studio so they would report on it later. I then started to talk. Hopefully the viewers were still watching, and I was pleased to see that the counter in the corner was going up.

“Hello everybody. Sorry to interrupt the news, however I am going to replace it with something equally as good. Everybody knows the world famous Bielinski company, the one that deals in technology. Well, I'm the oldest daughter of the owners. Yes, I'm Lorna Bielinski. What I want to tell you concerns my parents and their rise in the world. While you may see them as respectable, they are actually hackers. By this I mean they hack into peoples computers for their own gain. They aren’t the greatest however they have used this ability to their advantage. A lot of competitors in the computer market are being blackmailed by my parent, who have hacked into their computer and either found some kind of metaphorical dirt on them, or have planted some files. They used this to become rich and to beat the competition. Some of you may also remember the other company, Range of Tec, the one that collapsed a couple of years ago. Well, I have proof that my parents, well at least my father, ordered the owners murder. I am now going to show you the evidence.” One the screen a screenshot of my parents’ files appeared, with the one named blackmail highlighted. “This is a screenshot from my parent’s computer. As you can see there is a file named Blackmail. I will now show you what is inside.” I pulled up a video of me opening the file. I played it back on the live feed so that the viewers could see it. “This is me opening it, and as you can see, there are many folders inside. These contain details such as how they are blackmailing a company, so in this folder here named Raskers, It contains details about the company, the employees, the reason for blackmail and all the details needed to blackmail. Now in this folder here, named plant, there is some kind of either virus or other kind of scam. It could contain online receipts for Illegal things, such as drugs. Now I am going to play you an audio file.” I started it playing and listened along with the many viewers. Once it was finished I turned it off. “That is all I have to say. I will now switch you back to your respective TV programs.” I then turned off my webcam, shut off the feed and replaced the one from the BBC. The presenter look more than a little flustered, but they produced a news report from my little interlude and added it into the daily news.


I was watching the BBC channel 1, when suddenly it was interrupted. Brilliant. I watched, feeling annoyed, as someone appeared in the blackness. She had distinctive purple hair and brown eyes. She looked like Maddy. In fact, she was Maddy! How did she do that? I took more interest in what was happening as Maddy began to talk. A moment later she told us her name. She was Lorna Bielinski. Wow. So Maddy was Lorna, and Lorna was the hacker. Well, was she? I thought about it. She obviously had to be able to hack to be able to hijack the BBC broadcast, and her first name was Lorna. Plus she looking at her brought up a memory from a couple of years ago. The time when I leant my phone to a crying girl in the park. She looked a lot like her. Actually, it was probably her. I mean her name was Lorna, she ran away a couple of years ago, it all added up. She was the hacker. She was my next target. Well, either her or her parents. Or maybe both. By the end of the broadcast I had a plan.


After I was done I got up and stretched. It was seven o’clock now. I went upstairs and to my room and saw that both Cass and Jake were still sleeping. In fact most of the household were still sleeping. I climbed up to where Jack was sleeping and shook him awake. Once he was half awake I dragged him out of the bed and out of the room and closed the bed behind me. I snuck back out of the room and turned to face the still mostly asleep Jake. He mumbled something then walked towards me. I giggled a little at the fact that he was sleep walking, but a little out of nervousness. His eyes were semi closed and I could tell that he was still asleep he unconsciously put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me closer. I was too amused to resist. Then, without any warning he leaned in and kissed me. I was rather surprised but I responded a moment later. Jake seemed to be more awake now, and after a little bit I pulled away to find a surprised looking Jake staring at me. As a looked at him he went bright red. “Oh blast, you weren’t a dream! I thought you were part of my dream, oh god. Err, umm, what do you want me to say now?”         He rattled on.

“Calm down, calm down. Don’t worry, ok.” I told him. If it had been Skylar I would have been facing a full blown panic attack. “Why did you wake me up?” He asked, still looking a tad dazed. “I'm going out and I was wondering if you wanted to come with.” I answered. He thought about it for a minute then nodded. We both walked downstairs and I pulled on my shoes as Jake did the same. He yawned and stretched. He was wearing jeans and a top, along with some trainers. His black hair luckily didn’t look like a bed head, and despite being woken up only minutes ago his green eyes were bright. Once he was ready we walked out the door.


As we walked I showed Jake my tracker app on my iphone, and on his phone I downloaded a copy. On it all the tags showed up, including his own. I didn’t have one on though, so I didn’t show up. I checked my texts, I had one from Chloe, so told me she was going to the mall where we were heading. I replied to say this and she said she would meet us there. As we walked we talked about random stuff, mostly me talking about some of the stuff I had created and how to operate the stuff, including the robot. I told him about it and that was why he saw two of me yesterday. He just listened, and when he spoke I listened, however I was thinking about Cameron. I knew that name from somewhere. But I couldn’t place where. Finally we reached the mall, and after looking through the early morning crowd I spotted her. We pushed our way through until we got to Chloe. “Hey Chloe!” I shouted in her ear. She jumped and looked around until she spotted me. “You gave me the fright of my life!” She screamed in my ear. I laughed at her and looked for Jake, who had wondered off. Suddenly I was gripped from behind and pulled into the crowd. I saw a glimpse of a similar thing happening to Chloe. But in this crowd there was not much I could do. I elbowed my attacker in the stomach and heard them grunt. I had already figured out that it wasn’t Jake. “Who are you, what are you doing and LET GO OF ME!” I screamed at them. They didn’t answer but shoved a rag over my mouth. Not chloroform again. I pretended not to breath for a moment then kicked my leg back, hitting my attacker in the balls as I did so. Not a pretty thing, but necessary all the same. As I ran I spotted Jake. I grabbed him and pulled him through the crowd as I frantically looked for Chloe. “Look for Chloe!” I told him. He nodded and started scanning through the crowd. By the time we reached the doors we hadn’t seen her. As we emerged I spotted a flash of her blonde hair, and still holding Jakes hand I dragged him along as I ran after her. We reached the corner, and I saw a black car zoom off. I couldn’t see Chloe anywhere, so I checked the tracker. She was in the car, as the tracker was zooming off in the same direction as the car was going. I stomped my foot on the ground. “What happened?” Jake enquired. I quickly told him about the person grabbing me from behind, him trying to kidnap me, and me getting away. I didn’t mention that I had kicked the person in the balls. I didn’t think he needed, or wanted, to know. “What do we do now?” He asked as I dragged him back towards the house.

“We get her back.”


We walked back in silence, and I realised that I was stilling holding Jakes hand. He didn’t seem to notice, so I just left my hand there. I was going over what had happened and who had taken Chloe. One obvious answer popped into my head. Cameron. Better known as the ripper. I mean he had planned to take Chloe anyway. But how did he know where we were? Or was it more of a coincidence? I didn’t notice the world passing, and soon we were at my house. I would have passed straight by, however Jake pulled me over. He had obviously noticed that I was holding his hand and he now dragged me to my front door. We let go of each others hands and I unlocked the door. I strode straight in and to my computer room, barely aware of Jake following me. I switched my computer back on and got up my tracker and overlaid the map. She was stilling moving in the car at the moment so I didn’t know where she would end up. I checked the area around the road but there were no houses or anything. I moved the tracker to another screen so it was up but not on my main screen. I then looked for a connection to Cameron’s computer. After a couple of minutes I found it. However, I didn’t need it. At that moment my iPhone vibrated, telling me that I had a text. I pulled it out of my jean pocket and checked my messages. It was from Cameron.

I know who you are now, just as I guess you know my first name at least. I have Chloe, and if you ever want to see her alive again, come to the café I met you and Libby at. Don’t bring anyone else. Cam, Aka Jack the Ripper.

This day was getting better and better.


A little later I left, after showing Jake how to use the robot, and after I had put a tracker on me and named it. Jake promised to keep an eye on it. I didn’t go as the robot as if Jake needed to help me, it would be better if he had the robot. Just in case, I had also shown him the basics of the teleporter and how to work it. But I had made sure he knew that it was a last resort, and that if he was going to teleport me he needed to let me know. He agreed and I was off. I headed to the heavenly hot chocolate serving Café to meet the Ripper.

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