My Roomate Zayn Malik

This story is not mine. I just saved it for my favorite author _tellatubie123 in wattpad, she is hacked and her reads is 1,300,000+ I just want to share this guys with you, hope you'll like it


8. Chapter 8!

Chapter 8

Aiman POV

No I'm kidding. I didn't die. But he is so beutiful! Is this love at first sight?

" what?" The blond boy asked.

" what." I said looking at him.

" you just said love at first sight?" He said.

" oh you believe in love at first sight?" I said. Ok ok I know exactly what he is

talking about. I must have thought aloud again. But I'm not gonna admit I said

that to him.

" what! No. That's now what I said. I was just asking you-"

" it's okay" I said, cutting him off and placing a hand on his shoulder. " I believe

in love at first sight too". With that I slipped past him and sat at an empty table.

That was close. I bet he thinks I'm the weirdest person ever.

I waited for my order to be called. When it was the blond boy grabbed both and

came to my table. Then he sat down across from me and. He placed the cup

infront of me and looked away. We made awkward eye contact 12 times before

I couldn't take it anymore.

"Can I help you with something" I asked.

He stopped looking at random people eat and looked me in my brown eyes.

" yes, actually I wanna know your name" he said simply. He was leaning forward


" ooookaaaay well my name is Aiman" I said. I could feel my self leaning

forward too.

" hi Aiman, my name is Jace" he said. I loved the sound of my name coming

from his lips. I kept looking at them. And he kept looking at mine. We both

leaned in a little closer and then we were kissing.

My first kiss. Pathetic that I'm 19 and I just had my first kiss. But hey I was too

busy to deal with boys.

It was a nice kiss. Very soft. I could do this all day. But all too soon it was over.

Jace looked at me and smiled. I smiled back.

His phone beeped and he pulled it out of his back pocket. After looking at it his

smile faded and he glanced at me then the text again.

" hey sorry Aiman but I have too go" he said. " but the kiss, it was nice."

" yes it truly was" I said smiling. He smiled back at me again and I noticed that

he had only one simple on the right side of his face.

" well I hope we meet again?" He asked

" yup" I said simply.

I left the mall with a lot more then clothes that day. I left with jaces number. When

I got back to the dorm I slip my key card into the slot and the door flew open.

Zayn was sitting on his bed. He's back against the wall and one of his legs

bent. He looked up and said hi to me.

" hey" I said back

" so how was your day at the mall?" He asked.

" it was great. I met this guy." Wait why would I say this to Zayn. Crap my stupid

mouth doesn't know when to shut up.

" oh really?" Zayn asked getting off the bed and walking over to my bed. "

what's his name?"

" Jace" I said. I couldn't help but smile. He made me really happy and I only met

him today!

"Oh" Zayn said. He looked down at his feet and then walked over to his bed

again. He grabbed his phone and took long steps toward the door.

" w-where are you going Zayn?" I asked. He looked upset. Did I say


" to liam I wanna talk to him" he said and slipped into the dim lighted hallway.

The heavy door clicked shut on its own.

" ok bye" I whispered to the spot where he was three seconds ago.

I layed down in my bed and took my phone out. I texted Jace.

( these are the texts)

- Hey Jace

- hi can't talk now I'm busy 

- oh ok.

Well that escalated quickly. He's probly just busy.

Zayns POV

I knocked on the Niall and Liam's door before entering. Liam was sprawled on

his bed with his phone against his ear.

I lisened to the conversation and found out that he was talking to his dad.

" ok dad, yup. Mmhmm. Ok. Sure. Yes. Ok. Ok. Dad listen-. Ok. I will. Dad listen

I have to go. Yea. Ok. I love you too. Say hi to mommy for me."

I couldn't help but laugh. His dad is always telling him to do things and he

usually can talk for hours.

" Stop laughing Zayn. You don't want me to start discussing your mom. Now do

you?" He said throwing the phone across the room onto Nialls bed. Which was


" dude my moms beutiful" I said flipping onto Liam's bed. Laying beside him.

" very true" he said. " so what's up?"

" I wanna talk about Aiman. She just got back from the mall and I asked her her

what's up. And she said she met a guy." I told him sighing.

His eyebrows furrowed together. When I mentioned Aimans name his eyes lit

up. Just like they did every time he saw Danielle before there breakup. Does

Liam like Aiman? Proply not, he would have mentioned it. 

" oh that's gotta hurt". He told me. Patting my head.

" Dude!! You just messed my hair up!" I scolded Liam. Swiping his hand away.

" sorry for trying to make you feel better" Liam told me. He sounded upset. I

looked at him. He was looking at his hands. Fiddeling with his fingers.

" are you thinking of Daneille?" I asked him.

" no I'm over her. Espessely since she cheated on me" he said. " and can you

believe she's been doing it since day one! I bet she never even loved me" he

said sighing.

" hey forget about her. She's in the past. But what's wrong now?" I asked taking

his hands.

" nothing" he said smiling. Ha! I've been his friend long enough to know that it

was completely fake. But I guess I'm not gonna push him for answers.

Liam's POV

" hey forget about her. She's in the past. But what's wrong now?" Zayn asked

me taking my hands.

" nothing" I told him. Only it looks like I have to compete with not only one, but

two guys for Aiman. Oh yes and one of the guys is my best friend. How cheery .

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