My Roomate Zayn Malik

This story is not mine. I just saved it for my favorite author _tellatubie123 in wattpad, she is hacked and her reads is 1,300,000+ I just want to share this guys with you, hope you'll like it


9. Chapter 9!


Aimans POV

I headed down to the foods room for class. It was Wednesday and last period. I

just wanted the day to end already!

When I entered I saw that everyone was already in class including the teacher.

She looked over at me from over top her ugly glasses. She looked like a frickin

hawk! But she was a nice teacher and also hilarious.

The bell rung signalling that class started and I found my seat next to Liam. The

teacher started talking about what we are gonna cook next week and I tuned

out. I started drawing on my social notepad. I could feel Liam's eyes on my and

it made me feel uncomfortable. He nudged me and asked.

" why are you so late?"

I looked up and saw him looking at me with concern.

" this is a big school Liam. And I'm still new." I said smiling. Then I added

" and hi to you to"

" oh yea hi" he said looking at the teacher. I rolled my eyes and smiled at me

doodles. Yea I was an amazing artist. I can draw a dog! Just don't mind that it

might look like a domented ghost.

" hey Zayn told me about the guy you met at the mall" he said still staring at the

teacher. I looked at him, his jaw twitched

" oh. What did he say?" I asked. Zayn was acting kinda different ever since I

told him that I met a guy. It seems like he's avoiding me.

" only what you told him" Liam said

" I only told him that I met some guy at the mall" I told him

" and that's all he told me" he said looking over at me. His eyes were dark. Just

like Zayns are when he looks at me now. What is up with these two boys!

Everytime we talk now they have a look in there eyes as if they hate me. I didn't

even do anything!

The bell rang. Finally! Everything is so awkward between me and Liam. There's

tension and I have no idea what the source is.

" alright bye Liam" I said packing my stuff up. He waved and smiled at me. This

smile seemed sincere. Great! Now he's all happy again! I swear him and Zayn

are on there man period right now.

It's been almost 5 days since I met Jace and he hasent texted me once. Maybe

that kiss was for no reason. Maybe he was trying to make some girl jelous. But I

didn't see any body looking at us.

On the way to my room I saw Lindsey. Great, I had managed to go almost a

whole 7 days without seeing her but good things never last forever. I slipped

against the wall hoping to go by her unnoticed.

" hey new girl"

No such luck. I turned around and looked at her. She came real close too me,

and smirked when she saw I was feeling uncomfortable.

" your boyfriend Liam isn't hear to protect you now" she said.

Wait. Did she just call Liam my BOYFRIEND. I couldn't help but burst out


" why are you laughing, bitch" Lindsey asked. She looked worried, she's not

used too being laughed at.

" because your so stupid" I said still laughing.

" oh and why is that" she said putting her hands on her hips.

" because you actually think that Liam Payne is my boyfriend! He doesn't even

like me! How can he be my boyfriend" I said half turning away from her so I can

leave. She grabbed me and pulled me back. Wow aggressive much?

" no your stupid, if you can't see the way he looks at you"

" and how does he look at me?" I asked her now putting my hands on my hips,

all of a sudden feeling confident.

" I'm not gonna frickin explain it to you!" She said making a face.

" oh it's not hard, just say what you feel when you look at Harry" 

I said. Her mouth dropped open. And her cheeks flushed.

"How- how did you know." She said

" Your stupid if you think we can't see the way you look at him" I said mocking

her voice. " and guess what he's never gonna like you back. He already told me

that he thinks your snobby"

She looked as if she was about to pass out. " did he actually?" She said in a

barly audible whisper. Suddenly I felt sympathy for her.

" yea, but don't worry, I bet a lot of people like you. Cause you ARE really pretty"

I said

" why are you being nice all of a sudden" she asked wiping a lonely tear from

her face. Wow she must have really liked him.

" because I know how it feels when the person you like makes fun of you" I said.

Then I turned and walked away. 

I was sitting i my bed when the flash back came.

~~~~ FLASHBACK~~~~

" ok Aiman truth or date?" My friend Eva asked me. I was at her birthday

sleepover. She was really popular and had a bunch of girls over. I have no idea

why she even finds me interesting. But we've been friends for years.

I looked around the circle of girls. There where many that I didn't trust at all, but

Eva has kept telling me there nice so I decided to give them a chance.

" truth" I said

" ok.. Hmm let me see. Who do you like?"

The answer too that was easy. But saying it aloud was not.

There is this guy at school, his name is Josh. And I have liked him for the past

two years. But I still haven't told Eva. Maybe it's time.

I ignored that there was a bunch of mean girls in the room and said

" Josh, I like Josh" I said. I heard a gasp run through the circle and looked

around confused. Josh is a popular boy, and very good looking. It can't be too

surprising that I like him.

" what" I asked.

" Nothing" a brunette girl with green eyes said with a small smile. I went to sleep


The following Monday at school I was standing my locker. There was a group of

people standing close by and I couldn't help but eavesdrop because Josh was

amoungs the students standing there.

" I know some one who likes you" Tina said. She's the brunette with green eyes.

My stomach did a clench. I know where this is going.

" yea a lot of people like me" said Josh. I smiled. He's sexy and he knows it.

" well this one is different" she said. We made eye contact. She smirked.

" ok tell me her name" Josh said sounding bored.

" Aiman" she said. Everyone started laughing. I blushed, well now he knows I like him.

" Ew the nerd?" Josh said. My breath caught in my throuth.

" yup" said a girl I don't know. " she told us herself in a game of truth or dare"

" well that's just discusting" Josh's friend said.

" hey guys! Shut up ok. Aiman isn't even bad at all. Just because she's smarter

then you doesn't make her a nerd. And she's really pretty" Eva said. Way to

step in Bestie. If only you did before Tina even told josh. " and josh. I'm happy

your not into Aiman. Cause she diserves better then what you could ever give"

with that Eva stomped away.

I closed my locker and walked away as if I had not heard anything josh said. But

when I got home I couldn't stop crying. I didn't eat dinner or sleep that day.


" Aiman why are you crying?" Zayn asked. I hadn't relised that I was crying. I

absently wiped the tear away.

" nothing, I'm just tired and I miss my friends" I said.

" oh, well why don't you call them or text them?" Zayn said placing his hand on

my knee.

" I do, but it's not the same you know?" Especially when they don't text back,

and act as if you've died.

" yea I guess" Zayn said sighing. " so how's the guy you met at the mall. What's

his name again?"

" Jace" I said. My mood only got worse. " he hasn't talked to me since we met

so yea I don't know how he is"

"That's not a very good boyfriend" he said

" oh Jace is not my boyfriend. But I do want him to be" I said. I smiled just

thinking of him. I looked at Zayn and he looked upset like he was jealous of


" are you okay Zayn?" I asked him.

He looked up and smiled at me. " of course I am!" He said all happy and bright


Yup definitely a man period. His mood swings are worse then mine!

Bing! I looked at my phone to see who texted me. It was Jace! Finally!

- hey Aiman how are you?

- I'm good Jace you?

- I'm fine as well. R u busy 2night?

- nope

- then will you go on a date with me? 

" OH MYGOD! He's asking me out!" I shouted.

" who? Jace?" Zayn asked looking annoyed.

" yes him" I said back quieter.

- yeah sure Jace. Why not. :)

- sweet :) I will pick you up at 7. Dress casual k?

- ok :)

- see you then.

I looked at the clock it was 4 right now and I had 3 hours to burn.

" so your going right?" Zayn asked looking worried.

" going where?" Liam asked from out of nowhere. Where did he come from?

" on a date with Jace" I said super excited.

" you have a boyfriend now!" Liam asked. There was tension in his voice.

" he is Not my boyfriend" I said

" yea but she wants him too be" said Zayn he didn't even try to hide how pissed

he was. But why is he pissed?

" ok why are you guys so mad at me today?" I asked. I'm sick if there attitudes

towards me the past few days.

" sorry Aiman we don't mean to be rude" Liam said and Zayn nodded his head.

Aww you can't stay mad at these boys. 

" it's fine" I said. I walked over to my closet and looked around in it. " can you

guys help me choose something to wear on my date?" I said.

" no" they both said darkly and walked right out the door. 

Awww Zaynie and Leeyum is jealous of Jace haha :)





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