Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


14. chapter 13

I managed to round up all of my sisters, it was almost ten and they needed to get back. I left my computer on and connected it to my phone before I left. I didn’t normally do that, but as I was around my family, and my parents possibly, I was going to take some precautions. “All of you in the truck.” I told them and they piled in. I made sure my motorbike was out before sliding in the driver’s side and starting up the truck. I drove up to the café then got out. “Ok you lot, I'm going to drop you here and head back home. Stay safe.” I told them. They all nodded and Cass got out and walk over to my side. She hugged me tight and I hugged her back. “Don’t worry, I will stay in contact, and as soon as you can I will get you out of there and you can live with me.” I told her, soothing her nerves. However something was making me anxious, and a moment later I found out I was right to be anxious. I heard what sounded like gas being released into the truck and when I turned to face it I saw that the girls had been knocked out cold. There was the smell of chloroform in the air, so I assumed that they were not as resistant as I was. Just then I felt someone clamp a rag over my mouth. I resisted the urge to both knee their privates, as I could tell it was a man, and the urge to bite his hand as I faked fainting. He lifted me up with no effort and dumped me in the back on a red van that sat idle not far away. I saw that the others were being brought as well. What was going on?


Once we were all in the van one of the people closed the door and walked to the front. He then spoke to the person who I hadn’t noticed sitting in the passenger seat. “They are all there and out cold.” The voice told the person. I knew that voice! It only took me a moment to place it. That was the voice of my cold hearted father. My parents. That was what had happened. “How long do you think they will be out for?” My mother asked. I didn’t even need to hear her voice to know it was her. “Couple of hours at the least, they all got a good dose.” Was the reply. At least they didn’t know that I wasn’t even affected. But I needed to do something. Good thing I had my phone connected to my computer. I could do a couple of things, but the riskiest came to mind first. Well, that always happened, right? Dismissing that for now I went through my limited options. It was basically stay here and pretend to be out cold or try and get through the bars and take control of the van. Actually my earlier mad plan was looking pretty good, apart from the fact that I hadn’t tested the technology that would be required for my possible teleportation.


I had been working on the device for some time but I still hadn’t tested it. I was planning on doing that after I had triple checked everything and had it all arranged, and I hadn’t anticipated needing it before then. However, I should be able to operate it from my phone. My idea was this. I would teleport back home and my robot would take my place. As I was meant to be unconscious it would be fine and I wouldn’t need to control it for now. I also planned for it to bring a little concoction of mine with. It was an anti-chloroform gas that I had created, so that in certain situations I could hide my reaction to chloroform. Basically if you were under the effects of chloroform it would wake you up, however if you weren’t then it would cause you to faint. It didn’t work on me though. I would stock the robot up with that, switch places, then wreak havoc.


It was sometime later, and Lorna had been setting up the teleporter for a while. The robot was ready, but Lorna made sure everything else was good. She hoped that it would work, but vowed that if it didn’t her next project would be a time machine so that she could go back and get it perfect before today. Once she was ready she checked to see if the others had woken. She quietly shook their shoulders, but they were all dead to the world. Lorna took a deep breath and pressed the button to set the teleport off.


I looked around, I was back in my house, in the chair in front of the computer. Wow, talk about precision. Now am I in one piece. I looked up and down my body, and nothing seemed to be missing. I got up, walked down to the robot area and saw that it was gone. I checked the visual and saw that it had made it safely in my place and was acting like I was unconscious. Which wasn’t hard. It just had to lie still, which it did best. I walked back up to the computers, relieved that I could still walk and that the robot was there and fine. Next I found their trackers on my map, and watched to see where the van took them. Now I thought this over. Why would they kidnap their own daughters? I placed my massive headphones over my ears and listened to the audio. For a while there was nothing then they started speaking.

“She’s almost 25 now, do you think she prepared to release it even if she is dead on her birthday?” I heard my mum ask. Great, I was probably going to be ‘dead’ very soon. Which was not good news considering I was a robot at the moment. Well, there I was.

“She probably hasn’t. Don’t worry about it honey.” My dad soothed her. My spine shivered at that. Eugh. “Will there be a computer there?”

“I believe there will be. The guy said we should come in. Remember we contacted him after we set up our proposition all that time ago when we were scared Lorna would find out. She was always more adventurous and much more intelligent than her sisters. Did Cam arrange a time to meet up?” Cam. Oh no. That was the name Elsie had given me. Well nickname. The one that was associated with the ripper. Ok, so let me get this straight. My parents have made some kind of deal with the ripper to kill me. They don’t know that he is the ripper. Well, I’m assuming that they don’t from the way they talked about him. This could be bad news. My parents are linked to the ripper. Great.


New plan. Wake sisters, faint parents, get the hell out of there. Good plan, right? Well that would be so if I could do that without alerting my parents that I was awake. Which would be impossible. So time for plan B. instead of doing that I would wake them up and get out of there later. But first I was going to work out where they were heading and hack into the computer there. That would give me a head start. And a battle against the.  That way I could prove my skills and defeat my parents and keep them occupied while I got them out of there. Could use a lot of multitasking practise, but I'd be ok. I could do with someone to help me but that would mean giving away some of my secrets, and while I could do that if I was desperate, I wasn't at the moment so I would do this by my self. I checked the map and overlapped the tracker so that the trackers were displayed on the map. Jack, also known as Cam or Jack the ripper, looked like he was heading the same way as my parents. I checked the area for any kind of house, and after a couple of minutes I spotted it. A little cottage in the trees. The kind of place I would like if I wasn't into technology. I linked up the computer and started hacking.


"Have we got any info or background on this Cam fellow?" Lorna's mum, Debra asked Lorna’s father, Jonathon. “Well, er, not much. We know that his name is Cameron, his birthday is the 17th June, he’s 30, and that’s about it.” Jonathon told her. Lorna heard this and though, I am doing some much better than those dorks.  She knew that he was the ripper, she knew that how he got his victims and more. They knew nothing. “If we know so little about him why are we going to him to kill our children?” Debra enquired.

“He’s good at his job.”

“How do you know that?”

“You remember that rival company a couple of years back? Just before Lorna left?”

“Yeah, why?”

“The owner was some boy called Jakes father. Cam assassinated the owner, causing the whole company to collapse. Nobody found out. That’s why we are going to him.”

“Oh.” Lorna, who had heard the whole conversation, was gobsmacked. Her father, and the ripper, had killed her best friends Jakes dad. He had said a couple of times about his father being in the computer business, and then later on dying, but because that happened before Lorna met him she didn’t really know about it. She kept listening in, and was pleased by what she heard next.

“Also, we are going to hack his computer. Use that to make sure he never tells anyone what he’s done.” Her father announced. Lorna licked her lips in anticipation. The long awaited showdown would begin soon.


I looked around the cottage, it was a good little cottage. It only had one computer, and that I didn’t use very often. I had the nickname as Cam the ripper, just to be funny. I mean I was the ripper, so why not have some fun? The computer company people were coming over, they said that they had some people to be dealt with. I wonder who got on their bad side? I still remember the last killing I did for them, I really didn’t want to kill the guy, but I did want, and in a way need, the money. I wonder if they will pay me this time? Knowing them they will probably have found or find some way to black mail me. have they worked out that I’m the ripper yet? That’s my main worry. I mean, I think this Lorna girl has found out, so why wouldn’t they have. But then again, that Lorna girl seems more intelligent than them. She probably was. Also she probably had more interest in the ripper case than them, seeing as she was younger. Maybe I’ll find her, maybe they know her. I could ask for her last name in return for killing the people they wanted to kill. That would be a good bargain. Well in my opinion it would be a not to bad idea. However, how could I ask them to find her when I didn’t know what she would look like now. Oh well, I could abandon that idea. Now, time to turn to ideas on how to kill.


I looked at the database, there was at least 200 Lorna’s. how was I going to find the Lorna from the café? I mean o could filter it on areas, but she might not have been registered here yet as the next census was due next year. Great, this was hard. I sifted through the people. Not finding anyone matching Lorna. I looked through all of them, not a single match. Brilliant. I turned off the computer and lay back on my chair. I wonder were Cam is. He wasn’t too bad at the games we played today, I wanted to challenge him to another round so I could beat him. He had to leave earlier though, so I couldn’t. I got out my phone and texted Skylar. Hey Skylar, I looked for Lorna but I couldn’t find her on the police database. Sorry.


I stretched my arms, preparing myself for the hacking match. My eyes were stinging a little, so I opened a draw in my desk and got out the contact lens bottle. I popped them out of my eyes and put them in. I then put on my normal glasses, my abnormal red eyes showing through. Nobody knew about my red eyes, I hadn’t quite developed them before I left. Now I had them, but I wore coloured contacts now. I had before but my eyes weren’t so red so I had less need to wear them. As I got ready for hacking, I noticed that my eyes blazed red, showing how pumped up I was. Plus it wasn’t long until my 25 birthday, then I would crumble my parents empire. Perfect. I knew that there would be consequences, however, for the lack of income I was prepared. I had been siphoning off my parents income for years, and had been putting it into 5 bank accounts, one for each of my sisters and me. There was my job, so I always had some money coming in. Then there was the large amount of cash I had taken when I had left. I think I took about three million, however I spread it out over several bank accounts, and used some to buy my house and car, along with paying for the large amount of electricity I used. I still did occasionally take a sum of money from my parents and shove it in one of my bank accounts though. So lack of income would be no problem. After what I had heard, they would probably be charged for manslaughter along with blackmail. Hopefully together at least my father would get a life sentence. I hoped so. I had the conversation I had overheard recorded, so if I needed it I could access it. I checked my tracker app, and saw that Jack, now renamed Cameron, had arrived and was at the place my parents were heading too. I looked for the computer and made sure I had easy access to it. Cameron had named it Cam the ripper, which was a big giveaway. My parents were pulling up at the entrance, and got out on their own. I knew that because my robot had managed to get a tracker on each of them, along with a couple over the floor of the van. The got out and walked into the building, luckily without taking me or the others with. I quickly got the robot to release the gas and climb silently into the front. I instructed the robot to drive the van safely back to my house. I had put in all the road instructions it needed, including a map with the way back marked. The robot wasn’t completely stupid. While the others were brought back, I realised that my parents had been talking to Cam. Gladly, I had installed tiny audio transmitters into the trackers. I combined the three tracks and listened in to the conversation. As I did so I activated the web cam on the computer, with the picture appearing on the screen on top of my normal one. I looked at my parents and at Cam. His features rung a bell, but whatever memory caused it refused to resurface at the moment. I flexed my fingers again and pulled my chair forward so that my fingers were resting on the keys. I saw my dad walk over to the computer after asking if he could go on it. Cameron came over and logged on, and I came on as well. I blacked the screen and sent a message on it saying, Beat me if you can.


Jonathon went mad at the message and replied with, who is this? Lorna giggled.

If you can beat me at hacking, Jonathon, I will tell you. If not, your secrets will all be spilled. Every last one. Including the fact that you were going to have your children killed.

Jonathon grimaced at that. Cameron just looked shocked at the fact that he wanted to kill his own children. Jonathon was now mad, and his red eyes were dimming. That always happened, and he found it hard to concentrate. He started to try and find out the source of the problem, but his every keystroke was countered swiftly and easily by Lorna. This was too simple. Give up, you are rubbish. Why not give your idiotic wife a try. Who know, she may be better than your sorry arse.

Jonathon stood up, knocking his chair over in the process. He was infuriated. “Debra!” He screamed. Cameron looked on, interested. Could this be his hacker, the girl Lorna as well? Debra came at the sound of her husband’s scream and saw the computer screen. She walked over and pulled up the chair before elegantly sitting down. She then started going against the control of her daughter.


In the van, Cass started to wake up. She groaned at the pain in her head. “What the hell just happened?” She asked nobody in particular. She spotted Lorna in the front and turned to her. The robot sensed this, and saw that there was a place to pull over not far ahead. As it came up the robot pulled in and turned off the van. It turned to face Cass. “I'm not Lorna, I'm a robot version of her. I would be grateful if you would drive and I instructed you as to where to go. I can then also tell you what happened. Lorna programmed all the information I need into me, so I know what happened.” The robot told Cass. She then got out and walked round to the front drivers side. She reached for the keys and turned on the van, putting it in gear then heading off. “Basically, you and Lorna were talking outside the car. Somehow, your parents found you and gassed your sisters in the car by filling it with chloroform. As they did so some hired muscle then knocked you and Lorna out by placing rags soaked in the stuff over your mouths.” The robot informed Cass. It left out the part about Lorna being resistant to chloroform as she hadn’t mentioned it. Cass listened intently and was surprised. Well, she was until she remembered why Lorna had run away in the first place. “So where is Lorna?” Cass asked the robot. It scratched its head and turned away, not wanting to answer. Lorna hadn’t wanted her to tell, but had given the robot the information just in case. “I can only disclose that information in an emergency.” It told Cass. She sighed.

“Great. As usual the one who knows the most, in this case my sister, has disappeared. Brilliant. Oh well. Tell me what is going on.” Cass demanded. By this she meant why all this was happening, but she got more than she bargained for. When she said that, the robot told her all about the ripper case and everything related. Lorna had given the robot permission to tell Cass, but didn’t want her other sisters to hear as she didn’t want them to be scared. So the robot told Cass everything.


Back at the hacking match, it was going much like a chess match, with strategic moves coming left right and centre. It was like the king was the person and the computer. The winner gained all. It looked a bit like Debra was winning, and Jonathon was pleased. However, Cameron was not. In a way, whoever was hacking his computer had saved him, and he didn’t want them to loose. Not if it meant Debra and Jonathon getting into his private files. Luckily for him Lorna had been planning this for a while and had a trick up her sleeve. It was sneaky, but it had worked in the past, and I took ages to get around. While Debra was distracted she activated a code she had planted which virtually disconnected the keyboard from the computer. It blocked all communications between the two, and was almost impossible to get around. Lorna knew how to get around it though. But her mum didn’t. She was trying desperately to get the keyboard working, and had resorted to banging her fist against it. Meanwhile Lorna had a firm grip on the computer, her mums working going straight down the drain. Then, it was done. The computer powered off, and two words appeared on screen. You Loose.


Oh yes! I pumped my fist in the air. I had beaten my parents. Cam looked quite happy at that, I guess he felt that I was on his side in a way. He probably could guess who I was, but he hadn’t said a word. I wondered when my parents would notice that the van was missing. Just then I heard my father ask my mother where the van was. She just shrugged, depressed about her defeat. My dad started looking around franticly, and I saw Cameron backing slowly out of the room. Intelligent guy. My dad started screaming, shouting and having an all-round temper tantrum. I noticed Cameron’s tracker leaving the house as I assumed that he got into his car and drove off. I saw his tracker speeding off and I knew that I was right. I looked at the time. It was only a day to my birthday now, seeing as it was midnight. I stood up and turned off my computer then stretched. Now I had to go and face Jake.

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