Love And Hate

" I can't take it anymore Harry. This is to much I hate you but I love you I can't take it anymore. I know you hate me but no need to torture me with names. Now this is official I HATE YOU HARRY STYLES....."I shouted to Harry "but Kathryn...." "Don't touch me you dick." I grabbed my stuffs and left our house. I leave with Harry because he was my stepbrother but I have strange feeling for him by the way my name is Kathryn Chandria Brooklyn Bernardo....


2. love

HARRY'S P.O.V ] when i first laid my eyes on kathryn she was so beatiful  'harry?' mom asked  i looked at her ' dont fall in love with kathryn her dad doesnt like boys touching kathryn, he would kill that guy.....' i nodded then my mom walked away i stood up and went to my range rover  'how could i stop my feelings for kathryn?' i asked my self ,,, ring.... ring.... ' hello?'  ' harry this is gemma.' 'whats up?' can you pick me and kathryn up in the mall? '  " when?' 'now' 'ok, im on the way' 'thanks, bye' 'bye' i went straght to the mall and saw kath and gemma  ' hop in' i said then gemma went to the passenger seat and kath at the back seat we went straight home and saw mom and deo on the couch watching t.v.  i went straight to my room and locked it  simon texted me ' go to the studio have rehearsals A.S.A.P' ' On my way' i stood up and went outside i heard the girls laughing. i knocked at their door and run downstairs  **** KATHRYNS P.O.V ****  gemma went down alredy i layed down and stared at the ceiling .. ring.. ring....   ' hello?' hey kath its me julia .' julia is my best friend ' sup?' ' meet me at the park dj wants to talk to you...' ' ok, bye bitch' 'bye bitch'  we call each other bitch.... i dressed myself up. I wore a pink  denim shorts and an off shoulder shirt that you can see my right bra strap and i wore a head band and its on my forehead i grabbed my iphone 5 and wore a high cut converes shoes (color purple) i went down and saw anne and dad eating ' dad im going to meet julia  and D.j. at the park'  ' ok'  "bye" i kissed anne and dad on their cheeks i run to the park and someone grabbed my waist i turned around and he kissed my lips. 'kathryn...' i opened my eyes and it was dj my boyfriend 'dj!!!' i give him another peck in the lips  'i missed you' he said  daniel jhonford padilla is my boyfriend  we call him dj.. me dj and julia just kept talking until the moon comes up we said good bye and went to different directions i was running home till 5 man surrounds me, i stopped and looked at them ' kathryn what are you doing here alone ?" ' harry?'.....********************************************************************* A/N sorry if i cant update like forever im busy at school..... sorry loves

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