Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


13. chapter 12

Cass looked at me in shock. I rolled my eyes. "Trust me, it's not as hard as it sounds. Well, not as hard as it sounds for me that is. Last time I hacked them I left myself a virtual back door into their main computer systems. If you want to know, last time was a couple of days before I left. Admitted, I did have access to their computer, but then again I was using a collection of smartphones to do so, along with using their own computer against them. I hacked the computer, left a virtual back door, and then made sure it was undetectable by their systems. It worked very well. One moment and I’ll show you.” I started sorting out the computer and accessing my back door. All my monitors were in use as where several extra keyboards.  Quickly got in, mostly because my skills had improved massively, and I now found it easy. I got into their files and brought up some of the hidden pass locked ones. I used my own system to crack the codes and got in, then I showed the contents to Cass. It contained all the reference to people they were blackmailing, plus it contained some files of stuff they had created to embed in others computers to collapse their companies. I am probably one of the only people able to hack them, plus be able to hack against them and win. Well, I guess and hope I would win anyway. I haven’t as such battled with them yet, but I might soon.


After that Cass and I joined the group upstairs. I had an idea for a game, plus I could grab the other girls and check them for bugs. Seeing as Cass was tracked it would be likely for them to be. I would then reverse their movements for the past hour, so that my parents wouldn’t know where they had been. We entered the library, and I told everyone to gather round. “Now this may be a mad thing to play in a library, but you lot will be playing tag. The bookcases will move, so please don’t get caught under them. Just so you know, I won’t be playing. Also, good luck. Oh yeah, at the end the last two people to have been it will be drenched. I assume most or all of you understand what I mean, right? Good. Lottie, to start you are it. You will know when the game has started.” Just then the lights went out, just as I had planned. I scampered up a full bookcase and onto the roof beams again. While the lights were out I got my fog machine to release the fog, causing the room to become completely white. This would be a good game of tag. I placed my thermo vision goggles, also known as night vision goggles, over my eyes. I looked down and I could see where everyone was. Finally I switched the light back on. “Let the match BEGIN!” I shouted, causing the group to jump. I saw them all running around desperately, wondering who was where, and who was it. And where the tagger was. It was quite funny to watch. Just as Cam was about to get tagged, I looped a rope around her and hauled her up. She was rather surprised but didn’t protest. I placed her on the plank and tickled her lightly, causing her to laugh. I could see the others below looking around for the source of the laughter. I let my hand trail down her arm until I found the device, and I swiftly removed it before placing my own one on her arm. I then lowered her down carefully and made sure she was away from the tagger to set her off again. Lottie had managed to tag Chloe, and had got away without being hurt. I suppose she didn’t expect it, plus Lottie was sometimes small. She probably did that deliberately. I spotted Cass with her hand trailing the wall as she walked. She knew how I worked. During this kind of game I would have an ‘escape’ route somewhere on one of the walls. All she had to do was find it and get through it. I had filled it with rats. Well, the rats were in cages, but the cages made up the route. All they had to do was crawl through and they would get up here. I would then greet the person, and I had a spare pair of night vision goggles. I could see that Cass was coming up to a book case, so I helped her. I moved all the book cases.


Lorna had a good time watching the others being startled by the sound of the moving bookcases, and in some places people were cut off from others. It was a bit like a giant game of cat and mouse. A moment later Cass walked straight through where the book case had been, and right up to the ‘escape’ route. She nearly screamed as her hand fell through the wall, but she didn’t give away her position. Nearby, Jake was running from Bethany, who was the it at the moment. He was about to run Lottie over, but before he could see her Lorna hauled her up and away. Once Lottie was next to her Lorna hugged her. “Hey Lottie, how are you. Are you enjoying the game?” She asked.

“I’m good. Its nice to see you again Lorna.” She told Lorna, hugging her back tightly.

“Ok, ok, I get the picture. Now can you let go of me before I suffocate?” Lorna asked. Lottie let go and giggled at her sister. “The game is just like old times. Do you have a way to see everyone like normal?” Lottie asked Lorna cheekily.

“What do you think?” Lorna questioned back sassily.

“No fair!” Lottie whined. Lorna just laughed. She grabbed Lottie’s arms and pulled her upright. At the same time she dislodged the tracker and caused it to fall onto the beam, whereupon she stood on it. Lorna then flicked one of her own trackers at Lottie, and it landed on Lottie’s ankle. She then embraced Lottie again, while at the same time clipping a harness to her. “Now down you go.” Lorna whispered in her ear as she shoved Lottie off the beam. Lottie screamed on the way down, however as she neared the floor the harness kicked in and slowed Lottie to an almost stop. She was then lowered to the ground carefully before the harness was unclipped and summoned back up. Lottie ran to the nearest book case and felt her way around it. Lorna noticed that Cass had disappeared, and when she checked her house tracker, she saw that Cass was making her way up the tunnel. Lorna ran along the beam to the open end where she sat and waited for Cass. A moment later a breathless Cass popped her head out of the tunnel. “Lorna you bastard, I hate you. You had to put rats in that tunnel and you know that I hate rats!” Cass ranted at Lorna, who she knew would be just in front of her. Although down below the mist at the very bottom was beginning to fade, up at the top it was still going strong. “I wanted to see if you could be brave, and now you have proved your worth. Here you go.” Lorna told her handing her the second pair of goggles. “Thanks.” Cass replied, deciding not to continue going on at her older sister. They both moved along to the middle of the plank when Lorna realised the Clare was just below them. Lorna hooked her up and placed her on the beam opposite her. Lorna strapped on a harness and Cass guessed what she was going to do. She took a cautious step back. Lorna looked at her in a confused way. “I don’t want to be knocked off by you swinging back here like Tarzan or something!” She hissed. Lorna held up her hands in defeat and turned to face Clare before swinging across.


I swung across at Clare and grabbed her arms, putting the tracker in my hand at the same time. She didn’t scream luckily, as if she knew she was safe. I gave her a little kiss on the forehead, and I placed my tracker there at the same time. I then lowered her down to the ground before shooting back up and swinging back until I stood next to Cass. She rolled her eyes at me, she didn’t agree with all the exaggerated stuff. I decided to have a little fun then. I set the bookcases on move once every ten seconds, then announced, “You have two minutes left! Remember the last two people who were it will be drenched!” That caused the whole group below us to panic. Plus the mist was lifting, making it easier to see others. Clare had a definite advantage there seeing as she was relatively short compared to the others. It was two minutes to half past, which is the reason why I chose two more minutes. Ten seconds later and I heard the book cases move. They didn’t just move forward and back, they just moved any which way. Sometimes the formed a triangle with the wall, meaning if there was someone inside, they were trapped. That could be a good or a bad thing, depending on whether you were it or not, and if the tagger was trapped with you. Cass and I watched as the group below ran around like crazy. I saw Clare putting her height to her advantage, as soon as she saw legs near her she ran away. It was quite funny really, and I could hear Cass release the occasional giggle, much unlike her nervous laugh. When there was twenty seconds left we started roaring with laughter as everyone ran around like headless chickens, and the tagger changed so many times I wasn’t sure who was it. “I think Cam is it, and Bethany was last to be it.” Cass whispered to me. As she did so a loud clackson sounded, signalling the end of the two minutes. I turned on several fans and almost instantaneously the room became clear. Cass and I had already lowered ourselves down to the middle and the book cases were automatically righting themselves. Our friends formed a circle around us, and I asked for whoever was it and the last person to be it to step forward. To my surprise Bethany and Chloe stepped forward. “I'm going in for Cam.” Chloe told me. “Are you sure about that?” I asked her. I supposed her and Bethany were the only ones not to know what I meant behind the word drenching. “Ok then. Everyone else out. Ill be out in a minute. You two come here,” I ordered. Two harnessed lowered down from the ceiling and I made Chloe and Bethany each out one on. They were than raised to half way between the beams and the floor. “Hang onto each other!” I called out as I ran at full speed out of the room and slammed the door shut behind me. I turned on the camera at the walls, then I typed in the release water code. I was so putting this on YouTube.


While the others watched the drenching I headed downstairs to sort out the trackers. I quickly sorted out my parents trackers by changing the places of the trackers, so it looked like they had just gone for a walk and were heading back to the café we had met in.  I heard screams from upstairs, and I deduced that Chloe and Bethany were now out of the library. I quickly got up and locked the door as a precaution. I checked the trackers, all of them were working but three of them, Lottie’s, Cam’s and Clare’s weren’t named. Yet.


“Lorna!!” Chloe and I screamed as we emerged from the library dripping wet. Lorna's sister, well, I believe that they are her sisters, they all look similar, were standing outside along with Jake and Skylar. Bad choice. They took one look at us and ran. Chloe went after Jake and Skylar while I stomped downstairs and to the room Lorna was most likely to be in. “Lorna, let me in!” I screeched, pounding on the computer room door. I stopped for a moment and heard her reply. “NO.” came from within the room.

“I HATE YOU!” I screamed.

“I know.” Came the cool reply.


“You know, forever isn’t that long a time.” She replied, sounding infuriatingly calm.

“F YOU!!!” I pounded on the door some more and heard the unmistakable sound of Lorna laughing. That girl was so dead. “If you want to dry off.” She started, then burst out laughing again. I just kicked at the door in frustration. “If you want to dry off go upstairs and from the library door at the end of the corridors to either side are bathrooms.”          She finished. I sighed and trudged upstairs and headed for the bathroom.


I spotted Skylar and Jake running round a corner, trying desperately to get away from me. No one escapes Chloe. With the exception of Lorna. She has escaped me a lot of times. Oh well. I ran after the pair at full speed, chasing them through Lorna's confusing house. I could tell that I was gaining, well I was on Skylar at least. I hadn’t seen Jake again yet. My feet pounded against the carpet as I pushed myself to run faster. I could hear my heartbeat but I ignored it. I almost had him. I was just behind Skylar and I screamed, “Got ya!” As I dived at him, causing him to fall to the floor with me dripping wet on top of him. He shivered as the cold water dripped from my now clingy jeans onto his bare skin. I proceeded to sit on him, just to annoy him. “Oh come on.” Skylar moaned. “Jake!” He shouted. Jake must of heard him as a reply came a moment later. “What?”

“Can you help me? Chloe caught me and is sitting on top of me and freezing me!”

I heard Jake sigh loudly. “Give me a mo.” I saw Jakes head pop out from round the corner, then he came out fully. He started laughing for a moment, and Skylar looked annoyed at him. “One sec.” He told Skylar as he tried to stop laughing. Around a minute later he had managed to compose himself and was trying to haul me off of Skylar’s chest while Skylar desperately wiggled beneath me, doing his best to get out from under me. It took them five minutes to get me off of him. They then escorted me to a bathroom and dumped me inside.

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