Jack the Ripper mark II

Jack the Ripper. Most people think of him as the old murder in London. But now, he's back again. And he's better than ever. The police are stumped, and he's getting away scot free. Skylar a detective teams up with Lorna, a girl he's just met. he knows little about her. Lorna, a hacker, has a past and last name that she hides. however, can she find the Ripper? Or will she be Ripped?
cover by maddison paige


2. chapter 1

He wandered through the park, walking along the path, gazing at the beautiful landscape. The lake at the other side was reflecting the sunlight off of it, creating a rainbow. It was magnificent, and he admired it. Just then he came across a girl sitting on one of the benches. She looked like she was in her late teens, and he guessed that she was around 19. She was crying and had her head in her hands. “Hello there, can I help you?” He asked. He may be planning to become the next Jack the ripper, but he had manners. The girl looked up, her eyes red and tear filled. “My name is Lorna. I left my phone at home and I need to call my mother and tell her that I’m alright.” She told him. She looked like the kind of girl he would go for, but he held back on her. He had the first murder planned, why ruin it here? “Hey, it’s ok. You can borrow my phone if you want.” He told her, wanting to make her feel better. For some reason he wanted to see her smile. And he was rewarded. She smiled through her tears. “Can I?” She asked, as if not believing him. He nodded and held out his phone to her. “Thanks.” She replied. Lorna phoned her mum, and told her where she was. After a couple of minutes on the phone she finally hung up. “Thank you ever so much, my mum was getting worried,” She told him. Her tears had dried now, and she was looking much better. He smiled. “That’s ok. Oh, and my name is…”


His first murder was today. Now he was going to become known as Jack the Ripper mark 2. He checked his phone to see if the girl, Marcy had messaged him anything. She sounded like a nice enough girl, but then again she sounded like an easy target. He was standing in the corner of the crowded subway station, adrenalin rushing through him. He had set tie breaker in the electrics room to blow in a couple of minutes. Then finally his prey arrived. She was a pretty girl, and obviously had made an effort for today. He felt a twinge of guilt go through him, but he didn’t stop. He made his way through the growing crowd towards Marcy.


When he was a few meters away the lights went out. He pulled a knife he had concealed out and flew through the crowd towards her. I tapped her left shoulder, and she jumped, looking for who tapped her. “You’re Marcy right.” I asked. She turned swiftly but I disappeared into the crowd for a moment, a talent of mine. I came up behind her and whispered softly in her right ear. “You came to see Jack. Right. Well hello to you. Oh and did I mention, my full nickname is Jack the Ripper. Say goodbye!” I slit her neck at  that, containing the eminent scream. As the blood splattered around I felt a rush of guilt, but that just added to the excitement. I reached the nearest wall, and using the blood I had gathered in a jar and a paintbrush, I painted words on the wall. Jack the ripper II strikes.


*        *        *


A couple of years later, after waiting to see if there were any consequences from the first murder, the second girl was just around the corner, looking for the guy who had invited her, unaware that around the corner stood Jack the ripper 2.Catching her unaware he grabbed her and dragged her into the back alley. It was dark and she couldn’t see what had happened. She tried to turn her head but couldn’t. “Goodbye.” She heard a sinister voice whisper in her ear. Quickly she took a deep breath in, preparing to scream. However before she could release it he slit her neck.

Once she was dead he gouged out her eyes, leaving empty sockets. He then cut her stomach open with a fresh scalpel he had brought just for this. He put on his gloves so as not to leave any traces and started pulling out her organs. He pulled out the large intestine and cut it down the middle, then he removed other organs until he reached her heart. He cut all remaining links with veins and arteries and removed it from her body. He put it into a box he had prepared for the heart. Once that was done he fled the scene.


Several similar murders later he could tell that the police were stumped. They were asking the citizens to give them any info they could, and most of it was fake. He had no threat from them. After that came the intelligent detective that sometimes gave info to the police. He had tracked the guy, but after seeing him have a panic attack, crossed him off the list of possible threats. Now he should be home free. He was beginning to enjoy this. Since his first victim, Macy, he had waited to see if there were any consequences. None came, and now he was reaping in the benefits.


Later on, walking back from the park, he decided to look up this Lorna person he had met a couple of years earlier. For some reason she kept popping up in his mind as someone important but he wasn’t sure why. He had a weird feeling about her. But before that, he needed to hack the Police system. He wanted to see what information they had gathered. He reached his house and booted up the pc he used for hacking. He didn’t use his normal computer so he couldn’t be traced and he had made some modifications so it helped him.  A while later he was looking for the other Jack the Ripper files on the Police database when he was suddenly shut out. Another hacker had joined the game and had pushed him out. Outraged at the thought that anyone was a better hacker than him he quickly tried again. It was now a one on one battle between the two hackers. Annoyed, he tried to hack into the hackers computer, however the unknown person hacked his computer first. The screen went black. The words, ‘Bad Luck I win. You will never see the Jack the Ripper files’ appeared on screen. How did they know what he was after. ‘As I am polite, I will tell you something. My name is Lorna.’ Flashed on the screen for a total of around 10 seconds. He didn’t even need that long though.


He instantly guessed the relation between this Lorna and the Lorna he had met earlier at the park. This girl could be a threat to him, and she needed removing. She could have already figured out the connection between the people. He had already downloaded the file from the Jack the Ripper set about Marcy Rena, his first ever victim, and in a way the scariest. He looked back over the file, and after studying it, saw a name. Actually he saw the name. Best friend: Lorna unknown last name. She was the first person to find out about her friend’s death. She phone Marcy’s phone just after death, and guessed what had happened. In questioning she didn’t mention how she knew. We do not believe that she is related in any way to the Jack the Ripper attack.


So he had enraged an amazing hacker with his first attack. Not such a great idea, but how was he to know? Now he needed info on her. But even the police didn’t know her last name, so how was he going to find it? It also mentioned in the file that she tended to go by the name Lela Cool as a substitute. They didn’t seem to know how good a hacker she was though. Maybe she had kept that secret. He was getting a little board of decapitating woman, he needed a break. Why not throw them all off the trail at the same time, if that was possible with a master hacker after him. He decided that he may as well. He made his next profile of a woman. And his next target was a man.


A couple of weeks later He arrived home, the inside of his trench coat coated in glistening red blood. He had murdered the man, defiling his face beyond human recognition. A bit like the original Jack the ripper had done on his last murder. Except the victim was male. And this wasn’t going to be his last murder, not if he could help it. He still had the double murder planned as his finale. And Lorna was on his list. Now he had to plan what was to happen, when and where. Also who would be the other person? Someone close to her of course, which would enrage her. That would make her blood boil and her heart as cold as ice. That would bring her out of hiding. And maybe then he would find out her last name.


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