Love And Hate

" I can't take it anymore Harry. This is to much I hate you but I love you I can't take it anymore. I know you hate me but no need to torture me with names. Now this is official I HATE YOU HARRY STYLES....."I shouted to Harry "but Kathryn...." "Don't touch me you dick." I grabbed my stuffs and left our house. I leave with Harry because he was my stepbrother but I have strange feeling for him by the way my name is Kathryn Chandria Brooklyn Bernardo....


3. Uhmmmm. Help

Kathryn P. O. V "what are doing here alone " the boy asked again "I-i w-was w-with m-my b-boyfriend. " Then i heard footsteps from my back he held my shoulder "Kath... " I turned around and saw Daniel and Harry....... and Dad???. I ran to my Dad and hugged him the boys were about to rape me i was so scared
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